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    Valentine's Day Event 2020


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    Valentine's Day Event 2020 Empty Valentine's Day Event 2020

    Post by Johann on 14th February 2020, 8:47 pm

    Valentine's Day Event 2020 8Vqzzz8

    Love is, once again, in the air, and one particular little chocolate factory at the end of Rose Garden is hoping to use it to show off their expanded new product! That’s right, the same company that asked people to assist them by getting married (temporarily) and delivering chocolates last year is once again back and asking for your help! Since last year, they have grown to handle more than just chocolates. In fact, they fully cater for weddings now! Or at least, that’s what they want to do.

    This is where you come in. They are asking people to assist in pairs by either getting (temporarily) married or attending a wedding with a "plus one" to test some of their catering services and give them feedback! You can be either the couple that gets married or simply guests at a wedding, but either way, you must have a date and you must complete at least two of the four offered activities. Like last time, this event must be completed in even-numbered groups (i.e. groups of 2, 4, 6 players).

    This event requires you to roll either a Normal Die or Monster Die for the activities specified below, depending on the specifications of the activity

    Word Count:
    4,000 Words per participant

    1st of April 2020, 8pm EST


    Cake Eating: This company wants to be known for more than just chocolate, so they have expanded into the cake industry. Give their cake a try by cutting yourself a slice and feeding it to your partner! (This activity requires the roll of a Normal Dice)

    Dice Results:

    • 1. Somehow you missed your partner's mouth and got frosting in their eye. It bloody stings, a lot, oh god, why does it hurt so much?
    • 2. You miss your partner but it's still cute, some of it got in their mouth. It's okay, it still counts.
    • 3. The cake has gone off and immediately makes them gag, ruining a beautiful moment.
    • 4. The cake is fine and you get all or at least most of it in. Hurrah!
    • 5. Before you cut the cake one of the drunken guests stumbles forward and lands in it, splattering it everywhere, including your clothes.
    • 6. The caterers never delivered a cake so you have to improvise with some other food substance~

    Dance Floor: Do you love to dance? Are you not necessarily that great at dancing? Never fear! This new, enchanted dance floor has magic designed to help even the most awkward dancers with two left feet boogie like the pros! Wallflowers no longer have any excuses! Newlyweds and guests, get out there and have your first dance … and once that’s done, everyone else gets on the floor! (This activity requires the roll of a Monster Dice)

    Dice Results:

    • Weak: Did you know you could dance like this? This magic must be some pretty strong stuff because your body is pulling maneuvers in time with the music that you’d never thought yourself capable of! Everyone's stopping just to watch you get down with your bad self!
    • Normal/Strong: You’re honestly not sure if this thing is actually working or not, but you’re having a pretty good time nonetheless! Just enjoy the music and hop around to the beats like everyone else!
    • Boss: Something is horribly wrong with this magic. Not only is it causing you to dance in a rhythm that doesn’t even remotely match the music playing, but you’re also stepping on everyone's feet, especially your poor partner’s! How embarrassing!

    Bouquet Throwing: One of the oldest traditions of matrimony, the company has decided to add a little pizazz to try and spice it up a bit! Special ribbons in the couple's chosen wedding colors provide a little surprise when the bouquet is tossed …! (This activity requires the roll of a Monster Dice)

    Dice Results:

    • Weak: The bouquet magically splits into a number of exact replicas that matches the number of people trying to catch it. Everyone's a winner!
    • Normal/Strong: After it's tossed, a brilliant display of beautiful glittering lights and rose petals poof from the flowers midair and rain down on all the catchers. How pretty!
    • Boss: Something in the magic goes wrong. As soon as the bouquet hits its peak, the flowers simply disappear. The magic is contained to the inside of the room, so they've got to be around here somewhere ... better go and find them!

    Outfitting: Sometimes marriage is a last-minute decision. Why spend all the time and effort to go shopping when you can just pay a tailor mage to instantly manifest the perfect outfit for you? Whether you're a bride, a groom, or just a guest, we can make all your attire dreams come true! (This activity requires the roll of a Monster Dice)

    Dice Results:

    • Weak: The magic produced the exact outfit you were hoping for in seconds flat! How wonderful!
    • Normal/Strong: You got what you wanted, but it needed a little adjusting in the fit or color. After a couple of minutes, you're good to go!
    • Boss: This was the exact opposite of what you wanted. What's even worse, the magic isn't responding to the tailor when he tries to fix it and it won't wear off on its own until after the wedding and reception are over. Looks like you're stuck with this outfit.


    User rank EXP for completing the Event successfully. S rank and above mages receive 100y EXP. D and C rank mages receive B rank EXP.

    Valentine's Day Event 2020 LH73jGI

    Cake Lacrima: Every participant, upon successfully completing the event, will receive 1 Cake Lacrima. This Lacrima is a consumable that can be used once only when handing in a job to receive an additional amount of user rank EXP as a reward. S rank and above mages receive 100y EXP.

    Valentine's Day Event 2020 BqsYgve

    Magic Rose: Participants who successfully completed last years Valentine's Event (linked here) are rewarded by the Company when successfully completing this event as well, showing their appreciation by gifting you a Magic Rose. This rose is enchanted so that it will never wilt or die. The rose is a consumable that be used once only when handing in a job to receive an additional 25% jewels as a reward from that job. As mentioned previously, this reward is only available to participants who successfully completed last year's Valentine's Event (Must link proof of successful completion of last year's Event when handing in this Event in order to receive this reward)


    Valentine's Day Event 2020 Johannsiggies

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