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    Dahau's Vault

    Godlike Frederik
    Godlike Frederik
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    Dahau's Vault Empty Dahau's Vault

    Post by Godlike Frederik 12th January 2017, 4:00 pm

    Apex of Darkness
    Wielder: Lord Frederick

    Over the last decade or so the blight known as Savage Skull began to ravage the towns of Fiore. They began to spread their destruction like a disease attracting every thug, criminal and wannabe evildoer to their cause, each addition making them more dangerous; every action adding to their infamy. When the guild eventually reached its peak of power they turned their sights and ambitions towards the town of Magnolia. Magnolia even then was was home to Fiore's most renowned guild, the guild known as Fairy Tail. As imagined a battle ensued, Savage Skull with allied dark forces rushed several legal guilds with pinpoint strikes and precision.

The legal guilds refused to go down without a fight forcing the dark guild to call forth an ethereal being, this ethereal being was said to come from another plane of existence and when he came forward it spelt the end for his enemies. This being was known the Lichborne, he was a powerful being of an unknown origin. His very essence seemed to be empty as the deepest void and kept himself shrouded in a darkness that not even the brightest light would be able to penetrate it, these are said to be the gifts the dark guild bestowed on him but wither this is true or not remains a mystery. Those who have gotten too curious tend never to be seen again alive or dead, their fates as much a mystery as the one they were investigating.

The enemy now found themselves facing the physical manifestation a man thought to be the very vassal of darkness itself. He was a powerhouse in his own right and only with all the legal guilds might did they manage to defeat such a strong opponent, doing so, however, cost them greatly. They believed in defeating him they had snuffed his threat out of existence... they would soon find that this was their first mistake. The physical form now laying shattered was nothing more than a vessel, the darkness remained behind looking for a new worthy host, waiting... watching... ever silent... ever patient within the deadly catacombs of Savage Skull.

    Passive Abilities

    Vile Ascension:

    Vile Ascension is a passive which allows Dahau's body to reach heights that others could only dream about accessing with a mortal body. The darkness within him grants him a new form if he so wishes to use it or merely strengthen his normal body. This permits him 25% added health making him harder to defeat, while also giving him a damage reduction of 25% to any attack aimed at him. An additional bonus to this is that it also allows him a 50% buff towards magical damage.

    Darkness Gift:
    A deep darkness encases Dahau's body making him able to blend perfectly with shadow, (while used in pvp it makes him 50% less likely to be seen in places where large amounts of shadows gather or places with vast amounts of darkness are.) In addition to this, the darkness is so deep that no natural light is able to penetrate, in fact, it almost seems to attack it converting any natural light to the darkness within 100 meters to shadow, this allows him to move unseen and silently while within shadows.

    Unholy Union:
    The darkness within Dahau was apparent even when he was very young though he had his own set if twisted morals and honour code that he abided by. He joined Savage Skull in his mid to late teens and quickly moved up the ranks, his name soon being known throughout Fiore as someone that you didn't want to come across. Soon he decided that it was time for him to take his trial and descended into the unforgiving bowels of the catacombs, the darkness that had laid dormant for so long now stirred at his presence watching him from afar to see how the then intruder dealt with the trials it set forth. With the trials vanquished with ease, the darkness decided that Dahau was the one that would be its vessel. Now that the darkness had combined with Dahau the mortal man now finds himself not only immortal but that his magical and physical strength had been increased by 50%.

    Active Abilities

    Coil of the Lichborne:
    Dahau's Vault _king_10

As the flame of a candle requires the oxygen to continue existing, so Dahau is bound to the dark guild known as Savage Skull for his continued existence; if he was to leave the darkness would rip out of him killing the dark mage on the spot. Well to be more accurate the vile darkness that uses him as a vessel keeps his obedient to the guild and bound to the mysterious and eerie catacombs that gave it life. Being its chosen vessel means Dahau can call upon it, changing himself to the very embodiment of the guild as the Lichborne whom had possessed it before he had. This allows him to gain an ultimate form with two abilities that can be used independently of one another. Dahau may choose to take these abilities on physically or not but his shadow will change regardless indicating which of these aspects he is using, each aspect last four rounds requiring a six-round cooldown.


The darkness is able to draw on the grave for a short time granting its vessel to change into the spectre known as a wraith if they so desire. While in this form Dahau gains fast healing that allows him to gain 5% back every turn, this is farthest from the strangest thing this form can do, however. He found that even in things like snow and mud he leaves no trace that he was ever there. In addition to this so longs he has touched the person or even their shadow he can attack the shadow and still do damage to the person or manipulate the shadow to attack its owner for 50% of his rank damage. (caps at s), he may only do this to one shadow at a time, however once touched he may do this from max multi-target range of his rank. The strangest thing he has found is that attacking via the shadow gives him a 25% buff to those spells and leave no marks on the body itself.

Though similar to the wraith the spectral form if chosen can be anything of Dahau's choosing so longs it was once able to be classed as a living and intelligent being. While in this aspect Dahau's shadow is always in motion as if being pushed by a gentle breeze, this is unless he takes on a physical form. Regardless of this aspect, he can create illusions that would make you beg for death. with ooc permission given he may even use your memories and fears against you twisting good memories into something that much more terrifying. He may target a single person or a small group of people at once making the mass hysteria that much worse for the individual(s) must be within range of his rank aoe spell.


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