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    Elyon Lamalet


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    Elyon Lamalet Empty Elyon Lamalet

    Post by Elyon 2nd March 2020, 1:10 pm

    Elyon Lamalet CmPg3OV

    Name: Elyon Lamalet
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Birthday: 8th August
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Special Characteristics: Elyon hails from Joya, a tribe that is more related to wolves and has a pair of fluffy ears as a result

    Elyon's expression is mostly stern and calm, as he observes those around him. His voice is surprisingly soft, but one can spot passion hidden in it when he talks about guns and machinery. It's tough to get him truly angry, at most he will usually just be grumpy, if he finds himself unhappy. Elyon deeply values family and tight knit relationships, especially because there are not that many of his tribe left. This is also the reason why Elyon feels like he needs to find a mate - to keep the tribe alive and going.

    The wolf man enjoys having a drink or couple more drinks, after a good day's work. He likes to lose himself in a loud party, but he has his limits, especially when it comes to the people one can find on a party. Still, he doesn't mind mingling with other people, but Elyon finds himself getting a bit grumpy, if he doesn't have some time to himself for longer periods of time.

    Elyon's calmness goes hand in hand with his patience. Patience is a skill that the wolf man had to learn as a child, not a character trait he was born with. He had to learn the hard way that such a skill was an essential part of a hunter's kit. It takes a long time for Elyon to run dry on patience, but if it breaks, he won't be able to stop himself from either charging forward in a battle or giving the offending person an unadulterated drop of his mind.

    The wolf man is a light sleeper, for a hunter always has to be alert, even when he's asleep. However, even though it is extremely easy for him to be woken up, it is also really easy to fall asleep and in almost any position.

    Most of time Elyon prefers to work alone, as the wolf that he is, but at the same time, he knows the value that a good team holds. His mindset is flexible - he is fine with following orders, as well as being the one giving them. However, his approach to a battle is based on thinking of a plan, while observing the prey from afar to see their weakness and strike at the most opportune time.

    ➵ The thrill of the hunt - Being raised as one of the main food providers for his tribe, Elyon takes great pride in hunting animals, whose meat can be eaten or simply hunting for game.

    ➵ Parties - If there is one thing that Joyans excel at, it would be partying and Elyon is no exception to it. Even though he has his limits.

    ➵ Gun maintenance - Elyon is proud of the gun he had put together after he arrived in Bosco and he takes good care of it every evening.

    ➵ Dogs and other canines - Since Elyon's tribe is distantly related to wolves, it is only natural that he likes to give good pets and scratches to dogs and puppies and other canines.

    ➵ Obnoxiously loud people - Elyon usually meets that kind kind of people during parties that have lasted a while, but sometimes people are just obnoxiously loud by default for some reason and he doesn't like the loudness.

    ➵ Getting his ears wet - Washing one's body is necessary to maintain the ability to be a part of the society, but there is something about water getting onto Elyon's ears that just makes his hairs stand up. He has to force himself to wash his ears.

    ➵ Thunder - Elyon doesn't mind thunder and lightning under normal circumstances, but a loud thunder is a sound that can easily break Elyon's concentration, if he is on a hunt.

    ➵ Keep improving his gun - The gun Elyon uses was forged within Bosco, where he spent a number of his latest years, before venturing into Fiore. Even though the gun is in a really good place already, he knows that there is always space for improvement.

    ➵ Keep his tribe alive - It is a duty that is written in Elyon's blood, but he knows that with the tribe's dwindling numbers it is a much more pressing matter.

    ➵ Freedom - Besides parties, Joyan people hold freedom in high regard and Elyon does aswell. He would very much like the rest of the world to experience the same kind of freedom.

    ➵ Losing his prey - A hunter's greatest fear and shame is when he fails to slay his prey, whether it is by his own mistake or other outside factors.

    ➵ Extinction of his tribe - While Elyon doesn't live in Joya anymore, he still cares for those he left behind and he fears that there are only so many generations for which the tribe will be alive.

    ➵ Losing his gun - Elyon put a lot of time and love into crafting the gun and it would break his heart if anything happened to it.

    General Appearance

    Height: 186cm (6.1ft)
    Weight: 69kg (152.1lbs)
    Hair: Above shoulder length, with one bang over his right eye, grey-ish white in colour
    Eyes: Light grey
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Appearance: Elyon can be mostly seen wearing his usual gear setup, but when nobody's looking, he slips into some sweatpants and takes off his top to relax.


    Guild: Errings Rising
    Tattoo: Dimmed golden colour on his right hip


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    Post by Saraphina 2nd March 2020, 4:49 pm


    Elyon Lamalet CzMK0qd


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    Post by Shen Kadokawa 16th March 2020, 11:46 am

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