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    Creatures From The Depths [Dungeon]


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    Creatures From The Depths [Dungeon] Empty Creatures From The Depths [Dungeon]

    Post by MarkusEldridge on 22nd June 2018, 10:40 pm


    Approved when still Rank D
    Location: Anywhere underground
    A new force has started moving beneath the earth. Alien creatures that are trying to crawl up to the surface and conquer it, not caring how huge of a bloodbath they would have to cause. Better start exploring the nearest cave you can find and make sure it is no longer overflowing with these mostly blue tentacle-ridden creatures, or we might be looking at a pretty bleak future.

    (D-rank) Visceral Slug x10 - A small creature about as big as an adult male's arm. It will crawl on the ground toward you and try to lunch it's body at you, getting stuck to you and suck your blood through its slimy skin. Though they are fairly slow and not very flexible, but arrive in swarms. Having 50 HP, they can deal regular D-ranked damage at contact.

    (B-rank) Alien Crawler x5 - These humanoids resemble a famished person who had long since perished of hunger. Standing at roughly 5 feet tall, their hands are about as long as their entire bodies. They use them to throw punches and try to restrain any foe that comes their way. Their speed is only average and they seem to have trouble turning around, but they have 150 HP each. Their attacks easily deal B-ranked damage and if they catch you, there is no way you're moving for a single post.

    (S-rank) The mother of Cosmos - A gigantic lifeform that surely cannot even be from this world. With most of its body parts being made out of tentacles, it can attack in any direction it desires and has a reach of roughly 50 meters. And while the tentacles are pretty quick, its body as a whole is nearly completely stationary, making it easy target for long ranged attacks. However, it does summon one set of the other enemies every post. Has 500 HP and its attacks deal A-ranked damage at contact.

    Objective: Defeat all present enemies.

    Markus yawned, the night was coming to a close, the moon just cresting over the distant mountains causing a strange pale light to find the surrounding landscape. The area was beautiful, behind him an ancient forest sprawled out the trees twisted branches reaching high into the air. Some so much so that they disappeared in the fog and clouds above.

    Markus always loved traveling through the diverse landscapes and terrains which make up The Landforms. From the beautiful forests, to the ancient ruins, the frozen glaciers, and the Mysterious Canyons. Markus had been traveling through The Landforms for a while now, he had left Magnolia on a job, and while away he had decided to spend some time exploring more of the terrain.

    Looking around the mage decided to find somewhere to bunker down for the day, he was at the edge of the Mysterious Canyons, in front of him the rocks and cliffs sprawled outwards, reaching high into the air, many of the cliff tops disappearing into darkness, below him the canyon disappeared into fog. He knew tomorrow night he would have to traverse the area.

    Markus, unlike most people, prefer to travel at night. He knew there were more predaders, more monsters, and more dangers. Though, he had never feared the night, even as a child. Now however, he welcomed it, for he had an affinity with darkness, one which came with many benefits.

    Traveling for a few more minutes he found what he was looking for, off to the left slightly below him on a cliff face was a cave. The mouth was small, and he had almost missed it. Were he a normal mortal, or even normal mage he would have, however he could see perfectly at night which caused the cave to stick out to him.

    Getting to the entrance was easy, it took him little time to scale the cliff edges, and it helped that it was slightly below him. Entering the cave Markus was happy to note that it was larger than it looked, it was dry, protected, and more importantly unoccupied. At least, for now…

    After a few minutes Markus, having have sat down and prepared to rest felt it.At the back of his mind, there was a pull, a whisper, a calling. He knew this feeling, it was the draw of magic, the pull of power. However, this power felt… strange, alien, it was like nothing he had ever felt before.
    Standing Markus looked around, it was… getting closer. Something was coming in his direction, the feeling was strange, coming from… below him!

    <~~~~~"Only with Darkness can there be Light"~~~~~>

    Notes: Word Count: 433 | Total: 443 | Target: 500
    Sense this was approved when I was D-Rank I am RPing it as such.


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