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    High Society

    Serilda Sinclair
    Serilda Sinclair

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    High Society

    Post by Serilda Sinclair on 5th December 2018, 11:17 am


    Serilda's Bank

       Approved Weapons:


    • Moonlight
    • [url=Url of weapon app goes here]Weapon Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of weapon app goes here]Weapon Name[/url]

       Approved Armors:



    • Ring of the Pig

      • Armor Details:
        Ring of the Pig

        Event Armor


        Description & Appearance:
        This item is a rather odd one, an old, silver ring in the shape of a piglet that curls around the finger, clinging to the one who holds it in a pose that almost seems affectionate. Indeed, it is said that pigs are intelligent creatures, and that is no coincidence. Those born under the sign of the pig are blessed by the gods, or so it is rumoured at least, and this ring reflects that blessing, granting the one who holds it a fabled sturdiness that seeks it parallel. Whether the bearer is indeed blessed or not, who can truly know, after all, the powerful effects that the ring of the pig grants are very real.


        Divine Protection: The bearer of this ring is indeed not ignored by the gods, the ancient item imbued with the good will and blessing of a multitude of divines, generously gracing the holder with protection that is unrivalled. This grants the bearer 25% of both magical and physical damage reduction. The difference to normal increases of similar nature, however, is that this ability, when combined with other sources of damage reduction, can push the bearer of the ring up to a total of 75% for both magical and physical damage reduction respectively.

        Unparalleled Defense: The ring's enchantment possesses qualities that other mages can only dream of achieving. Over the years, many have tried to create the perfect defense, one that will protect even under stress without losing its ability to guard against incoming attacks or surrender any of its flexibility, all failing in the end through some means or the other. The ring, however, through mysterious ways, whether it be strong magic or a blessing of the gods themselves, grants the user an ability that enables them to wield a nigh perfect defense. This ability affects the bearer's shield spells, passively granting them a status effect that makes these shield spells completely immune to any sort of piercing effect. The owner's defensive spells cannot be pierced or otherwise circumvented by any means or under any circumstances and instantly negate any and all piercing effects that touch them. Shield spells still take spell damage normally and still abide by durabilities.

        Perfect Shielding: The last ability the ring grants its owner is a rather odd one as well, said to be the physical manifestation of the will of gods themselves and their determination to keep the bearer alive. Once per thread and for the duration of one post, the user can manifest a shield that takes the form of a light pink bubble with a radius of 5 meters around themselves. While perhaps not visually impressive, the durability of this shield is extreme, so extreme, in fact, that it can absorb any and all damage, no matter how extensive or brutal it is, protecting the user at all costs. Still, however, there is a drawback associated with the durability of this shield, being the sensitive instability of the barrier and the rings still limited power. Once the barrier has taken a single attack and absorbed the damage, regardless of how high it was, it will vanish, leaving the user to their own devices once more.

    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]


    • Frostbane
    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]

       Approved Pet(s):


    • Xiuhcoatl
    • [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]

     Misc Items:


    • Passport (Earthland and Beyond)
    • Green Musketeer Uniform (The Fourth Musketeer)
    • iLac (iLac)
    • Driver's License (Motor City Rush)

    • Frostbite God Slayer Lacrima (December 2018 Item of the Month)

      • Description:
        Frostbite God Slayer

        Item/Energy needed to reach force:
        Wind, Ice, Frost, Snow

        Slayer Can Control:
        Wind, Snow, Blizzards, Avalanches

        Brief Description:
        This rare lacrima appears to look like a frosted semi-glowing gem on first appearance, however once you pick it up you will likely regret the instantly, as your fingers will feel frostbitten though no damage will actually be done to the one holding it. Rubbing your finger or something warm over the lacrima will give a few brief seconds were the frost will seem gone and a raging blizzard can be seen underneath.

        This lacrima was found within a once prominent kingdom within the silent glaciers that has since been forgotten by history and so run into ruin and desolation. The name of this kingdom seems to have been wiped from public record and its location is only known by a select few who refuse to admit they indeed know about it. As to why this place isn't spoken of or why it's location is kept secret no one knows, and people who ask tend to disappear.

        If rumours circulating are to be believed the kingdom was blessed by an angel of ice. They protected the original settlers and showed them where to found the city. It was protected in three directions of glaciers covered in thick snow. As an additional protection, the angel created a never ending blizzard to keep those outside from ever being able to enter and harm the people they cared so much for. The people were of course thankful for their guardian protector but as time went by the angel became forgotten. This is nothing more than a myth, but silently they watched from above, their heart slowly freezing over with hurt and malice towards the descendants of the once they cared so much for; still they held out hope that they would return to their roots and so they did nothing.

        Centuries went by and things got worse and worse. The angel's heart froze more and more and they became more hate-filled and wrathful at the way the people took their gift and squandered it on decadence, believing they were untouchable by anyone or anything. It was then the angel's heart shattered and they became but a bitter shadow of themselves. It was now they would act and teach them that a gift can also be a curse. They brought the blizzard in and covered the land. Crops and animal died, and people were unable to venture out to gain more from the nearby wilderness. To make things far worse they flapped their wings so hard that the snow covered glaciers gave way to a mighty avalanche that snowed under the once proud city.


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