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    Go Beyonder! Plus! Ultra! (Akeya/Mythal/Serilda) Empty Go Beyonder! Plus! Ultra! (Akeya/Mythal/Serilda)

    Post by Mythal Ragnos on 22nd June 2019, 7:17 pm

    I've been out there and seen the things she's made

    Mythal didn’t feel right about keeping Luceam here. He hated to think it and didn’t dare speak it any more than he had but he was concerned about her adverse reactions to the planet. Adding in the addition of the fairy princess who didn’t offer much help but chose, instead, to make snide, unneeded comments. It seemed like a mixing pot of bad ingredients that was going to result in a massive, devastating culmination. He wasn’t going to force the girl back to Earth but he was going to keep an eye on her, probably throughout the night. The trio of operating team members, Serilda, Akeya and himself, agreed that setting out recording devices was the best option for their first night. The dragoness stated that in addition she would be outside the ship as well to keep a solid watch on the movements and environment of the nocturnal cycle. It was a good idea; her senses would serve better respect to the meticulous and possible dangerous conditions they could experience rather than bland technology. “If you’re good by yerself, I’ll make sure everythin’ inside stays calm,” he said, unafraid to throw a glance in Luna’s direction. The best option was to have eyes both on the outside elements and the ones inside as well.

    They had a little time to prepare but not as much as they had expected. Soon the sun’s rays were creeping away and the onset of darkness rode into take its place. The scientists were brought inside along with Serilda, Mythal and Luna and they went about their predetermined business. The full night hadn’t even truly fallen before several of the scientists had begun voicing their displeasure over Luna’s continued presence. Her words hadn’t fallen on deaf ears and a group of the crew approached Mythal as he was standing outside the room, clearly on a mission.

    “You said you can extract her from the planet without injuring her, correct?” The elected leader said as they stopped before the Darkness King.

    “Yeah…” Mythal responded slowly, turning his head to look at the group.

    “In all honesty, her remaining on this mission seems more of a hindrance than a benefit. We had been told she was an expert in nature and remedies but her actions today speak of a woman unhinged,” the scientist continued, analytically listing reasons for their trek here.

    “I’ll admit her actions were a bit… crazed, but I’m not going to throw her back to Earthland willy nilly. I’d need to talk to Serilda at the very least – I’d rather not bother Akeya while she’s keeping an eye outside.” Not even proper nightfall and already having to deal with issues.

    “Do what you must. But know that our continued research could be affected by her. Words are words but clearly this world is affecting her in a negative fashion. We worry that action will soon come before speech and then all of our lives could be in danger.” With that, the scientist nodded at his fellow compatriots and the group turned and headed back to their duties.

    “Shoulda seen this comin’,” Mythal said with a sigh. He stood up and made his way to the lab that Serilda had made her home. She was planning on watching some of the nocturnal action for awhile before she got some rest. Mythal would probably tag in when she started to lose steam, adding an extra set of eyes to the activities from a different viewpoint. He walked in as the rest of the scientists were bustling around her, going about their own business while also occasionally glancing at the screen. “Hey,” he said as he came up beside her, leaning against the closest table. “So I just had a parlay with a few of the scientists here. Apparently they’re not comfortable with Luna remainin’ here. They’re concerned about her actions getting’ more hectic and her endangerin’ the rest of us. I hate to admit it but frankly, they gotta point. I like the girl but her actions and words today were worryin’. And if this planet really feels as wrong as she said it is, it could affect her worse. I’d rather not fight one of our own on a planet that we don’t know all about. If she decides to use her plant magic, it could cause a ripple effect.” He sighed softly. “What do you think?”

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    Post by Akeya on 3rd July 2019, 6:06 pm

    The light was dying and the dark was growing. Although even during the day this planet had significantly less light than Earthland. Luceam (or was it her companion? Or both?) had been correct in their assessment that this world was one where the element of dark was more dominant than the element of light. Earthland had been fairly balanced, although from Akeya's senses the night back home had always had its fair share of light as well due to the moon and the many, many stars. Here it was the other way around: the nights were truly dark, and while there was a sun during the day its light could not banish all the shadows. For most people from their homeworld that would make this a bad place, but for herself (and Mythal she was pretty sure) it was quite comfortable.

    Holding up one invisible claw she let the darkness flow through it. She may have both light and dark inside of her, but she'd spent so long being a creature of dark that she still felt a comfort from this world at night, where there was no question whether the light or the dark was in charge. All the scientists had long since gone inside, their artificial observation technology installed so they could collect data from the safety of the shuttle. Nothing they'd seen so far in this world suggested that the shuttle was in any danger.

    And if there was something which could harm the shuttle Akeya would take care of it. If there was something out there which could force her to retreat she would almost certainly have felt its power already even from a fair distance, so either it didn't exist, was too far away to be a threat or was hidden somewhere where it most likely wouldn't come out just to bother these aliens from another planet.

    Of course Seridia and Mythal were inside as well. Although both of them had more raw power than Akeya they'd apparently deemed her more suitable for this position, or at least suitable enough. Whether it was because they thought she'd do the best job or because she'd volunteered first and they didn't think all three of them needed to be outside was a secondary concern. For now it meant that Akeya had the outside world for herself while they took care of any issues that might arise inside the shuttle. Like with Luceam: she'd come along because she was good with nature, but it looked like this planet, Constantine, had turned out to be even more alien than anticipated. So alien that someone attuned with nature couldn't bear it. An unfortunate turn of events, but there wasn't much they could do about that. And it brought the threat of Luceam herself becoming a threat to the expedition. Akeya was no naive optimist: she'd seen how the pink-haired fairy and her summoned friend had been behaving. There was definitely a non-zero chance that they'd become a serious threat.

    It was a good thing the other two capable mages were inside to deal with that if it were to go wrong. Luceam could wreak a lot of havoc if not contained.

    Akeya herself cracked her knuckles as she could see many tiny figures fly upwards in the distance, quickly forming a dark blanket covering an already dark sky. Standing there on top of the shuttle she watched as more and more of the little batlike creatures poured forth from their underground homes, more and more and yet more, more than you could have thought the entire planet to hold. Enough that the blanket of flittering bodies quickly expanded to cover the entire sky, and the dragoness was sure that they covered the sky everywhere else as well. Something you'd never see on Earthland: a natural tiny predator, so numerous that they could envelop the entire world with sheer numbers. Narrowing her eyes she watched as they whirled around high above, a chaotic mess which somehow was even more messy than a sea of writhing worms. Those weren't nearly as fast as these things turned out to be. They weren't so fast that a mage like Akeya couldn't outspeed them, but they were definitely showing off that kind of movement speed that you needed to be airborne for if you didn't want to rely on trickery.

    As she tried to keep track of individual bodies Akeya considered whether there was anything else to be done here. The batlike creatures appeared content to stay up in the air for the most part: they only occasionally flew down in swarms, gathering around whatever prey hadn't managed to make itself scarce. Their hunts were brief and to the point, critters quickly torn apart and devoured by a multitude of tiny fanged mouths. A whole flock had approached the shuttle at first, but they'd quickly gone back up once they'd fgured out that this strange thing wasn't edible in the slightest. The dragoness had been completely ignored, her form fully blended into the world so there was not even a physical presence for them to track.

    Should she just stand here and watch these things fly about for the remainder of the night? It definitely was one option, but it felt like she wouldn't be making use of this opportunity... The scientists wanted samples, any form of data they could get their hands on. It was a desire that Akeya could easily sympathize with. She too had a great thirst for knowledge and understanding. In which case rather than just standing here... maybe she should help collect some data on how these air piranhas dealt with a hostile intruder.

    Calling her shadow blade to her hand she twirled it around several times before suddenly lashing out with it, the string that connected it to her clawed hand rapidly extending as the dark dagger shot upwards into the sky until it buried itself into one of those many, many bats. Forcing the string to shorten Akeya quickly reeled her prey in, but she also saw that her dagger was being followed by a good portion of the dark sky carpet. They still couldn't find her, but at the very least they were reacting to one of their own suddenly being struck down and pulled down to earth.

    With a single swipe Akeya released the dead bat, letting it fall to the ground as she grabbed her dagger with her actual hand rather than just letting it dangle from the black string. Spreading her wings she jumped, turning into a streak of darkness that shot away into the air before she allowed herself to materialize even as she began to repeatedly attack with her dagger. Like a whip with a very sharp tip the weapon flew forth ripping through several of the dark bats at a time as they all began to home in on Akeya. Her response, of course, was to begin flying around, outspeeding them even as she kept lashing out again and again and again. However speed could only bring her so far when the threat was closing in from every single angle, more and more bats descending from their skywards patrol to instead attack this intruding dark dragon, who so boldly was attacking them as if their numbers meant nothing to her.

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    Post by Serilda Sinclair on 8th July 2019, 1:04 pm

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    Xiuhcoatl and Gren had wandered over to her at some point, the two wolves eager for attention. They had been extremely well behaved during the entire trip, and though they were curious about the world outside they had not left the ship yet. Serilda and Mythal had agreed that it would be best to keep them inside the first day or two until they knew it was safe to let them out. Since they had been a bit neglected that first day, Serilda made sure they were let into the lab with her so she could give them some affection while she observed the cameras with the scientists.

    She had finished her tea and was running a hand gently through each of their coats when Mythal came in. Looking up at him from where she sat, she listened carefully as Mythal explained that some of the other scientists had expressed their concern to him about Luna’s further involvement in the mission. He asked for her opinion and she sighed softly. “No, they’re right. Everyone knows it. Hell, I’m pretty sure Luna knows it. It was a mistake for her to come, though I know her heart was in the right place. She doesn’t like to back down once she’s committed to something, no matter how difficult it is for her, and I respect that about her greatly. But… In this instance, I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone that she remain here, least of all herself.”

    Serilda excused herself to the scientist she had been sitting beside, promising she’d be back in a couple minutes. The man nodded idly, not really listening to her as his eyes were glued to the screens. She stood and walked with Mythal toward Luna’s room, the hounds following beside their masters. Given Luna’s frantic state, she didn’t want the other slayer to have to confront the fairy alone about this. Luna would probably take it easiest coming from Serilda anyway.  “Will you be okay doing this? You said earlier that it might drain all your power…” He could probably just go outside afterward and soak up some of the darkness to recharge, but she still didn’t want him to have to overexert himself so soon into the heart of the mission.

    Ultimately, it was decided this would be the best course of action. Serilda normally wouldn’t have confirmed the decision without hearing from Akeya too, but the dragoness was doing something much more important and Serilda was fairly positive that whether or not Luna stayed would be of no consequence to the twilight mage. She was an extremely pragmatic woman that would probably just prefer to have potential hazards out of the way, anyhow.

    Before long, Luna had been safely transported back to Earthland. Serilda made sure Mythal went straight to bed so he could start to recover his strength, and returned to the lab with Xiuhcoatl still at her side. By the time she returned, several of the technicians were gathered around the monitors and chatting excitedly to one another. “What’s going on?” she asked as she approached.

    “Akeya is fighting the bats,” one of them told her without looking up. “At first we thought she was being attacked, but they don’t entirely seem to be aware that she’s there. They only started acting up after a few of them had been killed.”

    Serilda nodded. “That makes sense. She can manipulate her body to blend in with light and darkness to the point of becoming intangible, so there really wouldn’t be much for them to sense. Do we know why she started fighting them?”

    He shook his head. “No, it seemed unprompted. She does seem to be pretty focused on reaching the objectives of our mission here though, so maybe she’s trying to learn more about them by engaging them?”

    “Possibly.” It was really anyone’s guess at that point. Serilda could go outside and ask her, but if the other woman was in the middle of trying to do something she didn’t really want to interrupt her. Akeya was obviously holding her own, which was of no surprise. If the fight became too much she’d likely come back inside.

    “At least we’ll have a lot of creatures to dissect in the morning. That will help tremendously.” The man paused with a frown. “Then again, maybe not…”

    Serilda could tell by his wary expression that he was thinking of Luna. “Don’t worry. Mythal used some of his magic to return Luna back to Earthland. She will not be here for the remainder of the mission.” All the scientists present looked greatly relieved by that, and the excitement once again returned to their faces as they realized they could look forward to doing their jobs unhindered. “In fact, Akeya’s efforts may be able to help you sooner rather than later.”

    The Voidwalker reached out with her magic and took hold of several of the diseased creatures that Akeya had already slain. About of a dozen or so of the corpses lifted gently off the ground and were pulled through into the ship easily as Serilda shifted the spaces between the molecules of their body to let them pass the thick walls without resistance. Within a matter of seconds, the scientists had a small pile of freshly killed alien creatures to examine in as much depth as they desired.

    It was like watching children in a candy store as they eagerly got their gear together and split off into smaller teams to start doing their research. Serilda stayed with them for several hours, observing the scientists at their work as well as continuing to monitor Akeya just to make sure nothing else happened that the dragoness would need assistance with. Eventually, sleep called to her. Giving one last final check on everyone to make sure everything was in order, she bid them all goodnight and returned to her room to sleep next to Mythal until morning.

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