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    Herald of the Deep


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    Herald of the Deep Empty Herald of the Deep

    Post by Yuvon 27th October 2020, 7:14 am

    Herald of the Deep AoVSkhr

    Magic Name:
    Herald of the Deep / Deep Dragon Slayer

    Magic Type:
    Solitary Slayer (benefits listed below)
    Primary Lost (from Kaleidoscope Tome) (+2 posts to max spell durations in this Magic)
    Hybrid Slayer (with Antique Dragon Slayer Magic)

    Proof of Possession:
    2nd Magic Slot Purchase
    October IOTM (claimed by Yuvon, moi)

    Lacrima's Appearance:

    Herald of the Deep 5e5937d817efee14543715eaf82f9077-d3fwqxl

    For a thousand years, He has slumbered. The ancient one whose name is not dared spoken, for fear of bringing nightmares from his long unconscious, but never-resting mind. He stares at you from the abyss, claws reaching out to tap on your sanity and check for cracks, see where it can invade and corrupt you. There is an Order that worships him, wishes to bring him back to the world of the awake, and cast the world into chaos for one final time. This lacrima is one of many artifacts that have been stolen from the Order over the years by wayward adventurers who stumbled into a mess they had no right to investigate.

    Unfortunately for all those poor souls, their frail minds couldn’t comprehend the power behind Dagon’s Eye and were soon driven mad. The lacrima has been passed around for some time, always managing to elude its original owners so that it can further drive madness into those unprepared and naive enough to pick it up and investigate further. And still, it waits, ready to spread his influence into anyone else that thinks themselves strong enough to overcome the madness. He is watching, waiting, and ready to bring you into his terrible, crushing depths...

    By having this Lacima implanted into Yuvon, it grants him the ability to embody this evil power as a source of magic. The forces of the sea bend to his command, and water is a versatile element that he can manifest from his limbs to resemble bodies of an eldritch... dragon. Despite calling it so, even the librarian has little information on the exact origins of this entity and its true identity, for it's by all means not a classic dragon. However, he makes good use of its offensive nature, also being able to manifest tentacles and scales of an eerie tissue to tear through his enemies.

    Slayer Benefits:

    Unique Abilities:

    • Heart Of A Dragon - Yuvon has taught himself to encrypt a fraction of this entity's identity, which cause his left arm to grow dark-red, salty scales - while that has brought him quite the amount of nightmares many nights afterwards, he is determined to make it of good use to him and his career as a wizard. He will master it, someday... but until now, he can draw mana from it, which has passively increased his MP by +55%. On top of that, the Lacrima's identity fuels him with lifeforce at all times, giving him a passive +5% HP Regen per post.

    • Fear Of A Dragon - The dark-red scales on his left arm are the entity's attempt to get into his head and mess him up to the point of lunacy. He has to choke them with tight, sealing bandage to keep it at a minimal, but it still draws him to grow more and more ferocious and ruthless in combat. This passively increased his Spell Damage by +55%, and he can launch a terrible wave out of his left arm at User-Rank Spell Range and Speed that, upon hitting a target, puts a debuff on their Movement Speed by -55%.

    • Dracomage (LOCKED) - With two Lacrimas inside his body – the heartful eye of the eldritch Deep Dragon, and the smooth-surfaced orb of Eza, the ancient Antique Dragon – Yuvon’s abilities as a specialized Dracomage have skyrocketed. His body has grown sturdier against attacks, and his spells pack many extra horsepowers to them.
      As a Hybrid, he’s also gained access to an active ability mode called ‘Deep Drive':

      Deep Drive:

    Spell Template:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

    C-Rank Spells:

    B-Rank Spells:

    A-Rank Spells:

    S-Rank Spells:


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