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    Dahau's Vault

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 12th January 2017, 4:00 pm

    Unleashed Form

    Conquered, We Conquer:
    Name: Conquered, We Conquer
    Rank: H
    Type: Area of Effect, Holy, Transformation, War
    Duration: 30 posts
    Cooldown: 3 threads
    Description: At first, a soft sound of a war horn blaring will begin, as if sounding off in the distance before growing louder and louder over time. Either the Third Woe or the Horseman of War destined to use this spell will take on the illusioned form of the Horseman of War. They will be standing valiantly in a formation similar to a general leading their army into war, armed with what looks to be an entire army. Those around them will a see a skeletal being clad in rotted and rusted armor, wielding a war horn pressed to its bareboned mouth, creating the eerie sound. The illusioned army will neither move nor disappear, but remain in formation behind the skeletal general as they summon forth their comrades. Upon hearing this wanton call, all members of Savage Skull will momentarily hesitate in their actions, appearing to be frozen in time. Cracks will appear along their bodies and light will pierce through these cracks like the light is forcing its way through them. As quickly as the cracks have appeared, they burst into a brilliance of white, holy light that blinds their opponent for one (1) measly post. After which, the light begins to die down, only in place of where the Savage Skull member stood is now the anglicized or demonized form of said member. Their appearance is completely up to themselves, allowing a variety of looks and appearances for every member of the guild.

    Transformed into their new form, Savage Skull members are revitalized in both MP and HP, being brought back to full health and mana upon entering their new form. Likewise, everyone within the guild gains a 200% pool in total for buffs, in which they can distribute across all stats.

    Any stat may only have a buff percentage up to 100%, but may go over 100% if they choose to debuff another stat for more in the other. Percentages per member will appear different to others, as everyone will buff stats differently to other members of the guild. However, buffs cannot go over their maximum allowed percentages, so a member cannot get something like a 100% HP/MP regen, it would cap at 25%.

    This form can only be accessed upon the Horseman of War or the Third Woe activating the spell, and all buffed stats disappear upon the spell ending.

    • Members of the guild are forced into what many would consider to be a “monster form,” of which they can choose the appearance
    • For every guild member, they receive a 200% buff pool, in which they can distribute to any stat up to 100% for any stat
    • Other stats can be lowered in order to increase the buff of another stat, resulting in some stats being able to go over 100%


    • Any stat that has a a maximum percentage it can be buffed cannot go over that max percentage no matter what
    • This spell only affects those that are in Savage Skull and cannot affect anyone who is allied with a member of the guild
    • All buffs have a maximum 100% pool in which the %’s can be distributed into it unless a trade off with another stat has been made
    • Buffs given from this guild spell do not last forever and only last for the duration of the topic, up to thirty (30) posts


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