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    I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising


    Shadow of Death

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    Public Re: I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising

    Post by Sol 18th February 2017, 9:51 pm

    Sol suddenly turned his head towards the direction that Madison was located at and his eyes narrowed as he felt power, it was power that he had felt once before a echo if you will of the black dragons power but this was only a fraction of that echo, “Looks like I’m getting involved after all come slave its time to go I have a Traitor to Kill” he said with the word Kill oozing with anger and killing intent. The poison dragon stood and turned towards the door.”if you want you can come watch but stay out of my way” Sol said to Achim before he walked out of the spa and past the terrified workers.

    Once he was outside with Summer he spoke.” Keep up or I’ll leave you to the ravenous dark mages around here” he said sternly before his claws gripped into the street and he suddenly took off towards Madisons locations with his clawed feet ripping up chunks of concrete with every step. He would pass by light mages on his way and as he passed he would rip thru them with his claws and sometimes taking a bite out of them before devouring anything he could get his teeth on splattering himself in blood. All the while his magic power flared wildly as if sensing his excitement and anger and making him appear on the radar for the other slayer.


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    Public Re: I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising

    Post by Bass 19th February 2017, 1:53 pm

    His attacks had been successful, but they had proven in fact ineffectual. He had done little damage or any damage that he had done was ignored by the slayer going into force mode. Exactly as predicted. As soon as the strikes were done Felix was gone in a few flashes of lightning landing atop of a building a fair distance away before slowly walking away. His task had been done and Hera's powerful attacks had merely further melted the symbol he had created into the ground. There was little more he could do to influence the situation.

    "Marceline has found many lost treasures today. Yet which is more precious to her the relic or the daughter. Only time will tell." he mused as he walked away leaving Shiro to follow in her own time. "Now what is the probability of her arriving one last time? So many futures and only in one does she arrive. The possibilities converge and flow and none of them rule it out. Perhaps Savage Skull will be luckier than even they think today." A smile came to his face as a piece of random melted debris hurled from the tornado landed in front of him forming a specific shape.


    (There is pretty much nothing more I can do...well...that Felix can do ;))


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    I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising - Page 3 8Xdz1Cq

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    Public Re: I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising

    Post by Raiza 20th February 2017, 8:28 am


    ~The painful Truth~

    It was long painfully clear that while Raiza was a stationary target, there was more than what this range limited him to do. In fact, it was this exact handicap that made him glance over to the blood mage partner he had in this crime with a smile. "Enjoy", he spoke, before his hands were clasped together just before a heavy scent began to fill the air. To those drawn to such a scent, they would quickly realize the pure raw scent of blood. Overhead were dark red clouds threatening the peace even more, but it wasn't the clouds that were the threat. It was the torrential downpour of a red substance that now began to litter the entire battle field to quite a far range away from Raiza. In fact, it reached around 300 meters away, but the targets of such spell? There were none that immediately came to mind, not even the mage that had been so bravely bold to go near Raiza.

    No, instead this torrential downpour of blood was a preparation spell for what he knew would come soon. What was more, was now a fountain of blood had even sprang from the ground, except it almost radiated an abnormal effect to all SS guild members. Though it's true purpose, along with the blood rain was not to be some cheap parlor trick, but to be fuel for the one they were intended for. However even though it had been quite a toll on Raiza, he was not done yet either - for with the loss of mana already, and the exhausting effort it was putting on the dark magus his time was not done yet.

    Especially with what looked like what would soon be a tough encounter with a rather large tornado forming, he knew by now it was time to pull out one of his aces. It was then from the ground began to rise a dark being clad in demonic bone looking armor, dripping with mud, blood, and liquid darkness. While it stood there, no words forming before two long serrated bastard swords had formed in the creature's hands.

    "Go, seek 'her' out, she has full authority over you"

    His voice was stern, but it was well deserved. This was one of his best, if not the best summon he had in his arsenal, and the creature knew who Raiza meant by 'her'. It was none other than the woman named Marceline. A mage that Raiza respected, and was here for in the first place. The use of the summon already, was a declaration that his side was done, and he was now unable to roam around himself, and so the summon was to do that for him. While that was done, Raiza smiled the moment a flask he had just drank from was dropped. Ready for phase three.

    Which with a nod, it finally spoke. "It shall be done"The voice that rang out from the creature, sounded dark, almost masked from what it truly was before vanishing from the spot it stood on, using it's full speed to traverse towards where it already knew Marceline was. It was a creature Raiza had used in front of Marceline before, and with that in mind, no explanation more was needed.

    E.HP: 250/250
    MP: 42 (61-17-6 24.5[Rounding it up to 25] +20% +4%+5%
    Blade of reckoning dmg per swing: 55 (68.75 w/ blood fountain)
    Blade's active: 45 (56.25 w/blood Fountain)
    Abyssal ritual dura:  9
    Ritual Terrain dura: 5
    Ritual Terrain buff: +1% mp to all of Raiza's allies within the terrain
    Ritual Terrain debuff: spells cost 2% more if you're not considered an ally by raiza=non-SS members
    Blood Rain: 10
    Death Fiend: 12
    Blood fountain: 3
    Master mage flask: 6
    ON CD:
    endless hoard: 6
    Ritual circle of the reaper: 3
    The Undying Servent Fledgling: Blood Fiend  joint CD due to fusion: 14
    Reaper's Curse joint CD due to fusion: 14

    @Blood rain:Not used directly against anyone, so no one needs to worry about damage unless you're planning to get harmed by it, which it would be roughly 16 damage for the next 10 post, also increasing the range so there is even more with undying force & Deadly Annihilation

    @Blood Fountain: All SS members now gain 25% to their damages if you're within 200meters(400 after all buffs)

    @Death Fiend(Grand summon) stats
    Hp: 225/300 (300-75 from active bonus)
    Buffed HP: 40
    Melee strike damage per hit:88.5
    43+16=59+25% from active and +25% from blood fountain(Melee strike calculations)
    Passive defense(Equivalent to artifact+ armor)
    21 damage reduction, and A-rank resistance.

    Used or are already in effect:

    +100% range + 25% damage

    -Undying army(S): Ranking up with the user capping at S-rank, this provides 10 hp(per rank, capping at 50hp for S) increase to all undead allies, pets and summons included, note this is a flat increase, not a % increase. If at any time there is a multi-summon (i.e a spell that summons more than 1 summon) then each receive 10% of this ability's power

    Deadly Annihilation(up to S): Deadly Annihilation works in two ways. One, they may increase the damage of a spell by 50% once every three posts, and they may make a single spell's aoe & range be increased by 150% once every three posts. Note, the spell that is increased in damage, may not also be increased in range/aoe. If you are not undead and try to wield this item, it's effects are different, cutting magical damage by 50%, as well as aoe/ranges by 75%.

    (undying force used on Blood Rain)
    Name: Undying Force
    Rank: Ranks with the user
    Type: offensive - Support
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 1
    Description: Undying force offensively supports the user by increasing their own spell's potency by 50%(range/aoe/damage) or debuffing an enemy's spell by that much. This spell is 25% more effective per rank it is above a spell, and 25% less effective per rank it is below a spell's rank. Can only be used once a post, and can only debuff an enemy's spell once every other post.
    -Highly versatile.
    -does not effect buffs(i.e no strengthening a takeover buff)
    -Enemy spells must be 'known' that they are occuring to have this happen, and cannot impact something the user cannot see or is not offensive or defensive.

    Name: Blood Rain
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: 10
    Cooldown: 11
    Description: Blood rain not just doubles as a vampire attraction galore, but each rain drop is piercing, and cuts deep into the flesh like falling razor blades. It phases through clothing, and even buildings. Its as if it is designed to strike through right to the core of humanity, and spill blood where they stand.  NPCs are easily killed within a post or two, unless they are job npcs. Event NPCS are killed only when event boss/mod/admin says such, and for pvp, this deasl a maximum of 10% rank worth damage in a single post. Blood rain is an especially long range, effecting a small city wide area. For pvp this only reaches 75meters This spell may be charged and add an additional 10% but the user must sit within a ritual circle of blood to do such for two entire posts.
    -Massive range
    -low damage for wide range
    -Just because it phases through all solid objects, does not mean it will phase through magical, and thus is still blocked by magical sources.

    Name Blood Fountain
    Rank: C
    Type: Support
    Description: Blood Fountain is a stationary Summoning spell, pulled from the dimension of death's hidden Arsenal that amplifies the user's and the user's allies. This amplification is based on the active and passive effect of the summon. This summon cannot strike on it's own, and appears as a normal stone or masonry fountain that cycles blood instead of water.
    ActiveScy of Blood: Those that are not undead have their damage reduced by 25% or 5dmg(which ever is more) upon being cast. This works up to 3 times a post, and will be based on the user's will. cannot be used more than once on the same source(i.e cannot use this more than once on the same spell)
    Passive Amplifies all damage the user or their allies do by 25% damage or 5dmg(which ever is more). This passive buff is based on the user's, and not the summon's rank. This does not buff the active ability's damage. Due to being stationary, this summon's aoe is 200meters from itself. Allies that are not undead will not receive the buff.
    -Easy to use
    -Allies must be undead for the buff to work
    -Undead bypass the damage reduction.

    Death fiend stuff:

    Spell below image, stats are above
    I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising - Page 3 Demon_sketch_08_by_chriscold-d7j2aip

    Name Death Fiend
    Rank: S
    Type: Summon
    Fused Spells The Undying Servent Fledgling: Blood Fiend +  Reaper's Curse
    Description: Unsure as to where this originates, or if it is just Raiza's own version of such. Which we can only assume he created these from magical beasts and humans residing in sin to create an undead monstrosity known as the death fiend. Appearance: (Appearance here). They stand 15 feet tall, and come equipped with two serrated bastard swords, both which they can wield effortlessly as if they are just normal swords. While there are countless of them back home, only one can be summoned through this spell at a time. Speaking of home, they reside in a special little dimension of Raiza's making.
    Active: Inducement of power: Sacrifice 25% of the max hp for an increase of 25% damage for the duration. This may stack multiple times.
    Passive: Battle Ready; The death fiend's sword and their natural hide are as strong as Artifact armor(+) & an Artifact(+) weapon, and when calculating damage the summon has the legendary sword + its base damage to calculate, as well as when it receives damage, use the rulings as if it is wearing a legendary piece of armor. When calculating these, its as if an S-rank mage is wearing them.
    Duration: 12
    Cooldown: 14
    -Brute Close range power
    -No long range power
    -Active damages the summon's health.


    I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising - Page 3 YdfXSKP
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    Public Re: I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising

    Post by Godlike Frederik 21st February 2017, 3:05 am

    'Well isn't this interesting?'

    A rather familiar sensation filled Dahau when Mura called forth a different magic, one that Dahau failed to sense in the kid before. Maybe because he had stowed it away deep enough. It was oddly cold and as sickening as the mistress of death herself. The aura slowly started to engulf his fists and was as black as the night itself. There is more to this kid then meets the eye. However what Mura tried to pull off with that small stunt of his Dahau would never know. Since it didn't seem to do anything forcing the black aura to dwindle to nothingness and return Mura to his usual state.

    'That is some strange power you got there kid' Dahau had an keen interest in this kid now, he was resilient and tried to fight of the hold he had over him the entire time. As well managed to hide a part of him that Dahau's all seeing eye couldn't take a glance of. This boy, he could be useful. 'You know it would be a shame to kill you now, so how about this? Join me. And I'll take you towards new heights, you have much potential and I can unlock it for you! I can give you pow... TCH!'

    Dahau got to caught up in his speech, and failed to notice the stone created snake from before. One he figured that had already crumbled into tiny pieces. But instead it came straight for his head, its maw open wide ready to devour the Savage Skull mage. It forced his hand, Dahau had to release his grasp around Mura for a mere moment and take hold of his incoming assailant. Which he grasped in midair. the same as he took hold of Mura and followed by sending the snake flying into the nearest wall.
    It was a mere moment, but a mere moment was more then enough to create an opening for Mura and flee his captor.

    Dahau would give chase, but the current situation in Magnolia became more unstable by the second. The ground that split open as well as the same slayer that roared at him before now created a fiery tornado that rapidly started to grow in size. It became quite dire indeed. Maybe it was time to go, after all they got what they came here for. So why play around any longer. With that note on his mind Dahau opened another rift, through which he could escape this battlefield.



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    Public Re: I Am the Ritual Killing [Attack On Magnolia] I Am the Voodoo Rising

    Post by Haru-senpai 22nd February 2017, 5:10 pm

    As Hera stood, vastly outnumbered. In front of her gigantic, flaming tornado; she faced down Marceline, Frey, and Madison now. Wondering if she would make it out of this with the odds stacked against her like this, she merely let off a small smile. Marceline already had the mask, Frey had betrayed her; now a Dragon Slayer with some kind of measure after her time at Fairy Tail. Not to mention Madison, who Hera had a feeling was related to the Black Dragon, with those markings on her arm.

    Not to mention Marceline's current power levels were off the charts. The aura she was getting from her took every ounce of Sky Dragon magic not too crack away into nothingness. Although the heat from her flaming tornado behind her; towering into the clouds burnt away most of the threat, it was a definite staredown.

    A sideways shot of Hera with the flaming tornado, hair flying around in it's find, and Marceline alongside Frey and Madison was shown; as Magnolia was then shown in a zoom out; a sprawling city, with a flaming tornado ripping off upward into the clouds, not to mention the huge grand canyon like splits in the earth every which way. To make matters worse, even though Hera had destroyed the blood dome surrounding the town with her roar, it now began to rain blood. Hera felt the blood actually sting as it hit her, provoking her to flick her wrist with a Troia, spell as the blood rain literally just stopped affecting her. Although most of it was being spun into and burnt away by the flaming tornado near them, Hera was concerned by the one drop that hit her, since it seemed to be a wide sprawling magic.

    The blood mages involved, were extremely annoying to say the least.

    "Well, then. I suppose you've won haven't you?" Hera said as she stepped forward over the sound of her tornado roaring behind her, growing larger by the moment as it's momentum spun. "Absolutely brilliant." she began to actually clap, mocking all three of them. "Look...but there's no one here to give a damn." she said as she motioned around at all the carnage and destruction, and dead bodies. "So this all meant nothing...." as she said this her eyes would then begin to glow red, as he anger boiled over at the sight of the three of them. Suddenly, a huge creature would arrive next to Marceline, moving so fast it caused a crater from it's landing and run as it arrived. The troll sized dread knight smelled like the same magic as the blood rain as Hera's dragon senses kicked in. So this came from that same guy too then?

    "Please leave now, if you all are actually family, then those two are sisters." the pink haired Slayer looked towards Frey sadly for a moment "Frey is a great sister, and I'd never want to hurt her....but my magic doesn't work like that." Hera looked to Marceline and then Madison, as the sound of the blood rain filled the air. "So please...Frey forgive me. I don't want to hurt your sister or your mom." Hera's eyes were still glowing red.

    Her hometown was destroyed thanks to these people.

    "Mura......" Hera wondered if he was ok, and looked out against the sea of destruction, the sound of the flames and tornado behind her made it difficult, but she could still hear him talking every now and then. A relieved, look crossed her determined face. Her eye's still had a slight red glow to them as Dragon's did when angered.

    "Frey, that monster next to you is going to keep you safe?" she said, about the gigantic nether demon troll thing, standing next to her now with a huge sword. Keeping a kid in the company of demons like that wasn't good for their mind. She was just a child. "Please go....." Hera said as the air around her began to vibrate with magic power that was literally off the charts. The flaming tornado behind her finally expanded to it's full power; swooping over Hera from behind in a huge gust as it expanded into it's full potential, after gathering enough wind and speed, the flames from her roar also mixing in fully now giving it a supergassed wind.

    The tornado would swoop past them all in nearly an instant, and then they would be literally inside of a flaming tornado, being tossed around and lifted through it; scorching them into nothingness if some kind of action wasn't taken. Hera could be seen if they looked down through the flames, standing in the center of the flaming tornado looking upward at them, likely spinning out of control; or straight at them anchored in the razor sharp flaming winds of the huge tornado that was 350 ft in all directions.

    Hera looked somewhat down as she leaped upward into the flames of her own spell at hundreds of miles an hour straight for Madison, delivering a single haymaker like uppercut to her, with Fire Dragons Fists activating, still on from earlier, as she threw the punch and potentially sending her flying straight back out of the flaming tornado in spectacular fashion. If she missed, she would do a whirling kick just as she passed for the same effect. Only the kick would hurt alot more due to her previous enchantment of Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Blazing Speed, as flames literally gushed off of Hera's leg when she did the whirling kick after the punch upon Madison.

    If Madison was knocked back out of the tornado several hundreds of feet into the distance, Hera would come leaping out of it from some point high in it and land right in front of her, smoke coming off of her skin as her eyes were glowing red now. As she couldn't control her rage at the sight of Acnologia's scale markings, Hera literally just ran at Madison at literal blazing speeds; grabbing a hold of her, she would charge her recklessly through rocks, walls, and just about anything else; she would also bear hug into Madison with impossible force; as flames around her body intensified.

    When they were done, Hera would release Madison with a shove forward, tossing her to the ground as her skin tight aura of fire would burn brightly, her eyes still a glow.

    "You........just who is your Father if Marceline is your mother. You don't mean to tell me those two actually slept together do you?" Hera said plainly as she clenched a fist in anger that was unexplainable to most. Looking around, she noticed she was nearby the blood mage responsible for the massive enchantments on the area, she could tell by the swirling mass of blood magic whipping around him, and the muddy ground. The rain had also intensified as she had charged with Madison through several walls potentially.

    With a brief inhale, Hera would then exhale a huge cataclysmic Fire Dragon's Roar stream of flames that traveled easily the distance toward Raiza; leveling and incinerating buildings into ash along it's path toward him. When it hit, it would be the size of several whales, and difficult to dodge. As Hera would exhale the flames, she would be just 10ft in front of Madison, having taken her attention off of her to exhale the dragon fire. As she finished exhaling, a literal cataclysmic explosion of flames would go off upon Raiza's location as the roar literally would wrap around him and explode----she would be breathing smoke. Turning back toward Madison, Hera would walk toward her threatningly in a circle around her.

    "Your father may have killed my father....if you're who I think you are." Hera paced, her eyebrow furrowing, smoke still coming from her mouth and nose as she spoke from breath flames like a dragon. Keeping her eyes on her as she circled her, but her hearing aware of everything going on around her. She hoped Marceline and Frey had left, for Frey's sake. She wouldn't mind if Marceline stayed so she could end her however.

    Battle Info:

    HP: 940/940
    MP: 88%

    Melee Damage: 147

    -250 damage @you from the flaming tornado swooshing over you
    (Wave Wind + Fire Dragon's Roar spellpower)

    -250 damage @you from the flaming tornado swooshing over you

    Dread Knight:
    -250 damage @it from the flaming tornado swooshing over it

    -250 damage @you from the flaming tornado swooshing over you,
    -followed by a flying melee punch that will hit for @207 damage
    -followed instantly if dodged by a kick that will deal @247 damage, either can potentially knock you flying back out of the tornado if in danger.
    -147 damage @you from grabbing a hold of you and charging you through walls at hundreds of miles an hour

    -150 damage @you from the roar traveling across the city to barrel into you

    Spells Used or Active:

    Name: Troia
    Rank: D
    Duration: Passive
    Cooldown: Passive
    Type: Slayer

    Description: Hera inhales and exhales, focusing by closing her eyes or by thinking only of the patient or person in question. Instantly, the area of the body under pain or duress will begin to glow with an unnatural white light and then experience a breeze that smells like lavender surrounding their entire body. The unnatural breeze spins around them as their entire body glows with a soft white light briefly. When the light fades, they feel completely cured of any sickness or ailments. Fears and doubts also seem to melt away as the person under Troia experiences a boost in overall physical and mental health as well. Makes the user of Sky Dragon Slayer magic immune to Motion Sickness passively! Hallelujah!

    Strengths: Removes one negative status effect per cast on Hera or an ally, whether it be on the body, mind, or soul. Fears and quirks like motion sickness are also cured for the thread.

    Weaknesses: Can only be used once per post. Hera must be able to see her target. Doesn't heal at all. Must be used on one person at a time, so it takes awhile to use it on the whole group if neccesary for some reason.

    Name: Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Blazing Speed
    Rank: S
    Duration: 10 Posts
    Cooldown: 12 Posts
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Hera's feet literally catch on fire that seems to whirl around them. While this spectacular enchantment is running, she leaves behind a literal melted trail of still burning fire on the ground in two lanes like railroad tracks. She can gain enough momentum to run on walls, ceilings, or virtually anywhere during this enchantment. When she's fighting all out, she will always use this on an opponent, sometimes without even thinking about it. As it was one of the first Spells or Enchantment that Igneel taught her.

    Strengths: Increases Hera's speed by 65MPH. Leaves a trail of fire behind her when she runs or kicks, which can be disorienting to opponents even if they dodge if they are not focused combatants. Can be turned on and off at will. Adds S-Ranked damage to Hera's kicks.

    Weaknesses: Doesn't buff allies. Only affects Hera. Doesn't have any AOE properties. A very straight forward effect. Doesn't buff anything except kicks and running speed. Doesn't heal. Can hurt an ally or someone accidentally by stepping on them or bumping your foot into them while this is on for A-Ranked fire damage. Can track her easily....even for miles, just by following the two scorch lines on the ground until she turns the enchantment off.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Fists
    Rank: Strong (B)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Both of Hera's hands instantly catch a flame, as the fire whirls and begins to spin extremely quickly around both hands until the fire is burning so hot even things around her begin to glow with heat. Hera's punches melt and catch things on fire upon impact with a punch or a touch, leaves behind a dazzling trail of fire with movement of the hands.

    Strengths: Deals an extra B-Ranked fire damage every hit to an opponent with the fists and when grabbing an exposed body part of the opponent with the hands. Can be turned on and off at will, so even if it's eaten or dispersed somehow, Hera can conjure it right back up with ease instantly on her hands.

    Weaknesses: Can be extinguished by a B-Ranked Water Spell or higher, causing it to be removed for the post. If eaten by a God Slayer or Demon Slayer, although it is a signature spell it will have to be re-summoned on the following post. Can be manipulated by Fire-Make wizards into something else out of Hera's control mid-combat.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Roar
    Rank: Perfected (S)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Slayer
    Description: The signature spell and technique of a Slayer. The ground whirls with so much air, that it's hard to even stand near Hera if you aren't of a certain weight or power. All of a sudden, Hera inhales a massive amount natural fire from the area; putting out torches, fireplaces, and and just about anything else nearby as the fire is yanked away toward Hera's mouth; as Fire whirls from everywhere three hundred feet nearby as she stops inhaling her cheeks are puffed up with all the fire she's eaten and charged. She then unleashes the roar; Expelling it with a gigantic blast of flames with white flames crackling on the edges that literally looks as if she's exhaling a giant inferno large enough to swallow up Godzilla. As it is fire, the noise alone is of the level of a hundred jets flying by. The roar itself would remind Goku of his Kamehameha. The roar that Hera breaths out can travel over three hundred feet. After traveling for what seems like forever, hitting it's target, or when Hera stops exhaling the roar explodes in a huge sphere like explosion of magical dragon flame that bubbles into a large sphere of flames and twists upward into the skies before a horizon brightening explosion ensues.

    Strengths: Is a Roar. Hera is a master of this technique after her origins as the daughter of the Lightning Dragon Slayer, training with Igneel and learning Fire Dragon arts, and can naturally use this once per post. Deals S and once from the carry of the wildfire stream and being slightly vaporized, and another 50% from the 300ft tall explosion of flames at the end of the roar. Hera can turn herself or aim anyway while exhaling the huge stream of fire. Is 325ft tall and wide, and travels 325ft before exploding.

    Weaknesses: Is the signature attack of a Slayer. A roar is well known by a lot of wizards, meaning they will try their absolute damndest to get out of the way. Takes 3 seconds for Hera to fire this at an opponent. Can be defended against by S-Ranked Water. Can be stopped, or walled off by S-Ranked Metal. Is an attack that Hera uses very often, and can be strategized against. Has a lot of collateral damage. Hera sometimes holds up two hands under her mouth Ninjutsu style, just before firing the huge roar.


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