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    The sweet taste of jealousy


    Cortesan of Mist

    Cortesan of Mist

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    Completed The sweet taste of jealousy

    Post by Oykai 30th October 2017, 11:55 am

    After completing the first of the six tasks they had taking Yuiisai brought out their list and looked to it, their hand moving to bring a pen out of the top of their top scratching out the job to escort and corrupt a young lord of an influential family in Era. "Well that wasn't all that hard, but then when there is visible darkness it's not that hard to corrupt I suppose." It hadn't been to bad but it had been the first time that they had used what they knew not to please their partner but to the benefit an outside party, if they where honest to themselves it kinda made them feel dirty and was sickened with the act they had recently committed. It wasn't like they could just up and change their alliance given the situation they found themselves in. "Let's see what I have to do next." they found a nearby bench under a tree as they looked to the job information "So I'm going to Ceder..." they continued to read their hand hand going to their mouth "Sol, why this... of all the tasks I could have been given..." they hated this more than the first one.

    They had been ordered to ruin a relationship between a beautiful woman and her boyfriend who was ready to take the plunge and ask them to marry him. Her lord and mentor knew that this was a task that would be sensitive to the young courtesan, but had guessed it was chosen for them to prove that even if it touched to close to home they would put their own feelings aside for him and the guild. "You wish me to prove loyalty, fine..." their voice sounded more than a little irritated as they put the list away once more as the stood and went to get the train so they could get to the required location. As the first time they had hired a private carriage so that they wouldn't be disturbed, plan and speak out loud. "The one thing everyone in my profession craves to obtain and I'm being told to ruin it..." their eyes went out the window for a moment, they hated what they were about to do the young couple but orders where orders.

    Bringing out some ink, a quill and paper they began to write some beautifully written letters addressed to a woman named Jill, beginning with innocent flirtations and ending with things on the other side of the spectrum. They where glad a writing sample was given so they could match the handwriting or it would be a little difficult to explain away the dependency. Due to their mind being occupied it hadn't seemed that long before they ended up at their intended destination, the first thing they had to decide was wither or not to deal with the woman or her soon to be fiance. "If I go to the male first what would I do to end this tragic romance? The best bet is the girl." they took a male form and walked to a location they had been told the other liked to sit when drawing.

    Slowly making his way over to her he bit his lip "Excuse me, but is your name April?" he smiled with a charming smile though the eyes showed sadness and pain, she looked up seeing Yuiisai her cheeks flushing a little "Y-Yes, who are you?" she asked almost tripping over her words "My name is Yu" he said bowing a little to her as a midi noble would do to someone of their own station "That's an exotic name, how can I help you?" she asked, he sat next to her and held out the letters "I was cleaning when I found these in a wooden box that one of the cats had knocked over." tears fell from their eyes "I.. I found out my fiance was having an affair by someone called Joseph." he stuttered over the words playing the part of the heartbroken lover as was expected, he watched the other as they took the notes and began to read them. Some of them showing the man thought nothing more of her than a money bank, how that she was to dumb to realise she was just being used that the thought of being physically intimate with anyone but 'Jill' made them sick but they done all that just so he could provide better for her and their soon to be fledgling family.

    April brought the letters to her face as she broke down into tears, begging for it not to be true. It was clear for Yuiisai to see that April had fallen head over heels in love with Joseph and here they where ruining it for them. "I overheard her speaking to him on a lacrima saying they where going to meet in the town centre in an hour. I came to confront her but I can't." he said standing walking off waiting till they where out of sight before hanging to be female starting to do their hair adding hair pins before sitting and doing her make up, it was hard for her since she felt like crying but managed to keep it together knowing that the third party had set it up so the young woman would see something that would make her question everything. "I hate you so much right now Sol, if it wasn't for that my contract..." her voice was low and filled with hatred towards the on that 'owned' her,  it was the first time she had ever used such a tone when speaking about him and wouldn't have cared if he ended her, but then without him she would have still been a bird within a gilded cage and she knew it.

    Taking a deep breath she stood and made her way towards the place she was to meet Jason, right now she could have passed as the perfect doll with how perfect everything looked. Walking up to him she seemingly stumbled into his arm and looked up to him smiling "A-ah... I'm sorry sir." she whispered her cheeks flushing in embarrassment, she noted that April was nearby and sighed internally knowing it was now or never "I.. I think I hurt my ankle could you help me?" her voice was gentle "Yes, of course" he said with a charming smile scooping her up delicately in his arms. Yuiisai made a playful giggle as she curled into him "How strong you are to be able to pick me up like that." every word she spoke felt like poison to her, over his shoulder she could see April crying as he walked off with her another male walking over to seemingly console her over what had just happened. 'Second job, more lives ruined.' is all that Yuiisai could think.

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