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    [Job - Solo] Drinking with a Purpose


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    [Job - Solo] Drinking with a Purpose Empty [Job - Solo] Drinking with a Purpose

    Post by Elyon 16th May 2018, 3:35 pm

    Job specifics:

    The young mage enjoyed his time at his new home. It still felt strange, that he had a place to call home. But it was good kind of strange. This day, however, he felt like going outside of the guild grounds. It took him some while to travel, especially now, since he remembered that he once was a Dragon Slayer and just the mere thought of vehicle transport made him feel sick. He still loved trains, though, which made it all that more sad for him. At long last, however, he entered the Rose Garden. When he embarked on the road he didn't know what his destination would be, but decided on it about halfway on the journey; thus, there he was.

    The Rose Garden was quite beautiful and Eero could see the appeal of the place. It felt like the perfect place to just hang out and have a good time. And that was what he decided he was going to do. He had some money to spare, so why not? The sun had just set, but the streets had only become more lively. Green trees and street lights were lining the crowded pathways. The boy was looking for some sort of restaurant, that would be affordable. Just because he had some money to spare didn't mean that he was supposed to spend it all on just one dinner. The more he walked, however, the more unsure he grew about the prices. Perhaps Rose Garden wasn't meant for a wallet like his. Luckily for him, he came upon a restaurant, that had an employee putting up a neatly written sign that spoke about a wine testing of wine of the owner of the place. Maybe he wasn't able to get a reasonable priced dinner, but he could get some free booze. Even if wine wasn't his favourite type of alcohol, he wouldn't turn down an opportunity to get something for free in this quite pricey place.

    Eero quickly walked over to the employee and they were slightly surprised that somebody wanted to take upon that offer already. They agreed and guided Eero inside the restaurant and into the back. The owner was an older man, who was setting down wine glasses in front of already prepared wine bottle. At the sound of the two he turned around, greeting them with a smile. "Got one already? Have a seat." The man would motion towards one of the chairs that were at the table. The employee bowed lightly and left the room, closing the door behind them. The room Eero was sitting in was rather simple - a table with several chairs, a bunch of wine cabinets that held an astonishing amount of wine bottles and the wine bottle on the table with now two wine glasses. The man opened the bottle and poured a bit of dark red wine into each glass. "This is my homebrew. I would like your honest opinion lad. I want it to be perfect before I serve it to my customers." He would say as he picked up his glass. "I'm not a wine expert, but I will try to do my best." Eero said as he picked his glass.

    It tasted a bit too sweet on his palette, but he was sure that the owner was headed in the right direction. Then again, Eero didn't even like wine that much in the first place. "It's a bit sweet for me. I would prefer it a bit more fermented aswell, but people probably wouldn't appreciate that. These are just my opinions. It has a really nice flavour profile, though." Eero offered his feedback on the wine he just drank. The man hummed, thinking about something. "You may have a point there with the sweetness. Though yes, that kind of flavour is quite subjective." The man agreed with Eero's words and the two talked about wine and other types of alcohol aswell. In the end, the man was delighted and offered Eero a free dinner at his restaurant the next time he came by, regardless of the price. The boy made sure to remember that, juuust in case.

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