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    Heaven God Slayer


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    Heaven God Slayer Empty Heaven God Slayer

    Post by Rodadnuf 17th February 2022, 12:29 am

    Heaven God Slayer
    “Everything the light touches is now my kingdom.”
    - Tim T. Timson XLII, trying his hardest not to get drunk on power

    Tim T. Timson the 42nd, through the primordial Goddess Hemera's guidance, was taught the lost magic of God Slaying. With Tim's personal understanding in astral magic (through his lineage's curse) and his metaphysical insight from when the very same Goddess attacked him years ago, he had bastardized the Goddess domain as the personification of day and granted himself the ability of governing light. Becoming a first generation God Slayer had given Tim the capability to further his goals of removing the taint of his family's lineage throughout Earthland.

    Stories were told of mages who gained the abilities of Dragons, Demons and even Gods. Tim, in particular, had:
    • +50% passive increase to Strength, Speed, and Spell Damage.
    • Greatly enhanced senses of Hearing, Sight, and Smell.
    • Ability to consume Light Magic to regain MP, all except the light from a Demon Slayer.

    These 'Slayers' had an inherent Damage Resistance to their slayer element based on the rank:
    • 2 Ranks above Character: 0%
    • 1 Rank above Character: 10%
    • Same Rank as Character: 25%
    • 1 Rank below Character: 35%
    • 2 Ranks below character: 50%

    The stories often tell of these slayers, drunk in their power, consuming so much energy they force a transformation on themselves into the creature they bastardized. Tim was no different. Temporarily forcing his body to inhibit the characteristics of a primordial God of Light was tasking; he needed to consume five spell's worth of their rank and respective element in MP just to transform. The benefits of being in this Force state was astronomical, however: Tim's magic costs nothing and his Strength, Speed and Spell Damage doubles in this state. But to maintain being in this God-like state, Tim needed to consume a tenth of his magical reserve every period of time. If he stops or runs out of energy, Force stops.
    Unique Ability:

    Note: Unlocked at C-Rank, trained here.

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