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    Irina "Aspen" Laeta Azarov

    Aspen Azarov
    Aspen Azarov

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    Irina "Aspen" Laeta Azarov Empty Irina "Aspen" Laeta Azarov

    Post by Aspen Azarov Wed 16 Mar 2022 - 15:16

    Irina "Aspen" Laeta Azarov 9k09KDG

    Name: Irina Laeta Azarov
    Alias: "Aspen" Azarov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 22nd of March
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Defined scar through the left eye

    Personality: Irina Laeta Azarov. A name formerly associated with the Empire of Pergrande and its infamous Paladin Order. Born in Pergrande with inherent magical ability, the girl had always been that which the vast majorities of Pergrandeans see as undesirable, and indeed, worthy of nothing but unadulterated contempt. Taught from early age to hide the gift that fate had granted her, she was eventually conscripted into the Paladin Order, disguising her arcane talents as the powers of an Esper to hide in plain sight. Still, keeping up with the other Paladins was especially hard without the use of Psionics, but eventually, the girl would find her own niche, developing tools, armor, and arms for the growing military of the Pergrandean Empire. A trained gunsmith, engineer, and talented metalworker, she is quite skilled in the development and production of technological means that are unheard of in other corners of Earthland, mostly relying on Pergrandean designs and knowledge. She is, however, also quite shy, reclusive, and eternally self-consciouss.

    At least, that's how it used to be. After escaping Pergrande and the Paladin Order, fleeing to Fiore in a month-long journey that marked the beginning of a new life as a new person, she has gained not only a defiant and increasingly confident streak, she has also gathered the knowledge and experience to find her way in the world. Still ever the stoic and expressionless person, she has learned to, occasionally, at least, smile and enjoy herself in rare moments of content happiness. Still, the past comes knocking at the strangest of times. Once again fueled by the desire for vengeance in an incident that caused her to go undercover for over a year and vanish from the face of Earthland entirely, her hatred for Pergrande has been awoken once more, and with conflict on the cards, the side Aspen will take is entirely clear.

    In combat, Aspen is ruthless, quick, precise, and efficient, sparing no more effort than absolutely necessary in order to finish a fight as swiftly and cleanly as possible. An analytical and logical mind through and through, her brain and thoughts kick into overdrive in combat scenarios, relying on her training as a Paladin as well as her experiences in Fiore and Earthland to bring herself and her allies to victory. She will always appear calm, collected, and maintain an unchanging facade of nonchalant stoicism, no matter the situation at hand. Not especially keen on the role of a leader, she believes authority and the responsibility associated with it are too much for her to handle, though will accept them if pressed. As a follower, she will most definitely break any chain of command and act on her own accord if she believes her actions to be the correct ones, not caring for any interpersonal or disciplinary consequences that may result from such actions.

    • Weapons: A weapon is always loyal, no matter who wields it. A tool forged precisely for a single purpose, a purpose that the girl knows all too well.
    • Freedom: The freedom to do whatever one desires, free of any restraint that hold one back.
    • Discovery: The joy of discovering all the things she has missed out on is something Aspen will never quite get over, and every day, new amazing things reveal themselves.

    • Injustice: The innocent and uninvolved being harmed and unjustly treated by those mightier than them.
    • Arrogance: The strong who believe they are free from consequence, who self-perpetuate their belief in their own foundationless supremacy ad infinitum.
    • Royalty & Nobility: Those who use social hierarchy and leverage to oppress those who cannot fight back.

    • Strength: The power to take fate into her own hands, to be free and to remain forever thus.
    • Knowledge: The mysteries that surround the workings of the world, the theories and explanations of all mechanisms and interactions of life.
    • Retribution: Revenge upon those that wronged her, took her life and her dreams from her, that made her suffer thus.

    • Home: Called "Home" not based on sentimentalities, but deep, dark regret, referring to her origin among the Paladin Order of Pergrande. The mere thought of going back to that place turns her stomach.
    • Being Controlled: Having all agency and freedom stripped away, being no more than a mere slave to someone else's will. Aspen would rather die and vanish into darkness than have to endure this fate.
    • Pergrande: The capabilities and might of an unleashed Pergrande. She, more than anyone else, knows what this nation is capable of, and it must be stopped at all costs before it is too late.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'10" | 178 cm
    Weight: 120 lbs | 54,5 kg
    Hair Color: Platinum-Gold
    Eye Color: Gold
    Skin Tone: Light


    Guild: Silver Wolf
    Tattoo: Back of the Right Hand
    Tattoo Color: Cyan

    Faction: The Luminous Covenant
    Faction Chapter: Bellum


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