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    Why Do I Keep Coming Back Here? (Elijah's Reintro) Open


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    Why Do I Keep Coming Back Here? (Elijah's Reintro) Open

    Post by Elijah on 2nd January 2016, 8:09 pm





    The cold winds of the icy mountain blowing through the devil's red hair, as he moved forward to his goal. Wanting to get back into the guild that he once led, Elijah moved like hell was on his tail. But this was quite the opposite of what was actually happening, his grandfather, the huge bastard known as Belial, had pulled the man into hell, just randomly, without any warning and kept him there for months. Now though, he was released, from the torment he had gotten, sadly it was just him, his brothers were still stuck there like rats in a cage.

    Belial, along with the other archdevil, mainly Beelzebub and Mammon though, had trained the brothers, to behave more like devils and for them to do what they were sent up into the world to do. To show them their place, all the brothers had lost their powers, leaving them in their weakest states. This meant that Elijah, even with his knowledge and understanding of the world, was left into a powerless mess, something which couldn't ever run a guild again. His Magma Rift was pulled out of his body and thrown away, being replaced with something called Molten Core, a more evil and fearsome power, one that would one day put his enemies in fear. Though that was one day, right now he wouldn't even be able to kill a Vulcan.

    With a sigh, the man had reached the front door of Basilisk Fang, the massive iron doors stood here for years now, locking out the cold of the mountain, even tho it was always effing freezing inside as well. Naziel never had thought much about the location. But here he was again, in the cold halls of Basilisk Fang. Having pushed the doors open, the red haired man's voice echoed through the halls: ''Any of you snakes still here?''
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    Re: Why Do I Keep Coming Back Here? (Elijah's Reintro) Open

    Post by Sybil on 2nd January 2016, 10:56 pm

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    The mage was disturbed by that same icy draft which slipped in, the one that stung her pale skin whenever a lost, unfortunate, trespasser yanked open their guild doors, usually only to be gutted there at the welcome mat before they could step inside. Or well, the blizzarding wind yanking open the doors by their bolts. Though Famine could already detect it was the first case scenario judging by the figure she saw through the corner of her eye “I swear … do we need chains and locks now---“ She muttered just under her breath, leaning her back and resting her arms against the railing of the small l balcony which hovered above the castle like interior of the hall. Her form was backlit, a black shadow like silhouette against the winter white light that spilled through the tinted window behind her.

    She had yet to crane her had in Elijah’s direction. It was his voice which averted a widening gaze. Her visage, for a moment actually looked a bit surprised as she caught an eyeful of his still unmistakably red hair.  Famine was almost certain when he’d gone he was well, gone.  many people had come in and out of her life but when you went to Hell you didn’t return.
    Her features contracted back to their previous composure, a sly smirk etching up her maw. “Elijah?” She tasted the sound of the name, having not made a mention in so long. For a moment Famine wondered if he’d returned like Annora had; wanting power over the guild they left, but unlike Annora Famine couldn’t really feel Elijah’s magic. He couldn’t of seemed this small in ability before, but now the heat his form used to radiate felt like a memory. What could pf caused this drop in his power. “What… happened to you?” Her tone, unwavering despite the slight undertone of entertainment, like a stifled back laugh.


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    Re: Why Do I Keep Coming Back Here? (Elijah's Reintro) Open

    Post by Annora on 3rd January 2016, 12:10 pm

    The female figure stood there like a statue, leaning against the wall, as if in deep thought, but really, she was thinking of nothing at all. Her glowing eye just stared blankly at the rough wall that stood before her. Her pale hair was let loose as a white cape hung on her back. With a bored sigh, she pushed herself off, striding towards the same wall which she had not seen in a while; the wall that held the pitiful pleas of human and scanned it, trying to find something interesting to enlighten her.

    She completely ignored the presence of the rough winds that often bust their way into the guild and her feet halted. She whiffed the scent of Famine, which didn't result in any other expression than her blank face, but it was also another presence there, a familiar one, but she couldn't decipher exactly who it was. Her ears caught the voice of a man. Her expression didn't change as she twisted her body, facing it towards the door where Famine stood too, identifying the man as Elijah. He had returned to the guild. A smile slid onto her face and didn't faze even when she sensed his magical power to be lower. She just stood there and enjoyed the conversation that would now take place cause she depicted it to be an interesting one.


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    Re: Why Do I Keep Coming Back Here? (Elijah's Reintro) Open

    Post by Shipping Goddess on 4th January 2016, 3:29 pm


    The body of the child literally flew threw the air, above the other two and, at her top speed, wrapped her arms around the man in a tackle hug. Whether he liked it or not, this was happening. Of course this wasn't what Ivy intended to happen today, of course.

    Ivy was just sitting around, throwing a small rubber ball all around the guild hall. Sometimes it hit a guild member, sometimes it hit some unfortunate bottle that fell to the ground and shattered. Either way, she wasn't really doing anything at the moment and was just relaxing. Not doing anything productive, not doing a job, not writing a letter home, nope just chilling in the guild hall. Yes, it wasn't good for herself but it still passed the time.

    After about half an hour of throwing the ball around, Ivy decided to go get a piece of candy from one of Kukki's candy stashes. She pulled a peppermint out of the wrapper, then began to notice how little her candy stash had dwindled to, so she began to think as she popped the hard candy into her mouth. I'm gonna need to go get some more, huh? Well okay then, maybe someone will "give" me some money to go get some! Of course she really meant stealing a few hundred Jewels from one of the guild mates, but Ivy didn't want to come off that way. The child grabbed another hard candy, a grape flavored sour candy, and then turned her head when she heard the door creak open.

    "Jeez, we have so many people coming here! Why don't we just put 'Psychopaths Welcome!' on the front door!" Ivy yelled out loud, but then went silent once she heard the voice and saw the man come through the doors. The wind around Ivy instantly picked up, and she flew at the man,

    So that brings us here, with Ivy bear hugging the former guild master, happy as can be. "See!? I told them you weren't gonna be gone, I told them didn't I! You're back and ready to take the guild back and gonna make things back to normal, right?" The child looked up to the former guild master, noticing his much weaker magical aura, one even weaker than hers. She didn't care, however. Ivy didn't take it as anything. Her guild master was back, and that was all that matters.

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