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    Another New Beginning [Aspen Reintro]


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    Another New Beginning [Aspen Reintro] - Page 2 Empty Re: Another New Beginning [Aspen Reintro]

    Post by Rodadnuf 15th December 2022, 2:23 pm

    “Everyone, please stay calm and remain inside the guild house,” Asena heard the staff member accompanying her earlier stand in the entrance of the guild, keeping the more curious guests from peeking out and taking a look at the results of the battle. “Silver Wolf has a barrier in full effect. As long as you stay inside you are all protected. The fighting already stopped, but if you feel unsafe do not hesitate to call on one of our staff or an ethereal guardian wolf to guide you back to your rooms.”

    But it seemed the panicked guests were already staying safe inside the café. The ones by the entrance were the more adventurous people who looked at the whole event as a spectacle.

    “No way we just saw that!” One teen high fived his friends. “I’ve never seen wizards so close in-action before.”

    “Oh my, forget the barrier. Those monsters the wizard saint summoned were spectacular.” An older woman peered her head before she was pulled back by her husband who was yelling ‘are you insane? get back inside!’ as softly as he could to her.

    “Please stay inside…” The staff member softly muttered to himself as Asena went back inside the guildhall, still pulling the exoskeleton armor that was holding the oversized long-barreled weapon. She ignored the staff as the armor grazed the guild house’s floor, only stopping when another of the front desk guides stopped her in her tracks.

    “Asena, please let the rest of us inspect this before we let you do what you wish with it.” The other staff member caressed her fur. The she-wolf only huffed at her and booped the armor’s wrist display to let them see it was already empty inside, save for the sword. “Oh. Where is the body then—you know what? Carry on.”

    “Who were they?”
    “Dunno, BDF? Hey, look, that doesn’t look like any armor I’ve ever seen before.”
    “There aren’t any markings too.”
    “Are they, like, dark guild assassins?”
    “Again, dunno. They could be from Bosco for all we know. The technology checks out…”
    “Have you taken a picture?”
    “I’ve read on the LacNet Silver Wolf doesn’t share with the magic council the tech they find.”
    “If I’ve got dibs on some tech, why would I? It’s not like the council tells us anything too.”
    “Good point.”

    Then, one other guest yelled. “They’re coming back!”

    The focus suddenly went from the fight and into the guild members who came back from the fray. They would soon find themselves seeing guests who cheered them once they’re back inside the halls.

    Asena was largely ignored; they were more focused over the armor she was pulling inside instead. She didn’t mind. These guests, especially if they have visited before, already know about the presence of the ethereal wolves. Even as Asena minded her own business there were already wolves inside the halls that were keeping the guests safe and calm.

    The she-wolf stopped her little labor, tilting her head slightly when she saw the librarian with mugs. But she understood his gesture enough and enlarged herself sightly so she could easily pick up the mug with her maw. Asena downed its contents in one swig and left the empty wooden mug back with the librarian. Her ethereal body felt warm from the drink and, in gratitude, bowed her head slightly at him.

    The she-wolf sat beside the wizard, keeping the armor close by, while waiting for the others.

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    Another New Beginning [Aspen Reintro] - Page 2 M7VWYFe
    Mercury Arseneault
    Mercury Arseneault

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    Another New Beginning [Aspen Reintro] - Page 2 Empty Re: Another New Beginning [Aspen Reintro]

    Post by Mercury Arseneault 2nd January 2023, 9:39 am

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    It didn’t take long for Aspen to find some semblance of composure. Mercury watched as she stood, remarking upon the explanation she had to give for her absence and taking her up on the offer for something to drink. And apparently, she absolutely needed it. Even as she addressed Leona and asked Mercury to bring them all inside, Mercury couldn’t help but notice the near lack of emotion in the Pergrandian woman’s expression. Had she always been that way? It had been so long since Mercury had seen either of them that she couldn’t really remember. Then again, Mercury herself had changed a lot over the last couple years. Most notably, she’d become a lot more… compassionate? The Mercury that Theo and Aspen first met was cold and calculating with little regard toward the feelings or safety of others, though she’d always hid it well by being a social butterfly and having an immaculate poker face.

    These days, however, she’d become a lot more empathic, and seeing Aspen now… well, it was a little rattling. But then again, there was something else there that wasn’t as alarming. There was a strength about her, an emotional one. Whatever she’d been through, she wasn’t ready to keep pushing forward, a sentiment that Mercury was all too familiar with. There was only one way to get the answer, so rather than delay, Mercury nodded to Aspen and Theo both, the latter of which had been silent so far. Odd behavior for Theo, but considering the battle that had just taken place and the fact that both of them had been gone for so long…

    She gave the two a small, soft smile. “Come on, then.”

    Together, the group made their way back inside, with Mercury giving the spirit wolf a few scratches behind the ears as they walked. Once inside, Yuvon ran off to put together his promised mugs of hot cocoa while Mercury led everyone into a small vacant lounge that was typically rented out to guests for private affairs, but currently was not booked for anything. It had only taken one glance inside to see the stir that had been caused by the attack, a number of guests and members alike staring curiously at the group as they returned. Mercury knew the last thing Aspen and Theo needed was an even bigger audience of strangers, so she figured it was best to get everyone gathered in an area where there weren’t any prying eyes or ears.

    She excused herself for a moment, letting everyone get settled as she retreated to the cafeteria, collecting a couple bottles of alcohol that she knew would mix well with the hot cocoa Yuvon was preparing. With two or three bottles in hand, she returned to the room just as Yuvon was passing out the large wooden mugs of steaming chocolate. Mercury set the bottles down on a coffee table in the center of the room where everyone could reach it,  chuckling slightly at the sight of the ethereal wolf downing a cup of the stuff in one go like a keg stand champion.

    “Thank you, Yuvon.” Mercury accepted the cup gratefully, picking up a bottle of peppermint liqueur and pouring a generous amount of it into her hot chocolate. Then, she took a seat near Leona and waited in quiet patience for Aspen to kick things off.

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