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    Stop the Assassin

    Aiden Ainsley
    Aiden Ainsley

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    Stop the Assassin  Empty Stop the Assassin

    Post by Aiden Ainsley 1st January 2019, 4:39 pm


    Lance sat on top of a roof top in Oak Town. Usually he would either be in his home or in the Chaos realm, but Lance had taken a job in this town. The mage was against helping people in general because he didn’t want to see anyone get hurt on his accord, but he had started to realize recently that these jobs were helping him become a better person again as well as filling up his time that would usually be spent either moping around or being bored.

    So today on the agenda of our favorite edgy magician was to stop an assassin from killing an old lady. Lance could not help but laugh at this when he heard about the job at first. “Seriously? I’m stopping an old lady, who is probably very close to death, from being killed.” He shook his head, keeping an eye out for any suspicious movements. The actual motivation behind the killing was even worse as the assassin had been hired because the other lady was a poor loser.

    Golden eyes scanned the area below, having a clear eye of the old lady’s house. He eventually would catch his eye on a person in a black cloak sneak around the back of the house. He looked and made sure the lady was in the front yard before jumping down into the streets and sneaking behind the house and around the side, where the assassin had his back turned towards the mage.

    He would sneak up behind the cloaked figure and swiftly placed his hand around the guys mouth, using his leg to tip the man before dragging him into an alleyway before he could make a noise. When they got there, he tossed the man to the wall and placed his hands on his hips “Honestly, did you really think killing that nice lady would be this easy. She’s very loved in this town so of course someone would be sent to watch after her!” he exclaimed.

    The figure stumbled up and turned to run, only to find a wall behind him. He turned around and put his hands up “Who are you?!” he said, frightened that he was caught. Lance shook his head and chuckled at the man’s fright “I’m just a demon who’s really pissed off at this job.” He said, extending his hand at the man.

    The symbol on his hand would start to glow intensely as a seal appeared on his palm. “Forbidden Seal: Chaos Beam” the mage would say, a ball of chaos growing on the seal before getting sucked into it and shooting out a black and red beam right at the mage, hitting his target straight on. The figure would recover quite quickly to Lance’s surprise and get into a fighting stance “You’re a mage huh? Well I’m being paid for this, so I have to get this done.” The figure charged at Lance swinging his fist in a job, Lance would swerve to the side. He was caught of guard as the assassin would immediately do a hook with his other fist, hitting Lance square in the cheek.

    The white-haired mage would stumble backwards, feeling his now bruised up cheek “That’s going to leave a mark.” The mage would sigh as he regained his composure. “I’m afraid you have made me upset. I can’t let you leave now.” Lance would say, staring blankly at the man. He would take a knife out of his coat pocket, stabbing himself in the middle of his demonic symbol.

    A bright red seal would appear underneath the assassin and before he had a chance to move Lance would complete the curse. “Forbidden Curse: Shitsu kentō” he stated, causing the curse to burst into little sparkles of red and black. The assassin would start to stumble around, hallucinated multiple Lance’s around him. Lance smiled at the fact that it had worked “That curse causes the target to face disorientation. Have fun.” He said. He launched at the assassin and threw up jab, then a right hook, and finished with a kick to the stomach. He would send the guy flying and he would hit the back wall. He then used his foot to launch backwards, creating space between him and his opponent.

    The disorientation was starting to wear off his opponent at this point, so Lance decided it was a great time to finish his combo off with a bang. He would cross his arms, aether staring to flow in around him and out of his body, forming into a sword behind him “Perish.” Lance growled, flinging his arms down in an X formation. The sword, glowing red and black, would fly at the man and hit him in the chest, dissipating on contact. The assassin would spit up blood. The assassin kept his footing as he wiped blood form his face “Fine. If you’re playing dirty, then so will I." The assassin would shoot a single shadow ball at Lance, zooming past him. Lance couldn’t help but laugh “Are you serious?! You mis-“ Lance was cut off by a sudden ringing in his ear and a sharp pain at his side as the ball exploded next to him. “Shit…” Lance said after the smoke was cleared when he saw that his opponent was gone and had taken off behind him.

    The good news was that the assassin ran past the old ladies house, trying to get away from the mage. Lance was faster than him, so he didn’t last very long on the chase. “Forbidden Seal: Shadow Claws” Lance said, claws with a black and red aura appearing from the webs of his fingers, dripping with poison liquid. He then would leap at the assassin and stabbed him in the back once, causing him to fall. Lance would then stab him once again in both of his legs before standing up and ending the spell, causing the claws to go away. He could see that the man was in pain and he had done enough harm, so he backed off. When he heard the authorities coming Lance fell back into the shadows to witness the assassin being taken away.

    It was a job done in Lance’s eyes and he was proud of himself.

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