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    Forgotten Ring

    Godlike Frederik
    Godlike Frederik
    The Forsaken

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    Completed Forgotten Ring

    Post by Godlike Frederik 9th May 2016, 4:11 am

    Forgotten Ring
    After years of conducting magical experiments as well as just practicing the dark magic, the simple jewelry that Frederick once used to proclaim his eternal love. Has turned into a dark and twisted images of what it used to be. What started out as a simple yet elegant silver ring, with a small white lotus on it. Has turned into a blackened metal, like a raw cut thorn vine. With a just a pale grey colored flower upon it. Yet despite its appearance it also has taken in some of the magic.
    - increased mana pool
    - one time shot to increase the power output of an offensive spell
    - Edge of Darkness is a one time deal in a thread
    - Costs half the extra mana + the additional mana cost of casted spell off course
    - it doesn't has any offensive or defensive spell on its own

    Increased Mana
    Even though the ring has been put through years and years of wicked dark arts, it also has gained a general affinity with magic all together. Meaning that over the years it slowly absorbed magic, until it had become a conduit. Meaning that through it, Frederick has the passive ability to increase his basic mana pool with 30%. Meaning his regular mana now starts with 150%.

    Edge of Darkness
    By half of the cost of that very mana, Frederick has the choice to repeat a single spell in the same instant he casts that very spell. Meaning that, at the cost of that extra 15% he can double the effectiveness of a single spell once a thread. Larger, stronger and more darkness. Thats what it is about. It double the damage output as well as the size of the spell itself. It does however only affects the damage and size of a spell. Any other effects aren't prolonged



    Completed Re: Forgotten Ring

    Post by Guest 10th May 2016, 12:02 pm

    Forgotten Ring QbJa7GR
    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

    Starlight Maiden

    Starlight Maiden

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    Completed Re: Forgotten Ring

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 25th August 2020, 7:26 am


    Forgotten Ring Inac_s10


    Forgotten Ring 60582_s

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

    The Ghost Slayer

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    Completed Re: Forgotten Ring

    Post by Mura Kensho 28th October 2020, 4:04 am

    Moved and unlocked at the user's request.



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