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    So This is Fairy Tail [Social, Open]


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    So This is Fairy Tail [Social, Open] Empty So This is Fairy Tail [Social, Open]

    Post by MarkusEldridge on 16th June 2018, 5:30 pm


    Markus took a deep breath as he walked, slowly and surely, through the town of Magnolia. The city shone as the evening sun had just set, shops were closing as the fine citizens started to prepare for the night, for bed, or... for whatever plans or parties the night held, as was custom within Magnolia. Markus however woke up only recently, and had dusted his long coat free from any dirt or grime it might have gotten. The alleyway he had chosen for the day had been narrow, maybe a little dirty, but most importantly hidden within the twisting streets of the city. He had spent the last couple days in Magnolia, gathering his bearing, learning the town, and even pilfering through a few pockets. However for the first time in his life, or at least in a long time, Markus was preparing to settle down roots, maybe even stay a while, and that was the real reason he was taking his time. After all, this was a concept which frightened him, even if he did not show it, or admit it to himself.

    Pushing his hand through the length of his dark red hair, Markus took a breath, and adjusted his scarf so that it covered most of his face. He was dressed in a long black coat, which was worn and used, but in okay condition. Under that he had a sleeveless black shirt, and pants. As usual his arms were wrapped in white bandages, he wasn't injured, and didn't really need them, but they covered his tattoos which was important.

    He had stopped and was now looking at a large but unassuming square building. To almost any onlooker it look normal, like an office building, or place of business. However, one only had to look to the sign to see the truth: 'Fairy Tail'. A independent mercenary guild known throughout the lands. Markus had taken a long time to decide if he was prepared to leave his solitary, and unassuming lifestyle and join a guild, but he knew he could get no farther on his own, he could get no stronger, meeting Aven had shown him that. He took one more breath before walking through the door.

    Markus was happy to have his scarf covering his face, for just a second his resolve faltered as he entered the threshold, but he quickly took on his normal unassuming posture and outlook. The room was bright, and he had to squint as his eyes adjusted. He could see people drinking or lounging at a bar to his left. To his right he saw what looked to be a business desk, behind it the job board. Looking around he saw strange and floating balls of light, Faries maybe?

    He was unsure what he was supposed to do, should have probably asked Aven before hand, as such he stood in the doorway for a second, making sure to keep a calculated demeanor as he glanced around the room. Should his eyes meet anyone's he would be certain to keep contact for a second, and then give them a once over. After all, when entering new streets you needed to make sure not to show fear. Maybe someone would come speak to him, surly its not every day someone new walked into the guild.

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