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    Sarah's Birthday Bash

    Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone

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    Sarah's Birthday Bash Empty Sarah's Birthday Bash

    Post by Sarah Stone on 17th April 2019, 5:32 pm

    @Luceam , @TOGAtogaTOGA , @Shane Stern

    Sarah Stone had recently joined the Sabertooth guild, and was enjoying her new home, when she realized that she had a birthday coming up soon. So, after some thinking, she hand delivered invitations to all of the guild members that she could, and sent iLac invites to the rest, as well as a few select people who were not Sabertooth members.



    Sarah here, wishing you all the best. I have a birthday coming up soon, and I really hope that you can all join me at the Red Dragon Inn. No need to be formal or anything, and don't worry, I'll cover the tabs. I'd just appreciate it if all my friends, both old and new, could help me celebrate another year of living life to the fullest. Love you all! <3

    -- Sarah Stone

    When the day itself arrived, Sarah found herself sitting at a table at the inn, eagerly waiting for a guest to arrive, while trying to keep herself from shooting through the roof with excitement. She was wearing something a little different today. It was a special gift from her adoptive father, Amaymon.

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