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    Post by MarkusEldridge on 14th June 2018, 3:45 pm

    Important Information
    Character Biography - Markus Eldridge
    Companion - Hela
    Primary Magic - Chaotic Darkness
    Guild - Fairy Tail
    History - A Brief History of Chaos
    Shop and Templates - Eldridge BitsNBobs

    NOTICE : Ignore the mysterious text, it is for later use. Enjoy your day.

    Character Bank

    Name : Markus Eldridge
    Gender : Male
    Age : 28(23)
    Birthday : May
    Sexuality : Bi-Sexual

    Noticeable Features :

    • Body, Markus body is covered with minor scars and cuts from various fights
    • Back, On his back there is one large scar, this mark starts at his left collar, between his neck and shoulder. It continues down and across his back ending at his right hip.
    • Leg, About 20% of his left leg is covered in burns
    • Neck, From his left neck and going down the front of his chest is a series of 3 scars from a claw mark.


    • Right Arm, Most of his right arm and shoulder is covered in a scrawling tribal design which resembles thorns, the tattoo was created with a circle of thorns over the bicep within which is his guild mark. This Tattoo seems to grow as he gains power, and now covers his entire arm, and part of his chest.


    • Most of the time Markus looks normal, however his face looks paler, and the shadows darker. Almost as if he is always standing in shadow, no matter how bright it is outside.

    Name :
    The Personification of Chaos
    The Sixth Seal of the Apocolypse
    Nephilim of God

    Gender : Female
    Age : ???
    Birthday : Day of Creation
    Sexuality : Unknown

    Noticeable Features :
    Angel/Demon Hybrid,
    Being of both bloods she has characteristics that can be found on both beings. her Large Wings and piercing eyes chief among them.

    Personality :
    Aporia is Chaos incarnate, and acts solely on will. One second she can be berating Markus and the next teaching him. Generally she is one to allow fate to decide, and go wherever the wind takes her.
    As a Seal of the Apocalypse she is prepared for when called, yet for the most part has given up on that eventuality. One day she agreed to work with the Primordial Chaos as a teacher and guide to her progenitors, seeing as Chaos even accepts the eventual end of creation and return to her first domain their final goals align.

    Really Aporia has two personalities, her demonic side is harsh, evil, and cold. She always speaks the truth, and seems to revel in chaos. While her Angelic side is understanding, kind, and concise, willing to help someone find their way in the chaos.


    Hela having revealed herself to Markus when he was just a boy has been a life long companion, and unending ally. Markus and Hela can read one anothers mind, and fight in as a pair in all things. Hela, while having a strange personality is starting to understand Markus' world and emotions.

    Name :
    Species :
    Type :

    Arinia was once a fairy of an ancient forest that was hunted, and almost killed by a group of Fairy Hunters. Upon being rescued by Markus, and learning of his... past she decided to become a companion, and follower, and now friend. Her ability to tap into emotions, and manipulate said feelings.

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