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    Nessa Cordelia Lux Vs The Vending Machine.

    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Nessa Cordelia Lux Vs The Vending Machine.  Empty Nessa Cordelia Lux Vs The Vending Machine.

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 12th July 2020, 12:37 pm

    I have died everyday waiting for you, Darling don't be afraid
    I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

    The sun was blazing at the peak of Fiore’s sky, it’s unforgiving heat burning down on it’s citizens. It was like the heavens had turned up the vibrancy on the world, what was bright was blinding and the shadows were especially contrasting. It felt as there were wasn't a single place in the outdoors where one could find refuge from the weathers brutal burn. Even the lying in the shade  had the cooling equivalent of a warm bath. The people of Fiore carried weary faces, many of them fanning their hands up and down in a meek attempt to cool themselves down desperately. Beads of sweat dripping down foreheads and a significant amount of skin on show as people wore as little as possible.

    A sudden heatwave had been predicted but none of them expected it to be so brutal. It wasn't just hot either, not the kind of weather you could sit outside in a bikini with or use as an excuse to go out to the beach, no it's was drain your body of every ounce of energy you may have hot. The kind whether people were spending there times in the shades, in front of fans or using water hoses to cool themselves down. The streets were quiet in magnolia today, mainly because no one could handle being outside under the sun. There had already been several severe cases of a sunburn, and even heatstroke. A smart person would not have stepped outside their doors on a day like today.

    Nessa walked along panting, a thin bead of sweat rolling down her forehead. She had wore a thin white dress today and sandals. She was currently using a summery hay-hat to fan herself. Her body slouched forward as she trudged begrudgingly through town. Having finished a job, she was heading home, unable to hitch a carriage on the fact that no one wanted to drive their horses around in this heat. She had landed the short straw of walking home. Normally Nessa could handle heat better than others, due to the warming nature of her magic, she actually preferred being warm. But this heat was too intense, a level that even the Starlight Maiden could not find comfortable. Her eyes slid down and sideways over at the little grey exceed strolling along next to her. Despite everyone else appearing to melt under the desert worthy sun, Sebastian trotted along perfectly fine. She scowled at him miserably.

    "How are you not suffering?" She whined at the cat, not even trying to hide how much it bothered her. She wanted nothing more right now than to appear as relaxed and as at ease as this cheeky little punk-cat did. He looked up at her, a overly smug smile on his feline face.

    "I have Ice Magic remember, I'm keeping myself cool." He told her happily. She stopped walking, her face blank for a moment. Then her brow furrowed, her mouth dropped open, and her eyes began to get angry. Reaching down, she grabbed the exceed by the collar and held him up in front of her.

    "You mean this whole time I've been dying from this scorching heat, you could have cooled me down with your magic!" She barked at him loudly, not really caring who heard. Although it didn't matter anyway, no one was around. She was more irritated with herself for not having worked this out herself, however she wasn't about to acknowledge that, she was too flustered. Besides, it was clear that Sebastian had been fully aware of just how much the heat had been bothering her this whole time. He smirked back at in a devilish manner completely unfazed.

    "Maybe..." His tone was filled with amusement. Her eyes narrowed at him, Nessa had grown considerably close to Sebastian, since that day when she had found him bleeding in an alleyway and chosen to save him. He had been living with her family, going on missions with her. They got on well most of the time, although Nessa could only imagine this was what it was like to have an annoying little brother. Her cousin Edward had always followed her around like a lamb and treated her with such respect, that when her friends at school had complained about their siblings she had never understood it. That was, until she met Sebastian. He had a cheeky personality, and loved to play tricks on people and stir up trouble where he could. It was always harmless, but boy did it get under her skin. He had to be the only one she constantly bickered with.

    "You have got to be kidding me." She growled at the little grey exceed, she reached down and scoop him up under his arms. Holding him in front of her, she pulled him in closer to her face, "Use your magic on me!" She ordered him, he looked at her blankly, blinking at her slowly before opening his mouth to reply, meeting her gaze with his own.

    "No." He replied defiantly, this only proved to make Nessa angrier. Sebastian had always been cheeky, and deviant. And whilst she was used to his mischievous ways, sometimes she found that he could be really selfish. It was frustrating, infuriating even, he was like the annoying little brother she never had. Even her little cousin, Edward wasn't as annoying as Sebby could be.

    "Sebastian, I mean it, breathe on me." She continued, he stared at her for a moment, before pulling his head back and wrinkling his nose in disgust.

    "Creepy." He said, Nessa took a deep breathe fighting the strong urge to smack the cat in the mouth for his sass. Nessa knew it wouldn't do to hit the cat, but he had such a way of testing her patience. How was she supposed to stay so calm when all he ever did was tease and openly defy her. Weren't they supposed to be teammates? Even partners? The cat was a pain in a butt, but right now she was too hot and bothered to try and convince him. A shimmer of light caught her eye, distracting her from her conversation with the rude exceed. She tilted her head to look at it, her eyes widened when she realised what it was. Her hands relaxed, ultimately dropping the cat, who squealed as he fell the floor with a heavy thud.

    "What the hell Ness!" She didn't stay to listen to his complaint, turning on her heel she kicked off the ground at full speed, wasting no time in her efforts in running in the direction of the beautiful magnificent object. Standing at the height of six feet, a metallic red body, and a transparent glass sheet separate you from the little beauties it held within. Only an arms reach away, teasing you with it's contents that were protected by the glass. This was in no way shape or form, just any vending machine, this was the most undoubtedly beautiful vending machine Nessa had ever seen. It's clear glass sparkling in the sun, illuminating the rows and rows of cooled can drinks inside. Nessa placed a clammy hand on the glasses, eyes raking over the choices, her mouth open. There was so many flavours, fizzy, non-fizzy, fruity, or sugary. The selection seemed endless in her thirsty eyes. Sitting in the top right corner, she spotted it, a pink can of Crème Fizz. A memory came to mind, almost like a flashback. A much younger Nessa wandering through the market with her parents on a hot day, a can of Crème Fizz in her hand. It had always been a treat she loved, and it paired nicely with a coop of vanilla ice cream. The flashback faded and her eyes locked onto the drink, she licked her dry lips, her eyes filled with desperate wanting.

    She reached around to her side, scrabbling at the flap of her satchel, she yanked it open. Reaching inside, her hand moving around frantically trying to find her purse. When she finally clasped her hand over it, she pulled it out, unclasping it and yanking out the tender she needed. Sebastian had slowly approached, his expression cautious and frankly bemused as he watched the girl fumble around in what could only be described as clear desperation. She couldn't expect him to understand, how could someone who didn't know what it was like to be overheating understand how desperately thirsty she was. Putting the now closed purse back in her bag, she proceeded to carefully smooth out the dollar with her fingers, glancing back up at the machine. Her eyes scanned it quickly before landing on the slot for money, she reached over, gently easing the dollar in. The machine made a 'whirring' noise, before the note was pulled from her clutches into the machine. Feeling excitement rush within her, she reached over, and pressed the number nine followed by the letter B to indicate what drink she wanted. She waited in silent anticipation, her heavy breathe fogging up the close due to the proximity in which she was standing to it. Anyone walking by might have thought she was crazy, but right now she didn't care, she just really needed that refreshment.

    "Er… Nessa." She shot him a look and shushed the cat, before turning back to look at the machine. She saw the coil begin to whirl, slowly inching forward, the drink moved towards the front of the machine. Nearly there... She thought eagerly, watching the distance close between the drink and the edge, any second now it would fall and she was get to enjoy the delicious taste of the soda she so desperately craved. Then almost as quickly as it had started, it stopped. Nessa stared blankly, waiting for it to continue, but it didn't. Her face began to drop, reaching up she pressed the buttons once more in hope this would give the coil the nudge to continue. It didn't. She pressed it again, and again, and again. So many times that her fingers were darted back and forth so fast they had picked up a wind. She let out a frustrated scream as her rage began to rise, pulling her leg back she gave the machine a hard kick. This however did nothing other than hurt her foot. Hopping around on one leg, Nessa cursed, much to Sebastian's shock.

    "Nessa Cordelia Lux, language!" He said, but she ignored him. She was pissed, really pissed. She just really wanted that drink and the stupid no-longer-beautiful in her eyes machine had taken her dollar for nothing. She composed herself for a moment, doing her best to ignore the pain in her now throbbing foot. She stepped back up to it, the can had loosened slightly after all. Maybe there was another way to get at it, normally she would never have dreamed of doing such a thing. But she was desperate. Besides it wasn't like she hadn't paid for this item, she was just using the means she could to retrieve it, as long as she didn't break the machine it would be fine, right? Reaching around the machine, she steadied her legs and began to pull. "Nessa what are you doing? Stop!" Sebastian called, but there was no stopping her. She pulled, and pulled, sweat dripping down her forehead as she tried to pull the machine forward. After several moment, the Machine began to tilt off the ground leaning towards her. She pulled it forward more, steadying it by sticking out her knee. She used her body to try and shake the machine. Tilting it back and thought, Sebastian winced, scared the machine was going to fall forward and topple the Starlight Maiden completely.

    Suddenly there was a whirring sound from within the machine, causing both Nessa and Sebastian to look at each other in surprised. Lifting the machine up she steadied it back onto the ground, stepping back and the light in machine flickered. It appeared like something was going to happen, she couldn't believe what she was seeing, did that actually work? She wondered, the smallest glint of hope in her violet eyes. She saw coils begin to move, except not for the drink she wanted. Instead the drink that came forward was from the top shelf, the low-fat no-sugar apple cider drink, 'Ap-Pop!'. She had drank the stuff, and it honestly was the worst thing she had tasted. She stared, disappointment sinking over her face as the can dropped.

    Only she didn't expect what would happen next.

    Normally, when a can drops in a vending machine, it falls through a gap and lands in the base of the machine. Where it can be accessed from it's buyer by lifting a flap and reaching in. Only this can in particular, didn't just land in the based, like a projective missile the can flew out. Whizzing through the air, it hit Nessa directly in the head. Sending her flying backwards into the ground. The now dented can landing in the dirt next to her. She lay there for a moment in completely shock, the pain on her forehead. She reached out, touching her head, she felt blood on her fingers. She looked at her hand, the red liquid now covering her fingers sliding down her hand on her face. Anger rose inside her she sat up, glaring on the machine, Sebastian who had been staring in shock also. Burst into a cackle of laughter, he rolled onto the floor, holding his stomach as he wheezed hysterically. Nessa's shifted up and onto her feet, wiping her forehead with the back of her hands.

    "Shut up, Sebastian." She shot, her voice cold and icy. Enough to even stop the cats laughter in his tracks, he wipes his tears of joy from his cheeks, taking a breathe.

    "I'm sorry but that was hysterical. You just got K-O'd by a vending machine." He said with a little snicker,

    [color:258f=#cc99cc]"I DID NOT K-O, I'M STILL AWAKE AREN'T I!" She shouted, she summoned her Starlight, her body would glow for a moment. Radiating it's own fresh heat, which whilst normally was comforting, was near enough unbearable right now but necessary. The wound inflicted by the blow would heal a few moments later, like time undoing itself it would seal itself up. The blood the only sign that she had been injured in the first place. "Well Vending Machine... looks like you are defective..." She began, her voice was completely serious, almost a little calm. She had come to realise something in that moment, there was a reason that this machine wasn't giving her the dollar. Something was up with this machine, the fact that a can had shot out at her was no accident. The machine was alive, and had intended on it.

    "Er...Nessa...you know it's a vending machine you're talking to right? Just how hard did that can hit you?" Sebastian voice was filled with frustration, he was started to loose his patience with the Starlight Maiden and her bizarre antics.

    "No, Sebastian, this isn't just a vending machine...this thing here has magic." She told him, her violet eyes scanning the machine over. The cogs in her mind wondering how it worked. Was there a Lacrima imbedded in the machine? Was it animated through robotic technology? Or perhaps someone had enchanted it with some kind of spell? The issue was how was she supposed to deal with this. All she wanted was a nice cool drink, and yet it seemed that the task of doing so came with obstacle of dealing with this mobile vending machine. Maybe she could get Percy to come take a look at it? But then again that would involve heading all the way back to the guild in this heat, not only that but by the time she got inside, she doubted she would have the energy to make the journey back. No, she needed to figure this out on her own.

    "Oh man... now I know you've lost it..."

    "I sensed the magic from it when it attacked me..." He ignored her attempt to explain and continued to ramble,

    "Now I have to break the news to the family, well, maybe we can find a nice mental hosp-"

    "I'M NOT CRAZY SEBASTIAN! JUST...JUST WATCH DAMNIT!" She summoned one of her orbs, "Sure you took my kick, but let's see how you handle a little Starlight." She aid looking directly at the machine as she said it. The orbs flew from her hand, moving towards the machine at shocking speed. Perhaps it was her thirst-fuelled desperation, or the fact that she couldn't help herself when challenged. But the Z ranked Starlight Maiden, completely forgot about how strong she had gotten over the past few months. And whilst she had been able to restrain her physical attacks, restraining her magical capabilities was a little harder than she realised. And when she was as worked up as she felt right now, well she honestly forgot to pull her punches... literally.

    The orbs not only smashed into the machine, they plummeted into them with tremendous force. There was a incredible boom, the ground would shake and shrapnel would fly everywhere. Imbedding itself in various nearby buildings, the grounds and well, anything. Nessa and Sebastian would cower together at the catastrophe that was the result of her attack on the vending machine. Carefully peeking over at the remnants of the once-upon-a-time vending machine, which was now little more than a decimated mess of metal, fluids and sparks.

    Still, in spite of this monstrous disaster, like a beacon of hope and a single can of Crème fizz would roll across the earth. Amazingly, still completely intact albeit ever so slightly dented. The cool beverage would travel over to the pair, rolling to a stop at the Fairy Tail aces foot. She stared at it, bewildered and amazed. Then in a flurry of excitement, she scooped up the soda can and straightened up. Looking down at Sebastian with a wild, dehydrated grin and an exuberant wink.

    "Told you."

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