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    The sweet taste of soda with a side of punishment~


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    The sweet taste of soda with a side of punishment~ Empty The sweet taste of soda with a side of punishment~

    Post by Jester on 25th March 2019, 1:59 pm

    Job Details:

    Jester didn't enjoy alcohol.

    For a start it didn't taste very pleasant, it was always too bitter or had a weird after-taste. No, it wasn't quite what he would order. Which was why sat in a bar in Cedar, the dark mage was drinking a soda. He enjoyed the excessively sweet flavour, all the additives and carbonated water mixed together pleased the clown. He had always been a fan of sweet things over savoury. He especially enjoyed treats like candy-floss or gummy worms. Albeit, they weren't so easy to come by, which was why he had seen fit years ago to ransack a candy factory. Killing all the workers inside and claiming all the sweet treats for himself. He had needed to work through all the perishables fairly quickly, but the longer lasting stuff he still had to this day.

    But still, he was passing through Cedar on his travels and felt a little thirsty. So he had walked into a bar and ordered the sweetest thing they had; a cola drink. This at the least would satisfy him for now. There was a burst of excessive noise from the entrance, Jester didn't look over, but he could hear it all.

    "Oh man, We smashed that job!"
    "I know right, time to celebrate lads, we saved a lot of people today,"

    Jester, who had been draining his drink through a red and white straw, stopped mid-sip.

    "Ahem, and lady!"
    "Right, and lady. First rounds on me, seriously guys order whatever you want. We did good, stopped people from suffering..."

    Jester didn't hear the rest, everything seemed to blur into almost white noise. These arrogant humans had waltz in and gloated about their task. But what he couldn't allow, was this talk of 'stopping people from suffering'. No, it was unacceptable. He wouldn't allow it,

    "Hey barkeep, can we get some service, we got a big round coming," The bartender who had been counting his register. Went to shut it and approach them, only his til didn't shut. Jester's caught it, eying it for a moment. An idea sprung to mind, the cash sticking out so easily within his reach. He reached over and plucked a handful of it, gently shutting the til so the Barkeep didn't notice. He tucked it into his sleeve, sitting there for a few moments longer. He slurped away at his cola drink until the glass was completely drained. Then he twirled off of the chair and moved around the bar, as though heading to the bathroom. As he eyed the group, he noticed the woman's handbag was open just enough for him to slip the jewels into it. So with a sleight of hand, he patted one of them on the shoulder, "Excuse me, fella, gotta use the restroom," He said in a normal accent, and a warm smile. There's eyes would be drawn just a moment, to his hand on the guy's shoulder, all the while with his other hand he would slip the money into the woman's bag. He shuffled past, heading into the bathroom.

    It was less than half-an-hour before the bartender noticed the money was missing. And after Jester had volunteered so nobly to alert the authorities. It was an hour following that the money was discovered in the girl's handbag. She protested profusely, the authorities attempted to arrest her. Her guildmates resisted, a fight escalated, resulting in them all being arrested.

    All the while Jester watched, portraying his false concern as an observer. Whilst on this inside, he was ecstatic.

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