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    Matters of the Soul


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    Matters of the Soul Empty Matters of the Soul

    Post by Trinity 5th January 2022, 6:10 pm


    Today was surely a day that would go down in Rune Knight history as one of the most bizarre and unexpected. The warlord known as Trinity, or Thana to those who knew her real name, was easily the most wanted individual in Fiore, if not all of Ishgar. To call her a terrorist was an understatement. There were warrants for her arrest posted in major cities of nearly every country on the continent, not that they really had helped. Thanks to Thana’s ability to utilize her magic to change her appearance, it was damn near impossible for people to suss her out even if she was standing right there holding a conversation with them.

    And that one little trick made it so easy for her to be a menace to society in absolutely horrendous ways. Murder was the least of the crimes she’d gotten away with over the last couple of years, and she had made enemies of not just high profile figures of authority and influence, but also entire guilds. Dies Irae had been among the top of those guilds, and arguably the one she had taken the most pride in. Her little jaunt with the one time guildmaster Sivvy was a sweet memory for the warlord, one that she often thought back to fondly on long, lonely nights.It was a shame that the guild had been disbanded and deemed as a failed experiment by the council, though she was certain that if she ever ran into any former members they would still try to kill her with a prejudice.

    Dies Irae wasn’t the only guild that had been disbanded, either. Her own guild Elysium had fallen under not long afterward. Janice had lost her status as a warlord, and shortly after that they had abandoned the town they were creating in Sin and everyone had gone their separate ways. Or at least, they had for the most part. Many members of the guild itself had gone off and formed a new guild called Plumed Serpent, under the leadership of Odhran. Thana had briefly considered going along with it. Odhran wasn’t much to speak of, but his summons were fun. However, the thought of joining another guild sounded dull. Elysium had been a delightful little experiment, but it was time for her to go back to doing her own thing, and chances were that if she ever ran into any of her former guildmates she likely would not spare them any mercy from her whims.

    But those were thoughts for another day. Today, she had other plans to occupy her thoughts.

    Currently disguised as a Rune Knight, the Avatar of Ataxia strolled through the streets of Era as though heading home from her patrol route. She passed many other Knights along the way, several of whom extended her friendly gestures of greeting such as nods and waves. She would wave back, beyond pleased by the knowledge that they had absolutely no clue who they were truly walking by. With calm purpose in her steps, she made the climb up the hill to the Rune Knight headquarters, strolling through the main door and taking a brief glance around. Spotting a young woman at the main desk, she wandered over and leaned against the counter.

    The woman narrowed her eyes at her in annoyance, clearly unimpressed with her casual demeanor. Rolling her eyes slightly, Valorie finished up the call she had taken and hung up the phone. “Yes, what is it, private?” the secretary asked without looking up from the notes she was typing in to her computer.

    “I just needed to file an arrest report.”

    “What, are you just out of basic training or something? The report room is down the hall to the…”

    Valorie’s voice trailed off as her expression melted from irritation to abject horror. Thana’s disguise melted away to reveal her true form, the dark haired woman giving the secretary a little smile. The Warlord was extremely pregnant, not quite at the end of her journey into motherhood but several months along, easily in her third trimester. She smiled and waited patiently to see what Valorie would do, the woman torn between her fight and flight responses. To her credit, it only took the blonde a second or two to find her courage and she quickly reached over in full view of the Warlord and slapped the button that sounded the panic alarm, almost in defiance of the danger Thana presented.

    As the alarms went off around her, sending the building into a code red alert, Thana chuckled. “Relax, darling. As pleasing as it would be to feel you writhe beneath me as your breath slowed to a stop, I’m not here to kill anyone today.” Turning with a smirk, she slowly raised her arms and set her eyes on the literal hundreds of Knights that had come rushing into the foyer, weapons drawn and spells at the ready. “Hello, pets. My name is Thana, though most of you probably know me as the Warlord Trinity.”

    “And I’m here to turn myself in.”
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    Matters of the Soul Empty Re: Matters of the Soul

    Post by Mythal Ragnos 8th January 2022, 11:30 am

    1363 words || @Trinity || job info/job sign-up || short note here

    They weren’t supposed to have a drill today.

    Mythal had returned only a short while ago from training in Sin. It had been several months since he’d begun going to the wasteland and utilizing his newfound magic to its fullest abilities. In that timeframe, he’d managed to deepen his connection to Aeron, forging a true friendship that he, himself, wasn’t entirely accustomed to. It was probably because the Darkness King wasn’t used to connecting to anyone and the ones that he had, he’d somehow found himself attracted to. After all, he’d convinced himself that his feelings for Serilda were merely friendly until they weren’t. And there was little denying that he was attracted to Aeron, though that mattered very little to him. Seri was the love of his life and he’d long begun to understand that a person could find someone attractive and not be going against his real connection. It had taken him some time, as out of touch as he had been, but it had solidified.

    Still, Aeron hadn’t been around that day. In fact, she really hadn’t been around that much at all lately. It was possible she was out doing something else or off doing a job so that she could get some jewel. Even with the Rune Knights sending her crates of supplies, there were plenty of other things she no doubt needed to get and probably weren’t free. It was possible she was stealing them but Mythal didn’t imagine that she was quite looking to catch any attention or ire. So he’d pushed aside the oddness of it once more and focused on his training. By now, it was merely sharpening skills, both old and new, into deadly combinations. He’d all but mastered the new lacrima inside of him, his senses far more keen and powerful than ever before. And now that he and Lux were of a mutual understanding, he’d even managed to bond with the Lightbringer to make some of his spells even more deadly.

    He had taken a quick shower to wash the stink of Sin off of him and when he returned to his private chambers, he found a package had been delivered. Another potential outfit for him to wear for the wedding. Now that things had settled down, at least slightly, Serilda and him had begun to take planning their engagement far more seriously. It was hard to believe that only a few months ago, they had been facing off against literal extraterrestrials millions of lightyears away. An event such as that had a way of changing a person, especially given how quickly Vandrad had nearly died and then disappeared and then Mercury was kidnapped. Time was always moving forward whether a person wanted it to slow down or not and given his adoptive brother’s near-loss of everything he cared about, it had made the two Rune Knights very well aware of how blessed they had been. It also meant that they needed to stop dragging their feet where it mattered.

    Sighing, the Darkness King opened the box and looked upon the outfit that was as purple as wine. It was rather regal, which made sense considering he was marrying a royal after all. Frowning, mostly in concern that the outfit wasn’t going to fit him very well, he pulled on all the articles. Black, stripes slacks wrapped themselves tight against his legs, ending at just the right height to show off his dress shoes. A form-fitted purple button up shirt, with a lighter purple vest was pulled over his torso, with a small pauldon over the left shoulder. Amusingly, a cape had been crafted into the back of the vest similar to the red one he used to wear -- no doubt Serilda’s little nod to their history. A pair of black gloves that were far too short were the last bit to be put on, the Rune Knight Director raising an incredulous brow at them. He took a moment to look at himself in the mirror and found… that he didn’t hate it. It was certainly of a higher class than he believed he was worth but it surprisingly looked pretty decent on him. He was eyeing himself in the mirror when Lux materialized behind him.

    “Now that is a sharp look on you, Mythal,” the Lightbringer said as he hopped up on the edge of the table. “I knew you could clean up well but even that’s pretty nice for you.”

    “I feel like I need somethin’ with a jacket though, bein’ a weddin’ and all,” Mythal commented as he kept looking in the mirror.

    “Yeah probably. Maybe Seri is just getting you new stuff for after the wedding. Or maybe she just thought it would look good on you, who knows,” Lux idly remarked as his attention shifted to the window. “So things are linin’ up pretty quickly after all that alien stuff, huh?”

    “Seems so.” Now that Vandrad and Mercury were engaged as well, it seemed that two royal weddings were on the docket. Mythal never even thought that he would have to deal with one in his lifetime. “Any progress on that Soul Shard information?”

    “Soul stone,” Lux corrected him. “Well, apparently where Quentin used to live isn’t as easy to access anymore. You know Pergrande?”

    Oh that was the last thing he wanted to hear. “Unfortunately, yeah.”

    “Deep in the northeastern lands of their nation. A bit out of range for me to reach by myself. But unless you got a fancy portal to take you right there…”

    He didn’t. And a Rune Knight, a God of Ishgar, roaming onto Pergrande’s land without invitation was going to cause an even bigger issue. Bellum and Pergrande were hanging by a thread and with the supposed peace talks coming up, Mythal couldn’t afford to frivolously go wandering in where he could get spotted and cause an international event. “We’ll figure something out.”

    The conversation might have continued from there but that’s when the alarm began blaring. At first he didn’t quite panic; they were due a drill at some point. But then he remembered that they’d scheduled it for the week after. That meant that this wasn’t a drill -- this was a real alarm.

    Mythal didn’t even spare a look at Lux before he snapped his hand out and constructed a portal of darkness. Through it he dashed, appearing down in the main hall as quickly as he’d left the upper levels of the building. The hilt of Curse was already in his hand and as his magic flowed into it, Hopebringer had been formed. His eyes adjusted to the change of scenery… and took in the horror before him.

    There stood Thana, without disguise and so pregnant that were it anyone else, he would be afraid for her bursting. Her hands were up but she had a smug, almost delighted smile on her face as she looked around at the Rune Knights that had swiftly gathered and surrounded her. Mythal brought up his sword and pointed it directly at Thana’s chest, the tip of the blade only a foot away from her. How easy it would be to just move forward and impale her. Pay her back for all the pain she had caused everywhere, to the pain she had brought to Mercury, to Vandrad…

    But that would rob them of answers as well. “Put her in cuffs,” he commanded the closest Knights, keeping Thana on point in case she tried anything.

    Lux reappeared beside him. “Well, well, well,” he said with a grin as he looked at the Warlord. “Look who showed up.”

    “She says she wants to turn herself in,” Valorie explained as the Rune Knights moved forward to put Thana’s arms in magic-restricting cuffs.

    Turn herself in? No, it wasn’t as easy as that. Things never were with Thana. There was some game she was trying to get at here, some manipulation she was utilizing. And he fully intended to find out. “Bring her down to the dungeon. I’ll question her myself.” He lowered his blade but took a step forward, his eyes burning with contempt. “And she better hope I like the answers.”

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