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    Twilight Dragon

    Twilight Dragon

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    Post by Akeya Fri 19 Feb 2021 - 2:43

    Akeya could tell that Tiisha was still struggling with her displeasure at how the evening had developed so far, but at the same time the red-haired dragoness was putting a lot of effort into hiding it and putting on a more amiable front. The twilight dragoness figured that for the both of them to get the best out of this entire event she'd have to do her best to make sure Tiisha also enjoyed herself. Given how full-blooded dragons were relatively rare Akeya was legitimately curious to see just how qualified this particular specimen was in bed. "Fortunately I don't think we have to wait much longer for the opportunity." True enough, it looked like the evening was already heading towards some sort of climax. Several couples had already departed, including the hostess, so the two dragonesses wouldn't have to loiter much longer before they could leave the mortals behind.

    Although Tiisha's reaction to Akeya's warning regarding the wine caused one eyebrow to rise. The redhead was being rather casual on the topic, as if it wasn't even a concern for her. Given that by this point Akeya had already been pretty blunt about the pregnancy (at least, from her perspective) she figured that if Tiisha still wasn't showing any worry about the effect alcohol might have on her unborn child it was probably because she had reason to believe that her internal chemistry would take care of the issue. "It's better suited for mortal tongues. That and while the hosts of such gatherings might wish to impress at the same time they'd save the highest quality for more... discriminating parties." It wasn't like there had been a particularly high bar to pass to attend this event. Nothing like an actual gala where everyone had to be invited personally.

    "They might use pheromones if they could." Akeya smirked as she said that. "From my observations most of the sapient mortals have sensitive eyes and ears but their noses are a lot less developed than yours and mine. As a result they don't use scent to communicate like we would do." Not that dragons had poor eyesight or hearing, but their noses definitely were the most notable difference with the mortals given that most mortals just didn't have such an advanced sense of smell. "It must be strange, to move through the world without being able to pick up the many scents."

    When Tiisha suggested that Akeya might be a suitable model for underwear the twilight dragoness let out an amused hum. "I suppose I could... although that would be a first for me as well~" She gave Tiisha a wink as she said that. She was, after all, a dragon, same as Tiisha. Just because she knew about underwear didn't mean she used it herself. That wasn't to say she had never worn underwear but it was definitely not something she did often, or even occasionally.

    After that things got a bit stranger. It seemed like something had just struck Tiisha. A thought, to be more precise. Going by the way she suddenly focused on her womb it seemed like it had to do with her child. Akeya blinked as she tried to understand that. Had she actually forgotten about the life within her own womb? Was that why she'd been so careless with the alcohol? It seemed strange, although then again the little one inside the redhead's belly was so small that the conception must have been very recent. Perhaps early enough that no real symptoms of pregnancy had revealed themselves yet.

    Whatever the cause, Tiisha suddenly became a lot more forward in returning Akeya's advances, which the twilight dragoness had no objections to. She felt those soft fingers brushing against the exposed skin of her arm, and if her human form had a tail the tip would have been twitching. Instead Akeya just answered the other lady's movements by wrapping her free arm around her companion's waist, holding her close. "There is only one way to find out, although I suspect that you'll be pleasantly surprised." Akeya might most of the time be focused on other things, but when it came down to it she made sure that anyone she lay with walked away satisfied. If only to prove her skill to herself.

    Lifting the hand which was shackled to Tiisha's Akeya gently lifted the other woman's chin, then gave her a kiss which was both soft but still hungry. "Of course, my fiery lover." She purr-hissed. Her eyes shifted from gold to emerald, retaining their faint glow. "But we don't need any spectators for this. Hold on tight." Snapping her fingers once more, this time the move resulted in black smoke rising up from their joined shadow and wrapping around them. Within mere seconds the smoke dispersed into a flock of ravens, each fading away almost as quickly as they spread their wings.

    Akeya and Tiisha were nowhere to be seen, the only remnant of their presence being a pair of shackles which hit the ground with an audible clang. Not like either of the dragonesses needed those.

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    Post by Danny Tue 6 Apr 2021 - 3:18

    Are you CRAZY when all your friends are GHOSTS?

    A grin was on the pink haired man's face as he poked the nose of the woman. “We can meet in the park in the center of Crocus here. It’s not far from this party.” He had mused to the woman. As Tura had put a hand on his thigh, he raised an eyebrow and smirked to her. He wasn’t going to move while she was doing this. It was going to keep him going right then anyways.

    As he was dancing with the orange suggestively, and enjoying himself while at it, he noticed that Tura was being distracted by her half, having tapped her lightly to get her attention with his foot. When she did notice him, Danny was smirking to her while he danced with his orange. As he was writing on his board, and the orange was rubbed on his neck, a little confused about the juices going down his neck. He blushed a little and glanced down to the woman who was now nipping at him. His eyebrow rose before she was at his ear, and a cheeky smile was on his lips, but he had started to softly whine as he was told he couldn’t be eaten now as a snack. “I suppose you’re right…” He chuckles.

    After he had given the female his briefs, he was about to say something, when she started to freak out a little after the cuffs, Danny quickly twisted his hand to forcefully grab her hand and lace his fingers with hers. “Calm down…” He grumbled into her ear. “We can get the cuffs off so we can to go a room. Focus on my voice though.” He purrs as he slow dances with her, but he was close enough to sway his hips against hers. He twisted his hand down to grab Tura’s hand above the cuff and lead her hand to his chest, letting her feel him up a bit. “Imagine the cuffs being off on their own… and that we’re alone. Doesn’t that sound nice?” He glanced down to the cuff and saw it start to unclick from their wrists.

    His eyes went back towards Tura as he had a charmingly devilish grin to his face. He let go of her wrist and managed to grab the cuffs before they fell off completely, holding them up and lightly spinning around on his finger. “Look at what we have here…?” He sticks his tongue out to her. “Now what was this about needing me now? Is it still true?” He tossed the cuffs onto a nearby table and had his arm slink around Tura’s waist before he glanced around to notice where the door was at from their location, and raised an eyebrow to her. “My room isn’t too far from here, only at a nearby inn.” He smirks as he was slightly urging Tura to go with him.

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