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    Meeting in the Rain [Private]

    King Zenshin
    King Zenshin

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    The judge

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    Meeting in the Rain [Private] Empty Meeting in the Rain [Private]

    Post by King Zenshin on Tue 14 Oct - 15:17

    The sun was rising, illuminating the rocky canyon while grey clouds began to encroach upon it. Though it wasn't raining, anyone who looked up could make the fair assumption that it would begin to soon. Zenshin was standing in front of one of the pillars of stone, well, not really a singular pillar of stone. It was more like a boulder stacked on top of a bigger boulder stacked on top of an even bigger boulder. What was he doing there when there was work to do on his grand guild of Sabertooth? Well, he was training his body. What good was being the guild master of one of the strongest guild if you weren't the strongest of the bunch. Although his magical fitness was top notch and only got stronger as he recreated each new item or technique, his body could always be stronger. He wasn't going to be satisfied until he could beat a dragon slayer in an arm wrestling contest.

    Since exactly an hour ago, he has been punching the massive stone with his bare hands. Because of his magic, even if his hands broke they would quickly heal if he took a break from punching, but his hands were tough enough not to shatter due to the impact against the rock. Though that didn't stop his knuckles from becoming quite ragged and bloody. However, he had done a good amount of damage to the boulder which was visible in the crater that had slowly been growing over the whole sixty minutes. It was peaceful, painful, and quite lonely. Up till this point his had just been Zenshin and the stones, but he was fine with that, it was refreshing to be away from all of the noise of the cities and guild halls. Speaking of refreshing, a light drizzle began to set in as Zenshin pulled away from the rock to admire his work and call it a day, as far as his fists went anyways.


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    Meeting in the Rain [Private] Empty Re: Meeting in the Rain [Private]

    Post by Alito on Sat 18 Oct - 12:53

    Ayato wandered through the Mysterious Canyon. He had received a note from somebody about how this place tested one's inner strength, and how it was the undefined landscape in Fiore, as there were many things left undiscovered amongst these areas. Albeit, Ayato was here only to meet the person who had sent him this note. By the looks of the note, Ayato knew it wasn't from a person in his guild due to the general design. However, while Ayato read the message, it didn't seem like it came from a dark mage, either.

    Ayato walked endlessly until he saw someone in the distance, pushing a boulder over, but for what? Ayato figured this person was here to discover something new, yet none of this mattered once the appearance of the person became visible. Ayato watched in shock as he had heard great things of this man before. He didn't know him, yet due to this man's position in Fiore, he was quite popular. Before Ayato seemed to be the Guild Master of Sabertooth: Zenshin. Ayato kept watching until the moment Zenshin stopped, and unknowingly granted Ayato a time to introduce himself. "Seitenshi Ayato from Blue Pegasus!" Ayato greeted, "Need some company?"


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