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    Eero's Travel Bag

    Post by Eoduun Eero on 14th May 2018, 1:16 pm

    ✘  Character sheet: Eero Saarinen
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     Nothing here D:!


    Ongoing Missions:
     Field Expedition
     Free spot!
     Free spot!

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     To Earthland and Beyond! - D Rank (+50)
     Potion Making Assistant - D Rank (+50)
     Wine Testing - D Rank (+50)

     Dr. Anna's Message - D Rank (+62.5)
     Archaeological Excavation! - D Rank (+62.5)
     Preliminary Research - D Rank (+50)
     Wildlife Rescue - C Rank (+218.75)
     Library Cleaning - D Rank (+50)
     What a Weapon! - B Rank (+1312.5)

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