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    The Sweet Taste Of Jealousy[Job/Solo]

    Edward Von Aurence

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    The Sweet Taste Of Jealousy[Job/Solo] Empty The Sweet Taste Of Jealousy[Job/Solo]

    Post by Edward Von Aurence on 14th January 2017, 8:34 pm

    I shall rise to the heavens as a legend.
    The Sweet Taste Of Jealousy:
    Job Name: The Sweet taste of jealousy
    Job Rank: D
    Job Requirements: 1 mage, independent/dark, 6 posts, 150 words per post
    Type of Job: Multi-time Job
    Job Location: Cedar
    Job Description: Aawh love, so precious so delicate. How fortunate that there are those who are jealous enough to hire you and ruin it. The job is easy, in Cedar, there lives a fair maiden who is desperately in love with this perfect specimen of a guy. You know the type, great hair, perfect jaw and off course perfect shining teeth. And it so happens to be, that that very guy is about to propose to this woman on their next date.

    Which is where you come into play, the client has not only ordered you to make sure prince charming never reaches his beloved. But he also requires you to bring some falsely written letters with ill words to the girl. Once you have done that and broken the girl's heart, the client is willing enough to pick up those pieces and mend them. And off course pay a handsome fee for your services.

    Reward: 1,000 jewels

    Standing the midnight black veil of perpetual darkness brought forth from the coming night, Lionel found himself face to face with the man, who had made a particular request which obtained the attention of the wizard aligned with dark guild known as Savage Skull. Lionel swung his arms back and forth causing the long sleeves of the hoodie, which was obviously too big for the frame of his body, to dance in the night air. A smile was plastered onto his fair-complexioned visage. This smile filled with mischievous intent was the only feature of the wizard’s face that could be distinguished for the hood of his jacket covered a majority of his face. This hood possessed cat ears and even golden cat eyes. These golden cat eyes were actually a pair of lens that allowed him to see even with the hood covering his face. “Hi.” The wizard said with glee in his voice. “I saw your request and it resonated deeply inside of me. Do you know why?” Lionel didn’t wait for his client to responded before he spun around. “Cause I am a thief! I steal things, many things!” A bit of laughter escaped his lips. “You wish for me to steal the life of your rival in love, correct? For me to rob him of the position that he holds in your beloved heart?” Lionel spun around in place a few more times waiting for his client.

    “Yes…” The client stated as he felt his body shudder and twitch. This bodily reaction of Lionel’s client occurred because of the man’s intense hatred of his rival ranging from his rival’s amazing looks to the fact that his rival had the heart of the woman he desired. “I want you to kill the bastard! Not only that but also to kill his reputation with the girl I love! We will be happy together, but that bastard is in the way.” His client balled his fingers into a fist. Lionel just continued to smile as he watched his client’s reaction. His reaction to this situation had struck a cord with the dark wizard. It was how Lionel first discovered his magic. Yes, those nobles and their perfect lives. Why was he forced to live at the bottom? Lionel wanted their lives. Lionel wanted to be them. Lionel wanted to steal those perfect lives. Maybe that is why he didn’t particular mind this request in the slightest, at the moment. “And this is how I want you to do it, Cheshire. Today, he is going to propose to her on the hilltop overlooking the town. I want you to go there and kill him. After that leave a few letters for my sweetheart to read, you know to ensure that he is completely hated by her.” The client handed Lionel a few extra pieces of paper with a few additional details. “It is up to you how he dies, Cheshire. Just make sure the parameters of the job are fulfilled.” The client finished. Lionel grabbed the extra pieces of paper with information regarding the exact location of the hilltop, the location of the client’s beloved, and a few pieces of blank paper which to write upon. Lionel then walked off toward the hilltop and waited for morning to arrive.

    Soon the night ended and the next day came to Cedar as the sun rose back into the heavens turning the midnight black veil of darkness into a light blue veil of mid-day. The golden star’s radiance warmed the earth and stirred creatures both big and small back into action. Lionel waited onto of the hilltop among the lush green foliage which adorned the top of the mound like a crown. In time, Lionel spotted his prey, Mr. Perfect. Great hair, perfect jawline, shining teeth, and his physique was enough to make a nun break her vow of abstinence. If the client hadn’t requested the man’s death, Lionel was somewhat tempted to add the individual to his treasure trove. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Lionel’s prey started to set up the picnic laying the blanket out and placing the basket on top of it. The bushes rustled. From them, Lionel appeared in his usual demeanor. “Hiya~ Lovely day for a picnic right?” Lionel stated. Lionel’s prey freaked out a bit as he saw the random person pop out of the trees. “Y-Yeah.” Mr. Perfect messed up his words a bit before he regained his composure. “Yeah. It is a lovely day. The birds are singing. The sun is shining. Days like this… You should be resting in eternal bliss.” Lionel stated. Mr. Perfect stared at him and thought it was a joke for a moment. “You are weird, you know that? Why would I be resting in eternal bliss?” He asked getting a bit on the defensive. “Oh, you see I was sent here to kill you.” Lionel finished. “Kill me? Like hell.” Mr. Perfect stated as he stood up and took the offensive. Mr. Perfect didn’t care if it was a joke or whatever. He decided to that he would knock this weird guy, Lionel, down a few pegs. Mr. Perfect charged at Lionel and attempted to tackle Lionel down to the ground. Lionel simply side-stepped the tackle and put his hand to the fallen man’s back. A golden light erupted and the man’s body began to change. His physique went from its well-sculpted form to one of bulge and fat. His hair disappeared. His teeth became yellow. His firm jaw became double chins. “What did you do?” He said as he stood up and saw his new appearance. “I am a thief and I stole your beauty,” Lionel stated. “Now, how about we play a game? You go to your beloved and see if she accepts you in this new form. If she does, then I will give you back your beauty and allow you to live. But if she doesn’t.” Lionel chuckled. “Sounds fair, right? You are confident that she loves you right?” Lionel finished. Mr. Perfect nodded his head believing that his beloved would love him no matter what.

    Mr. Perfect ran back down to the village to the home of his beloved and knocked on her door frantically. “It is me!” He shouted to her as soon as she opened the door. “Who are you?” The woman looked at him strangely. Who was this man was saying it is me? “It is me, your boyfriend! You recognize me, don’t you?” He stated as he ran up to embrace her but was pushed away. “You are not my boyfriend. My boyfriend has great hair, a perfect jawline, shining teeth, and his body is amazing. Look, I am sure you have a nice personality, but there is no way you are him.” With those last words sealing Mr. Perfect’s fate, the woman shut the door. “Love is strong enough to overcome anything, right?” Lionel spoke with a chuckle as he appeared behind the man. Mr. Perfect screamed, but his body didn’t move as a golden light was surrounding him. “I have stolen your ability to move, and I am a man of my word. I gave you a chance. I wonder how does it feel? Does it feel that your heart is breaking into a million pieces? The one you loved, the one who could have saved you, just commended you death without attempted to realize it was you.” Lionel chuckled as he touched the man’s face. “I am going to steal your life now. I am a thief and I steal things after all. But do not worry, I shall at least allow you to pass into the after-life. I am not feeling particularly greedy today.” Lionel’s hand touched the man’s face and stole the energy his body possessed along with his abilities and talents including his handwriting. Mr.Perfect’s body turned into a husk before it fell into dust. Lionel watched as the man’s soul left for the after-life, but he knew the man wouldn’t pass on. He saw the man’s regrets and tears. But it didn’t affect him in the slightest for his own morality had been stolen from him by his mentor years ago.  He finished up his job with a few letters and placed them into the mail-slot. Letters telling the woman that her boyfriend was leaving her for another woman. Lionel then went off to inform his client that the job was complete.

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