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    Assassin Interrupted~


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    Assassin Interrupted~ Empty Assassin Interrupted~

    Post by Amalie 14th October 2018, 9:05 am

    Job Details:

    It was late afternoon, the sun was starting to set as Ms. Cooper tended to her garden, completely oblivious to the goings-on around her. As far as the old lady was concerned, she lived a quiet life and did not to warrant any enemies. All she did was tend to her garden, and partake in the occasional garden competition. With her husband long past, her daughter married off to a lovely lawyer, Ms. Cooper was just waiting for the eventual news that they we're with child. Fulfilling her final wish to become a grandmother. Until then, what else did she have but her blooming roses and chrysanthemums, carefully constructing her garden layout with pretty ornaments, and décor. Who could possible hate a woman with such a mild passion, well it seemed that one woman did. A bitter loser of the flower contest was so vexed by her lost that she had actually hired an assassin to get rid of the lady.

    It was pathetic.

    At least these was the opinion of the blue-haired mage leaning against the wall of a nearby alleyway, observing the house from across the street. Amalie's ice blue eyes glared ahead dully, she couldn't believe such a job was even necessary. She would have preferred to go after the woman who hired the assassin herself, give her a lesson she would never forget. Alas, that wasn't the job, she had to stop the assassin. Nothing else. She watched as a figure appeared at the end of the road, a flat cap and sports jersey on, casual yet inconspicuous. As the man made his way along the street, he reached into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper. He skimmed it, before glancing up at Ms. Cooper's residence, checking the address. Yep, this was it. Amalie knew the game; turn up as a random friendly passer-by, knocks on the door cause he needs to call his wife but lost his phone. Comes into the house and kills you in a matter of minutes. Gone, forgotten and left to rot.

    Amalie's magic soured up through her, "Empowerment," She called, followed by "Flight." There was a pulse throughout her body, then suddenly she lifted up into the air. Levitating off the ground, she shot across the street in a silent blur. She stooped behind the assassin. "Frost." She called, the assassin froze. The area around him become cold, snow began to fall around him, billowing in the sudden wind. Amalie floated around him, the Assassin tried to turn to run but he was slowed by her magic. "How about you and I go for a little chat?" She purred, a smirk on her lips. She grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and shot upwards into the sky the blizzard following them both. Were anyone to own a strong enough telescope, they would witness two bodies floating above in the sky. One blue-haired woman, pummelling a man repeatedly with her fists. Dropping him occasionally, only to hit him with blast of fire, then sinking down to snatch him back up and continue his beating. Finally when he fell to a slump, the two would fly off in the direction of the closest Police station.

    Later that same night word got back to the jealous woman that the assassin had failed, along with a little written message. Try that again, and you'll become the target. Underneath which, the note was sighed with a cursive letter 'A'.


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