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    Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Magic


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    Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Magic Empty Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Magic

    Post by Rodadnuf 23rd January 2022, 11:40 am

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic— but having both never hurt anyone.”

    - Dr. Arthur C. Schwartz, from the 'Rollins & Schwartz Company Handbook'
    Magic Name: Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Utility Magic
    Magic Type: Caster Magic (Statless)

    The Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Utility Magic is the next step to any labor intensive industry! This feat of magical and industrial genius is the birthed by renowned magical researcher: Dr. Arthur C. Schwartz. With the help of his team of forward thinking researchers, Dr. Schwartz began their testing in the shipping company he co-founded with his longtime friend, Edna Faulkner-Rollins. In the past five-year period where Dr. Schwartz conducted his study to the company's employees (with their consent, of course) there was a steady increase in productivity, bumping company's productivity coefficient from a measly 40 percent to a whopping 90 percent!

    This modern miracle is possible through The Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Lacrima crystals Dr. Schwartz efficiently designed. This Lacrima crystal, when infused with any individual with the most miniscule of magical reserves, forces their magical potential wide open! Though some of the volunteer employees have varying degrees of side-effects, the process has been deemed successful. One of the project's most promising volunteers is the youngest of the company employees: a young man by the name of Tim. The lacrima's synchronization with his body is easily one of the smoothest among his fellow workers!
    -an excerpt from 'The Rollins & Schwartz-Brand Utility Magic' pamphlet

    Unique Ability:


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