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    Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash!


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    Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash! - Page 3 Empty Re: Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash!

    Post by SeaGlass on 9th September 2019, 7:33 am

    Arcadia grinned equal parts mischief, mirth and relief, ”Glad you like it! My mermaid friend's performance woulda been hella boss, but hopefully that will do.” She lowered her voice a little, ”That's the original, so it can't technically be replaced, but if to meet an 'accident' while certain someones are around, just let me know. I had a small number of duplicates made in the interest of mass producing them for merchandising. Sadly, I don't think the fine print from participation in lat year's Fairy Festival covers using their likenesses for this... so they'd havta sign off on it separately.  They'd make a tidy fortune of jewel in royalties, but  I dun think they'd go for it.  So the duplicate stay in storage, never to see the light of day, unless you need a replacement of course.”

    The pale blonde slayer's stomach grumbled a little at the mention of food, ”Now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry. Sure! But awm man, we gotta walk all the ay to the gift table? I can't  close my portals without ruining the waterslide.  ...and even I would fell silly snippng open a long distance portal for that. For the sake of the party... I will leave the waterslide going and walk the full distance of the stadium.”  Arcadia gave Nessa a cheesy grin knowing full well how much sh was hamming it up.

    Along the way, she smiled brightly as Lina and Leo came along to meet and wish Nessa a happy birthday. Arcadia bowed to each of them, ”Hey Lina! Hiyas First Master! Hmm   Or Leo?  Just Leo seems to informal after the research I did.. I'll go with whichever you prefer! Uhm but remind later to go over some merchandising ideas I had! Keychains, iLac cases, figurines. The merchandise we sold of the Fairy Ring fighters last  year was a big hit! It's about time for a new line.”

    Arcadia glanced over to Nessa, ”I love the smell of that palm wine. You should be careful when you poen it though. I think it's some strong stuff. It hit Muwa pretty hard when he had some.”

    Watching the gifts float over to the gift table in starlight and waved again to Leo and Lina again, ”Hey, big sister. Could that starlight thing work on us?  I”m not that lazy o-” It was then Nessa heard someone calling her and said something about Markus. Arcadia caught sight of Johann across the way too.  Arcadia hopped and waved both arms, ”YO, MAHDUDE! Good to see you!!”

    She hurried to catch back up with Nessa, her stomach still rumbly at thought of getting a bite to eat. Arcadia stopped short a few steps as she  caught sight of Nessa and Markus kissing. She was mildly stunned, but stunned enough to be stopped from grabbing her scissors and snipping open a portal back to her room in Fairy Hills. She reached into the portal, and pulled out her iLac, using it to play a *WOW* sound.


    Arcadia glanced to her iLac and put it back into her portal to rest back in her room. The portal closed as she drew her hand back out and slipped her scissors back at her hip. ”Uhh... well... guess I dun havta keep that a secret anymore.”

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    Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash! - Page 3 Empty Re: Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash!

    Post by Aven Alveron on 6th October 2019, 7:09 pm

    The party was incredible, Aven couldn't help but to lounge on the beach for a while, taking in the sights. Even without the waves of the makeshift ocean washing over his feet, he could feel the ebb and flow of magic power through the area: powerful auras abound, and created tides that were very soothing to the young man. Folding his hands behind his head, he wondered just how fortunate he was to be wrapped up in all of this, all because he'd met a young girl by the Canal one day. He chuckled softly to himself: his present probably wouldn't mean anything more than a fanciful ditty to Nessa, and a sturdy box, but his courage was rising. Maybe, today really was the day that he'd tell her how he felt?

    That nagging sensation in his gut resurfaced, the same one he'd experienced every time he tried to come forward and say something. For the longest time, he'd thought it was just fear, a timid nature forcing him into silence. He'd even convinced himself, at one point, that it was because he didn't want to ruin their friendship if she didn't feel the same, and he still held onto that belief, to an extent; however, there was something deeper that told him that wasn't what held him back.

    The party continued without Aven, of course: while he daydreamed, the wizards were at play, and before he even knew it, the alcohol had poured. There were God stumbling over their own shoes, and Saints falling from grace as far as the eye could see! Aven laughed, as he rose from the sand, brushing the granules from his back. He was sure that Nessa would be in the thick of it, knowing how much that woman could stomach, and he set off to join the fun.

    ...Or, so he thought.

    As he made his way through the crowd, a shocking sight caught his eye, one he'd never imagined; his body froze, leaving him almost in a trance, as time seemed to slow to a crawl. The crowd was all but distant, the image of Markus and Nessa sharing a kiss stealing every ounce of his focus. Anger wasn't a common occurrence for Aven; though he'd admit, it'd been far more frequent, as of late. With the rise and fall of the magical tide around him, it was easy to miss the sudden surge of energy that surrounded the Circle Wizard as his emotions flared into a vibrant inferno. His shadow roiled as he lost control of his Dark power for a brief moment, the Music Box nearby on the present table shuddering in response, a large crack forming on the lid which split the symbol of Radiant Light in twain.

    His composure came soon enough, his power settling as though nothing had happened. In the presence of so many auras, his outburst was likely lost, though he began to feel sick anyways, the sting of tears ripping from their slumber too much for him to suppress. A quick turn, and he made his way toward the exit. He'd embarrassed himself enough for one lifetime, thinking anything could ever come of feelings left in the shadows of his heart. He pulled the harrowing lyrics from his pocket, and with a painful clench of his teeth, hurled them full force against the wall, crumpled into a wad and stained with the sorrow of a broken heart.


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    Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash! - Page 3 Empty Re: Nessa Cordelia Lux's Belated Birthday Bash!

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on 9th October 2019, 6:05 am

    OOC NOTE:: This thread has been handed in as a 100 year freeform from the beginning of the thread to post 42  which adds up to a total of 25,279/ 25,000 words. This only includes the wc's of those listed here; Nessa Cordelia Lux, Johann, Sivvy, Amalie, MarkusEldridge, Aven Alveron, Seaglass, Mura Kensho, Samira Nasser, Gisen Ceostra, Mythal Ragnos, Serilda Sinclair, Leona Jarnefeldt, Adalinda.

    To make things easier the next hand in will be counted from post 43 onwards. Those who are not posting after this point won't be included.


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