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    Date with an Assassin


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    Date with an Assassin Empty Date with an Assassin

    Post by Sylvia 8th March 2022, 12:31 pm

    The blazing sun hovered above the sky, shining down its brilliant light upon the citizens of Oak Town. A place quite a distance away from where the young mage resides, yet she didn't fret because the only thing that matters to the young mage is stacking up enough cash that'll last for a good minute. Oak Town became one of the few places to start her journey in and is also one she never set foot on until now. A benefit that she's fortunate to have is being able to go out and venture in parts of the world that didn't seem possible.

    At the time she was only allowed to travel to places that were close to home, so as to avoid her parents becoming worried and decrease the possibility of being kidnapped, which of course never happened. Though there had been a point in time when she managed to get herself lost, luckily a mage helped the girl find her way back home. After arriving at Oak Town, the first thing she decides to do is to look for the client that made a request. Now it's the mage's first job ever as a bodyguard, with her spells equipped and at the ready she felt more than prepared to take on the job. The job she signed up for, sounded like things were gonna get interesting. Though she isn't the most adept in fighting, however she assures the Plant Lady that she's going to be alright. Sylvia knew that she wouldn't lose to a third rate witch, not on the first job.

    Not to mention that Sylvia swore to herself that she'll never taste defeat again and so facing off against her would-be enemy is the first step among many to prove to others just how strong she is. For the next few days the mage would ensure that the Plant Lady is kept out of harm's way. During those days, she was able to go sightseeing with the Plant Lady, visiting every place that Oak Town offers. It's a change of scenery to be sure, for she grew tired of looking at the same buildings and the same people, so it felt nice getting to know this new environment. Throughout their detour, one thing that caught her attention is a fountain. Within the fountain were coins but just as she's about to pull a coin out from one of her pockets, a reflection of someone from her past appears. The young mage jump back as if something startled her. The plant lady grips Sylvias shoulder as she prevents the mage from falling flat on her back side on the pavement. "Are you alright? Looks like you saw a ghost? Asks the Plant Lady with a worried expression written on her face. Sylvia straightens her posture and shot a gaze towards the Plant Lady before turning her head back to face the fountain.

    "Yea…I'm fine, nothing to worry about" She says with a sigh. The mage looks up to the sky and notices the sun going down. As the two left the area where the fountain sat, a strange presence could be felt. This strange presence gave her the idea that she could be sensing the smell of danger looming about the streets. While strolling along the sidewalk, something jumps from the roof of a building and lands in front of the two. "So, you decided to finally show your face." Sylvia says as if she had been anticipating the moment of the assassins grand entrance. As soon as the assassin made their first move, Sylvia didn't show any signs of hesitation and commences an attack of her own. While the assassin is indeed a speedy opponent, she was able to catch them by making use of one of her spells. The first spell she uses is the black arrow spell. She made sure to avoid hitting some of the property but the task grew difficult as the assassin managed to weave through the arrows trajectory until two of the black arrows made a perfect hit in the assassins left leg and arm.

    After a successful hit, the assassin's speed decreases allowing the mage to conjure another spell in her repertoire, this time she creates claws and took to a closer approach. She slashes the opponent with the claws, causing the opponents close to tear apart. As the assassin tries to dodge, she was able to engrave a few claw marks on their body. Seeing as the opponent grew more and more tired as the fight kept going, the assassin began an escape attempt until Sylvia leaps forward and lands on the target and prevents their escape. "Not so fast pal, can't bail on our first date. We haven't even ordered the deserts yet." She says giggling while sliding her claws down the assassins cheek. "Alright, alright! I give up!" Cries the assassin. As she gets up, the police arrive at the scene as they collect the crippling body of the assassin. "Ah, all's in a day's work." She says happily. The mage turned towards the Plant Lady, bowing to her as the Plant Lady gave Sylvia her thanks and appreciation.

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