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    The Punishment Game ~


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    The Punishment Game ~  Empty The Punishment Game ~

    Post by Jester 25th March 2019, 1:36 pm

    Job Details:

    Jester eyed the shop before him, a fairly dingy place. Not exactly somewhere with any appeal. It wasn't really any surprise that they weren't making enough money to pay their local thug his monthly instalment of 'protection funds'. So Jester was tagging along, he had no special feelings towards this 'Theobold' character. Although he did instil fear in the locals and forced them to slave away just to pay him off. It really wasn't an exciting form of suffering, sure he was making them miserable, but it was based on something as petty as 'greed' that Jester wasn't especially excited over it. But still, he was doing the job regardless. Why?

    Well, because it was a Wednesday and he had nothing else to do.

    Theobald the Thug turned to look at him, "Com'on then, show us whatcha can do, I ain't payin' ya to stand ther' an' look pretty." Jester didn't look at him, just evaluate what would be the most fun way to do this. There wasn't really one, he sighed in a disappointed manner. Snapping his fingers, his cards would appear. He shuffled them for a moment before shifted them into his left palm. He brought his arm swinging across, all the while releasing the cards. The soar into the shop, smashing through the windows. They whizzed around, smashing into everything and anything. The shopkeeper could be heard yelling inside. Jester knew he was under strict orders not to kill them, just scare them. That he could do at least. He allowed his cards to deliver several small cuts over the shopkeeper's body. Moving too swiftly for them to dodge, eventually he curled up into a helpless ball.

    "Not bad, orange-top, righ, over to the next one."

    He would lead Jester away, walking further down the street. They continued to the second shop under the 'protection' of the thuggy man. It wasn't long until they arrived, about the thuggy man consider this town his and all the shops in it. The shopkeeper seemed to anticipate them coming and was waiting outside of the shop.

    "Enough Theobald, you can't keep scaring us into giving you own hard earned money, I got mouths to feed!" He yelled, gripping a baseball bat tightly. Jester's orange eyes fell on his fingers, he was trembling. Acting brave when really he was terrifed.

    "Listen Jo', is just business. You gotta pay up, or my new friend Orange 'ere will have to teach you and the town wot it means not to pay yo debts," The Shopkeeper known as Jo turned his gaze to Jester.

    "So be it." He launched himself at Jester swinging his bat reckless. Jester side-stepped the swing, throwing out his arm. He latched onto the bat, yanking it back hard, causing Jo to lose his grip on it. Jester thrust the end back into the Shopkeepers face, hearing the crack of a broken nose under the impact. The sound was enough to make Jester smirked, twirling the bat in his hand, he re-adjusting his grip. Before swinging it round hard, he drove it into the man's stomach. The man wheezed painfully and crumpled to the ground, coughing up blood. Jester grinned excitedly, eying the bat.

    Might need to get one of these.

    He thought excitedly, as he raised the bat, for another merciless blow.

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