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    [Job - Solo] Alchemists's apprentice


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    [Job - Solo] Alchemists's apprentice Empty [Job - Solo] Alchemists's apprentice

    Post by Elyon 15th April 2018, 3:24 pm

    Job specifics:

    Even mages had to eat. However, unless you are some sort of a hunter, you will not get very far without Jewels. Especially when you are primarily a scholar and you barely know how to cook. As a result, the young mage decided to take upon a job, while he was still in the city of Hargeon. It was a job about making a new kind of potion in a local potion shop. Although the job notice said that the potion didn't neccessarily need to be high quality or even usable, Eero hoped that whatever he would whip up would be of use.

    The shop was located on a street that was filled with other various shops such as magic, blacksmith's, butcher's, restaurants and cafés, repairmen's and many more. It wasn't hard to spot it, because of a painted sign in front of it that said "Potions and Lotions", which corresponded with the name jotted down on the job listing. Eero noticed a pair of people exit the said shop, as he approached the entryway. The doorframe was lined with chimes that swayed and chimed quietly in the light breeze of late afternoon. The boy set a foot in, wood creaking under his weight. As soon as he did, a voice called out: "Hello! Feel free to browse the wares or ask any questions!" For some reason Eero's mind imagined an elderly would be tending the shop, but truth was the opposite. It was a young lady, clad in a green loose short-sleeved dress. She was putting a number of vials back on one of the shelves. "Oh, hello!" Eero would greet the lady back. "I'm here about the job listing for potion making." The boy would extend his left arm while holding the job listing, showing the lady what exactly he was talking about. At the sight of the listing her eyes lit up with excitement and almost ran behind a humble counter. "I was wondering when someone would show up!" She said and motioned for Eero to come closer. "All of the equipment and ingredients are in the back."

    Eero stepped in the room that was separated from the main shop room with a deep green, lightweight cloth. Its size equalled almost to a half of the main shop room, but it was filled to the brim. Burners, vials of any and all shapes and sizes, a grand collection of herbs and flowers with a few shelves of miscellanious ingredients like eyes or bones. The lady followed him inside and showed him where everything was. "Take your time, there is no rush to finish the potion." She was ready to leave Eero to his newly appointed task, but the boy raised a question: "Do you have any tips on making potions?" The lady turned around and smiled. "Make sure you make note of everything. Absolutely everything. Even the tiniest of details can change the outcome of a potion." She would smile at Eero again, this time really leaving him to his task.

    The first thing Eero did was grab a nearest book. It was a book about potionmaking ingredients and their combinations. He skimmed through the pages of text, looking for something that would be easy enough to create. After he quickly skimmed through the pages of the next book, Eero had a solid idea of what he was going to attempt to create. A medium-sized vial, filled to the half with water. He then had to mash together two different types of herbs with the help of a pestle and mortar. The herbs then went into the vial to soak. In the meantime Eero made note of everything had he had done up to that point into his journal. The boy would then reach for a jar filled with what he assumed were ground horns of some sea creature that he had learned about just a few minutes ago. The herbs were finished soaking and Eero strained the liquid into a smaller vial, which was now full. He turned on a small burner and placed the vial on it and poured some of the powder inside and stirred the mixture with a glass stick, leaving it to dissolve. In the meantime he noted down the process, again. Eero stirred the liquid a few times and when bubbles started appearing on the inside of the vial in the potion, he turned off the burner and cooled off the vial.

    The whole process took nearly an hour, but Eero felt proud. The lady also never checked on him, having full trust in him. Eero stepped into the larger room. The lady was behind the counter, having just sold a potion to somebody. At the sound of the cloth being moved, she immediatelly turned. "Do you need help?" She asked the boy in a cheery voice. Eero held up the finished potion. It looked a bit like murky water, but not suspicious potions like there were the deadliest. "Actually, I finished it. I just need to test the desired effect" Eero said and pulled out his journal. The lady seemed quite intrigued as she studied the contents of the vial. "If all went according to my made-up recipe..." Eero muttered under his breath as he quickly swished his left index finger across the edge of a page, cutting himself. As expected, it stung quite a bit, just like every papercut did. Eero took the vial from the lady and he slowly poured the liquid over the cut. Almost immediately the stinging feelling disappeared, leaving only a cut itself behind. Eero smiled proudly. "I suppose that you got the desired effect, then?" The lady asked him with a laugh. Eero laughed aswell. "Yes! It's not supposed to cure the cut, just the disgusting, stinging feeling of a papercut." The boy said as he handed the vial back to the lady. "I hope that's good enough?" The lady laughed again. "Of course! This is splendid! I thank you for your help. Here is your pay for your hard work!" She said and handed Eero the promised Jewels. "The pleasure is mine. I learned a lot while I made the recipe. Speaking of which-" Eero handed over a piece of paper that contained the potion recipe to the lady. "Thank you again. I hope I'll see you soon!" She waved him goodbye as Eero packed his things and left the shop. He waved back at her.


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