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    Trinity Empty Trinity

    Post by Trinity 14th January 2019, 4:10 am

    History: Trinity does not know much about who she is. Her real name, Eliza Foster, has been lost to her over the years due to an undiagnosed case of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    She was born in the magically rich country of Bellum, to parents that were unforgiving of the fact that Eliza did not show any magical aptitude at a young age. By the time she was five years old, there was still no evidence of her possessing any ability to control magic despite the fact that all of her peers were already mastering their first spells. Being proud Bellum citizens that did not look favorably upon non-wizards, her parents sold her to a traveling group of slavers that collected living creatures for the purpose of using them in underground pit fighting rings.

    Originally buying her for bait and feed, the slavers were shocked and pleased when they discovered that the young girl possessed heightened physical abilities that border lined on being magical. They put her in more and more fights to test the limits of her body, where she grew stronger and more adaptable to her surroundings. However, the environment was highly abusive. She was often starved for food to make her more desperate in fights, and was generally kept caged and isolated like a beast. The slavers often beat her, abusing her physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Eventually, this treatment forced her to hide into herself. Eliza became quiet, almost never speaking to anyone out of fear that she would be hurt further. She forgot her own name over the years, which the slavers never bothered to learn from her parents when they bought her. She began to develop alternate identities to protect herself in certain situations.

    The first identity to reveal itself over the years was Aeron, a hard young girl that did whatever it took to survive. Aeron could talk back to those that hurt her and endure the punishment she received for it. She could also take over in the ring, fighting like an animal against magical creatures and other humans alike to stay alive. It was this personality that honed Eliza’s latent talent for manipulating her physical body, even taking it so far as to accidentally learn how to utilize Take Over magic when she started eating some of her conquests after besting them in the ring, pushed to that point from starvation and malnourishment.

    When she started to gain a reputation in the community as a regular champion of the industry, however, a bit of ego started to sprout. Eliza, or more accurately Aeron, started to receive praise and accolades for her ruthlessness in the ring, and soon a third identity was born: Thana. This personality was cunning and manipulative, blood thirsty and power hungry. She became addicted to the attention and the limelight, developing a flair for showmanship while she fought and doing whatever it took to draw the eyes of others to herself.

    It was the constant back and forth between these three personalities that ultimately earned her the moniker of Trinity by the slavers that owned her and those who knew of her within the industry. However, while she had earned a great reputation her treatment and lifestyle never improved. For nearly two decades she lived this life of constant abuse and combat before Thana and Aeron, who were capable of communicating with one another, hatched a plan of escape. At first opportunity, they broke out of her cage and ran for freedom, destroying anyone that got in their way.

    She ran for weeks, leaving a trail of havoc behind her until she finally reached the border between Bellum and Desierto. It was in the vast desert that she finally lost her pursuers. Ever since she has been wandering the continent, unable to stay any one place for long due to the nature of her constantly shifting identities that often put her at ends with those that would interact with her. Ultimately, she found her way into Fiore where she is currently idling for the time being.

    RP Sample: Link to Serilda’s A Rank examination thread.
    Face Claim: Neopolitan (Trinity), Cinder (Thana), and Vernal (Aeron) from RWBY.


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