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    Serilda Sinclair

    Serilda Sinclair
    Serilda Sinclair

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    Serilda Sinclair Empty Serilda Sinclair

    Post by Serilda Sinclair 4th December 2018, 10:02 pm

    History: Lady Serilda Marianne Gwenevyr Sinclair is the oldest of five siblings, born into wealth in the town of Clover. Her father owns a series of mines in the mountains, and from those mines he has set up a lucrative business selling gems and precious stones, both to wizard and non-wizard consumers alike. Her mother breeds and trains a rare breed of wolf, a career she inherited from her family that has been raising and domesticating them for generations.

    Between the incomes of both her parents, Serilda and her siblings never wanted for anything growing up. They always had the nicest clothes, servants to wait on them, and the best education money could buy. However, life was by no means easy for her. She was expected to uphold the Sinclair name at all time, and to ensure every action she made brought honor to it. Serilda was trained from a young age in the use of swords and other common weapons, and her training master -- a retired Rune Knight -- ensured that she was fully disciplined. By the time she was sixteen, she had the personality of a hardened soldier.

    Her relationship with her family is strong, but professional. The Sinclairs have never been an affectionate lot, and Serilda was no different in this regard. Her duty as heiress was to make something of her life, and as such once her training and primary education was completed, she was put to work protecting and escorting the raw goods from the mines until she could decide what direction she wanted to go long term.

    During that time, she met and fell in love with a man named Hugo. Hugo was one of the mining supervisors that was present at every expedition into the mountains, organizing the workers and controlling the flow of the work, picking the best locations to mine. He was very respected in his position, and despite coming from a lower class than the Sinclairs her parents approved of the union. They spent three years happily married before Hugo died in the collapse of one of the mines.

    After his death, Serilda poured herself into the distraction of furthering her studies beyond what she had been taught growing up, until she discovered a dormant magic within her. After speaking with a couple wizards in town that were able to help her identify the usual abilities she was experiencing, she learned that she had an aptitude for an uncommon, but not unheard of, type of space manipulating magic called Voidwalking. She deliberated with these wizards on and off over the course of a couple weeks before she finally decided she would put her skill to use in a guild that would benefit from her weapons training and help her hone her new skill set.

    Knowing that her choice in guild would reflect upon the reputation of her family, she ultimately chose to seek membership with the Sabertooth guild. Once her affairs were in order, she traveled to Ace of Spades and took up residence at the guild along with the many other members that live there.

    RP Sample: The original website for this RP won’t let non-members view it, so I copied it into a gdoc. This was a one shot thread I did on a Dragonball Z site after the player who wrote Frieza blew up a planet, which he had asked my character to film. I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of the site did. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yoozKIYk3Ld7Zo8jiwlVgvpCHCNm8jpgrlyvrcTV-S0/edit?usp=sharing
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