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    The Ability to Travel


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    The Ability to Travel  Empty The Ability to Travel

    Post by Krishna 22nd October 2020, 4:22 am

    Traveling is a way to express oneself. Yes, it is a way to have the greatest vacation of all time, but it can demonstrate your love for other countries. One can use traveling to truly explore the world for what it is: a beautiful canvas.

    Krishna distinctly remembers traveling to be described just like that in one of the many books he took time to read. Of course, traveling cannot involve a lot of hassle, from both the passenger and the staff in charge of the vehicle. Still, its truly something that can only be done easily during this age.

    The main issue for Krishna is his ability to communicate. He knows how communication is supposed to work and how one should properly act in specific situations, but he doesn't follow that norm at all. When push comes to shove, Krishna would rather murder the person than actually take time to yell at them. Or well, it seems to be like that. When one tries to take a deep dive into Krishna's personality, he is honestly not the worst person ever. Krishna is truly a main with large aspirations but with a lingering fear that is hampering him from achieving them.

    Today was a rather normal day. It wasn't exactly sunny nor was it extremely cold. There was no sign of rain or any other unusual weather conditions. It felt almost just perfect of being boring, if that made any sense. In a way, these conditions were perfect to do something extremely boring as well: wait in a long line.

    Of course, this was the day right after Krishna was introduced to his new guild. Truthfully, his care for the precise conditions of the guild were completely zero. His main cause for concern was the strength and respect of the guild master. Although he seemed to be softy of sorts, Dagda had the ability to garner a wide collection of mages from all over the world. The Guild Master of Meliora Vitae, also known as 'Better Life,' might help achieve Krishna's goal.

    Thing is, Krishna did hear about some stupid mingle event today and he normally wouldn't go, though he did hear that a couple of his own guildmates would be going. All Krishna wanted to do was see how vulgar his own guildmates were and try to judge him. Maybe he was just trying to find an excuse to leave the guild, attempting to label Meliora Vitae as a band of vulgar bandits.

    Thing is Krishna only appreciates honesty.

    "Next, please."

    And is Meliora Vitae a truly honest guild? Do they have a conspiracy that Krishna has to discover?

    "Sir, you are up next."

    No, this guild is supposed to be for the greater good. They are the balance Krishna is looking for.

    "Uhmm, sir?"

    God, what the hell is Krishna doing? Does he want to stubble upon another problem?

    "Sir, you are holding up the line."

    Does Krishna truly want this situation to end up badly? Does he want to ruin his own career as a mage?

    "Sir, if you can please! I can't waste time!"

    What if this guild was just like his family?

    "WHAT THE HE-"

    Memories can truly be a menace. Krishna's mouth was raised open, his canine teeth showcasing itself towards the innocent lady in charge of the passports. Truly, Krishna was at fault, as he was in the line for passport registration the entire time. The girl was already shrunk down to the size of a ball, trying to hide behind the desk in front of her. All of the participants in the line were scared themselves, trying to hide their own children behind them. For a second, guards took a look at Krishna's actions, wondering if he was gonna do anything serious. Luckily, Krishna took a second to calm himself down, his amber eyes staring at the woman.

    "Sorry...Krishna Gandhi. Age, 18. Gender, Male. Age, 18. Guild, Meliora Vitae. And I am heterosexual. That is all."

    He spoke with a calm tone, immediately trying to get to business. Maybe he was embarrassed with his violent display, which alerted everyone in the area. At the same time, Krishna gave an extremely small apology. His eyes were still glued onto his book, flipping to the next pages. The girl was clearly going to work, with weird sounds in the background.

    "A-All done, sir!"

    She hands the passport towards Krishna slowly, with the tanned giant taking it with no hesitation. His eyes instantly scanned the insides of the passport, confirming everything was in detail. The tanned boy walks away from the scene, wondering if he made the right decision joining Meilora Vitae. Would this guild help him receive a 'Better Life?'

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