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    Herald of Destruction


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    Herald of Destruction Empty Herald of Destruction

    Post by Danny 8th April 2021, 8:16 pm

    Herald of Destruction 95AgFOE

    Herald of Destruction

    Danny (Daniel von Weiss)

    Purchase Proof:
    [Page 25, Post n°621]

    Apocalypse, Armageddon, Cataclysm, Doomsday, the end of the world, different names for the same concept, the same event: The stop of civilization as we know it. Ever since humanity has begun its ascent to greatness it has been afraid to lose everything it had obtained, placing a spiritual, almost mystical meaning and importance on the day that this time would come. Luckily, it hasn't yet ... or has it? Everything has to come to a close, after all ...

    Every few centuries, something or someone emerges in or even outside Earthland with the potential to end existence as we know it, possessing raw destructive capabilities that are unmatched, inheriting not just the mystical and spiritual implications that come with it, but also the attention of the gods. As with humans, the divines, of course, are similarly arbitrary in the judgment imposed on humanity, some gods seeking to destroy rather than create. As it so happened, one divine bestowed upon the wielder of this lineage powers that transcend both the limits set by mortals and divines alike, powers that, depending on the one wielding them, possess the potential to usher in an age of destruction.


    Arbiter of Annihilation:
    The Herald of Destruction is influenced by the destructive prophecy seemingly bound to them, granting them the ability to turn into something more powerful, a form that embodies the power of the apocalypse. The wielder of this lineage gains access to a unique type of magic called "Apocalyptic" and can use that magic type in the creation of their magics. Apocalyptic magic is, in essence, the use of both ancient power bestowed upon the wielder by a divine being and the usage of this power to change the wielder's form, enabling the user to use both "Take Over" and "Caster" type spells in magics that are using the "Apocalyptic" type. The benefit levels for Apocalyptic Magic are specified below:

    • Solitary: +75% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.
    • Primary: +50% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.
    • Auxiliary: +25% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.

    Warrior of Catastrophe
    Blessed or cursed, depending on the outlook, the Harbinger of Destruction is entrusted with magical prowess that far exceeds that of regular mages, enabling them to effectively wield destructive powers in combat. The wielder of this lineage carries increased arcane powers, granting them four additional advanced spell slots that may freely be distributed across their magics. These spell slots rank up with them, two up to H+ and the other two up S+. The user may also choose to give up an H rank spell slot in one of their magics to gain an additional H+ spell for the same magic, though this spell may only be used once per thread and costs double the base MP to cast. Further, the user also unlocks 2 additional signature spells that rank with them up to S for one of their magics and 5 additional user rank spell slots for one of their magics that rank with them up to S, though these 5 spell slots cost double base MP to cast. If any of these additional spell slots are used to create a take over type spell, the take over in question gains an additional ability equal to spell rank.

    The strength bestowed on the Herald servers not only to hone their skills in combat but also disrupts those that wish them harm, going as far as distorting time and space itself to make sure they maintain dominance. The wielder's spell speed and spell range are increased by 200%.

    Incarnation of Power
    Naturally, the Herald's arcane powers are stronger than those of regular mages, empowered by and steeped in destructive magic. The wielder's base magic damage and base spell speed are both increased by 50%. These buffs are applied before any other buffs to spell damage and spell speed apply.

    Apocalyptic Arms
    The Herald of Destruction has been bestowed with a simple, yet potent blessing by their benefactor, granting them access to assistance in order to fulfill their mission. The wielder of this lineage has access to either an additional active requip slot or an additional active summon slot (Must specify which at the beginning of a thread, can only pick one of the two). Further, the blessing placed on the wielder of the lineage focusses all their destructive capabilities into their attacks to amplify as much of their potential for carnage as possible. The user also gains an additional 100% jewels from any job they complete.

    Of course, the herald's blessing still holds a single primary purpose: To initiate the beginning of the end, to let destruction and devastation roam free and to channel their powers lay waste to the land. Uniquely granted to the wielder of this lineage is a single additional spell slot of H++ rank. This spell slot can be used for an offensive spell only and only by mages that are at least H rank or higher. In contrast to other H++ spells, this spell, however, is not classed as a guild spell, and must be made and reviewed in one of the user's magic apps and graded like a regular spell.


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    Herald of Destruction Empty Re: Herald of Destruction

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 19th April 2021, 12:23 am

    Herald of Destruction FbVA7uB



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