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    Antique Dragon Slayer Magic


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    Antique Dragon Slayer Magic Empty Antique Dragon Slayer Magic

    Post by Yuvon 28th October 2021, 11:42 am

    Antique Dragon Slayer Magic O7wFY1j

    Magic Name:
    Ancient Dragon Slayer / Antique Dragon Slayer

    Proof of Possession:

    Magic Type:
    Dragon Slayer

    Item/Energy Needed to reach Force:
    Copper, Leather, Coal, Steam

    Slayers Can Control:
    Copper, Leather, Coal, Steam


    Antique Dragon Slayer Magic 1EnHTqe

    Eza was a great and beautiful dragon that once protected an ancient civilization that she had taken under her wing. She introduced them to the power of coal, and taught them how to craft with copper and leather. Through her tutelage, their technology advanced tenfold until an unfortunate volcanic explosion wiped out the entire town. Eza spent her dying breath trying to shield as many people as possible before the molten heat was ultimately too much for even her to bear, and she perished along with the rest of her beloved people. Decades later, archeologists discovered the buried remains of the town, and with it a single lacrima in the form of a copper sphere that contained what was left of Eza’s power.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Conduction of Mana - Copper is regarded as one of the most conductive metals. While conventional copper can be used to conduct electricity, Eza’s copper - born of a dragon’s flesh and magic – conducts mana just as efficiently. With copper capable of protruding out of Yuvon’s body, his MP is increased by +55%, and.

    • Living Leather - Yuvon’s skin, albeit sounding grotesque, can flake off into long cloths of leather with no signs of damage from him. A dragon’s leather is more than just an outdated source of light armor and clothing; it is organic bandage, which Yuvon can use to tend to his wounds. Several layers of this leather can actually provide with convenient armoring as well. This grants him a +5% HP Regen per post, and the Spell Durability of his defensive spells are is increased by +55%.

    • Dracomagus (LOCKED) - With two Lacrimas inside his body – the heartful eye of the eldritch Deep Dragon, and the smooth-surfaced orb of Eza, the ancient Antique Dragon – Yuvon’s abilities as a specialized Dracomage have skyrocketed. He’s gained full access to the dragon’s tongue, his physical senses are further sharpened, and his brain’s neural waves are quicker conducted around by the presence of copper, thus increasing his cognitive capabilities (this former part is mostly used for plot purposes).
      As a Hybrid, he’s also gained access to an active ability mode called ‘Ancient Drive’:

      Ancient Drive:

    Spell Template:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

    D-Rank Spells:

    C-Rank Spells:

    B-Rank Spells:

    A-Rank Spells:

    S-Rank Spells:

    H-Rank Spell:


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