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    A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline]

    King Gil
    King Gil

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    King of the Pride

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    A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline] Empty A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline]

    Post by King Gil 15th February 2016, 7:41 pm


    even though i do bad things


    such horrible things

    Crocus was bustling with life, the city of nobility and riches, even more lively than usual. It was the home of the supposed King and Queen of Fiore, but countless other noble families lived just outside of the grand castle in the heart of the city. One of the said noble families hosted a large ball every year, on the exact same day for the exact same reason.

    Valentines Day

    A day in which countless couples celebrated their so called love and affection for one another, a day filled with chocolates, flowers, and sweet words. A day that under normal circumstances would have disgusted Gil. He had no need for chocolates, or flowers as neither of them were lasting gifts, and sweet words were wasted upon him. It was a day that Gil Vessalius would typically balk at, the most he had ever celebrated was breaking a few hearts, and generously giving out one night stands. However, to some extent Gil was obligated, or generous enough to celebrate this Valentines Day with his lover, or at least that was the only word that he could use to mildly describe their strange relation. There would be no frivolous gifts from him to her, but at the least she would be treated better than any prior woman had been treated by him on Valentines Day. In fact he had put a surprising amount of thought into their activities for the night, provided that she had accepted the elegant invitation he had sent her.

    In fact, Gil has spent a surprising amount of time meticulously planning the evenings events. At first glance he was rather lazy in nature, preferring others to do things for him, but he himself was capable of accomplishing a lot if he put his mind to it. He had chosen this particular ball after careful contemplation. He had more than one goal for that night, as usual his aspirations were always high and plentiful. That particular ball was chosen strategically, as there was just enough "nobles" and people of importance to be somewhat worth his time, but not enough to bring about any pesky mages or Rune Knights to interfere. The attendee's all happened to be carrying certain titles or position, none of which they deserved, which was one of Gil's goals for the night. How dare they claim to be nobles when they were nothing short of peasants? He'd be sure to show them what true nobility looked like, and purge the pretenders. There was only one other person who might enjoy in such a festivity, and it just so happened to be his lover, that coincidentally happened to be the guild master of an infamous guild.

    Guild Master

    The man ran a hand through his blonde mane, the golden strands having grown out quite a bit since his last meeting with Janneline, despite seeming wild and untameable they still managed to sit just right. Since it was a somewhat formal ball he had shown up in formal attire, a wine colored collared shirt, with a dark tie to match, and of course dark slacks. Wardrobe and appearance weren't the only things that had changed about the man since their last meeting. Gil Vessalius had went from a guild member to a guild master in the course of a day. It was a strange but not unwelcome adjustment to his daily routine, and he was incredibly curious as to what sort of change this might bring about in not just his life but in his relation. Surely, she would adore his sudden rise to power as much as he. The two masters seemed to be cut from the same cloth, he desired power and beauty, both of which Janneline happened to fill, while in turn he was sure that she desired the same from him. Love was not what filled their relationship but rather desire, the dangerous consuming kind, it was hard to say if either of them were capable of loving someone as much as they loved themselves.

    Standing atop the staircase that lead into the mansion that would be hosting the Valentines Day party, Gil kept a watchful eye at the steady flow of carriages dropping off guests. None of them seemed to catch his eye, though Gil happened to catch more than a few pairs of eyes. He was handsome to say the least, but he had an air of importance about him, more so than any of the other guests could challenge. Instead they could only watch in reverence at the golden haired man, silent, and stoic as he peered through the crowd clearly looking for someone.
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    A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline] Ggg_by_treasureelf-d9i9e8s
    For my amusement:

    Janneline Ariel
    Janneline Ariel

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    A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline] Empty Re: A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline]

    Post by Janneline Ariel 23rd February 2016, 10:59 am

    we paint white roses red, each shade from a different person's head

    Social Parties were perhaps the most boring thing that existed on Earthland in Janneline Ariel's eyes.

    Ever since she was a child, those social meetings between the rich, noble families in Bellum had bored Janna to inmesurable points. She detested great crowds of people reunited in small spaces, the chatter and noise that the gathered people caused was too much of a bother to stand; reading books and learning about the other cultures was far more interesting and enjoyable than having to pretend you are pleased by someone's company for several hours, and stand the snobbish children of the archmages. Albeit Janneline's respect towards the Archmages, leaders of Bellum, was infinite, she did not have the same oppinion about their children, without doubt. Spoiled, little brats, the snobbish children of the Archmages only talked about how great and powerful they were for being the children of the leaders of Bellum. Many of them despised Janna, as everyone, even the very alchemists considered themselves as scientists rather than just mages; people that had hybrid knowledge from both sides, knowledge about the scientific beliefs and methods, and knowledge and posession of magic. Although their power and knowledge was infinite, Alchemists were often seen as the misfits of the society. The powerful misfits that no noble, Archmage, or anyone at all, should defy. Mostly if it was Erio LeBlanc.

    But, children were another topic. This was when Janna learned to hate children and not trust people at all, as she could easily see the cruelty they hid within which, mixed with the sheer arrogance that their lineage gave them, made an impossible mix of an irritating kid that is capable of making one hate the world. Anyways, the point is; Janna hates social meetings or parties. And most of all, she hates Valentines' Day.

    Love can destroy you. This is the only doctrine Janna followed, aside from her beliefs about liberty. Love was, according to Janneline, the greatest plague Humanity has ever caught and passed on to other species, an illness which slowly withered you, making you suffer a little bit every single day, mostly if you were madly in love. Those who were unfortunate enough as to be madly in love suffered every second that their other half was away, they felt broken every time that their other half avoided them. It was a plague that killed humans slowly, rotting them on the inside, making their every day life a living hell. Hence, Janneline had forbidden herself to fall in love after her "heart" got shattered once already. Even though she lacked a heart. Literally. She, foolish creature, had fallen in the web of lies of a handsome human, who had caught her with his good looks and foolish attitude, only to abandon her after no time, and avoid her for months, coming back with a pitiful excuse. He was blessed by the Gods, though. He had gotten alive from Janneline's grasp somehow, getting away with a simple slap on the cheek as a revenge for all he had done. Back in those times, Janna was way more merciful, and less psychotic than she is nowadays. Oh, poor of Elijah if he had the nerve to appear.

    Yet, there she was, in an elegant, yet revealing dark dress, sitting inside the elegant Carriage that Savage Skull owned, heading towards a social meeting, about to meet her "lover". Now, most would think that Janneline is one hell of a bipolar creature; at first, she hated social meetings, yet now she is about to attend one, and she had a lover, although she had forbidden herself to fall in love. Where exactly was the logic in all this? The explanation was, as weird as it seemed, fairly simple. It was not every day that you, mostly if you were a dark mage, were invited to a social meeting of such dimensions; a party where even the King and Queen of Fiore would attend. A party filled with so many big fishes of the politics of Fiore and the nearby countries, that normal citizens would appear unique in the crowd. If they were invited, of course. The party was, obviously, mostly reserved for the members of the High Society of Fiore and other countries, not for the plebs. And Diana Emilia LeBlanc, daughter of Erio LeBlanc, was quite important in her own country. It was a shame that the king did not realise that, Erio LeBlanc's daughter was a complete sociopath and a psychopath; and was, on top of everything, the Guild Master of one of the best known Dark Guilds in Fiore. Nor did they know, that she was attending this party not only to enjoy a night out with someone who was special to her; but also in order to collect some rather useful information from the world of politics. After all, every single piece of information she gathered would be incredibly useful to her in the war.

    Because Janneline Ariel was about to declare war to Fiore.

    And, Gil. Ah, Gil, the arrogant blonde that had managed to create some sort of incredible bond with Janneline that night they met. The two of them were birds of a feather; literally. Although Gil was a human, and Janna was an artificial human, the two of them were literally the same in terms of attitude; arrogant, egoistic and cruel, both of them were literal copies one of the another one. The very second they met, they managed to get along; thanks to their personalities, they fit together so well, their vision on the world was the same, and their desires, oh their desires and dreams, they were far too similar. It was evident from the very start that the two of them were pretty much made for eachother, and, today, there was something supperior than love between them, more important than the desire, yet at the same time, so mystical. They were not like any normal couple; they were supperior. Much supperior.

    Snapping out of her thoughts, Janneline looked away from her lap and out of the window, the sudden light surprising her. She was not used to the always flashy and illuminated Crocus. The noise, it bothered her. The endless chatter of the people passing by countered the eternal silence of Savage Skull, so calm and perfect. Definetly; Janneline was not used to the noise of humans, nor the flashing lights. Always out, travelling, or closed in the eternally dark and silent Savage Skull halls, the Guild Master felt irritated and amazed by how flashy the capital city was, mostly at Valentine's Day, although, it was logical that it'd be so flashy, considering how important this day was for human beings. Weird, humans were weird, definetly. Descending from the carriage, her sharp heels hitting the pavement beneath, Janneline looked around, heading towards the immense mansion that hosted the event. She could feel multiple eyes on her, she could hear envious women criticizing her outfit for beeing far too revaling and dark, conversation of bachelors saying how they'd like a woman like Janneline in their bed. Janna fit perfectly in the ideal of beauty that had been established in nearly every society unconsciously milennias ago. Short, blonde, with icy blue eyes, Janna was the type of woman everyone desired secretly, yet not many could have. In fact; only one could have her. And she was already his.

    Due to her height, Janna easily got lost in the crowd. Albeit she wore heels, her height, being the eternal problem, made her get lost easily among the tall strangers, lost in a sea of suits and dresses, her ears filled with the conversations of the humans surrounding her. Oh, the topics they discussed were always the same. Money. Sex. Lies. Those were the topics the big fishes of society discussed, even at public events like this. Well... "Public". Janneline was honestly discussed by the mentality of the supposed defenders of the order and justice of Fiore, who, in their free time, dedicated themselves to paying hundreds of women to get laid; lied to the citizens only to make their riches grow exponentially, and only cared about money. Because contrary to popular belief, money could buy everything. Even happiness. A massacre would ocurr there, by the end of the night.

    Finally though, she managed to make her way through the staircase, without being stomped by the atonishing crowd. Shaking her head slightly, the Savage Skull Guild Master sighed, hoping that her hair, her dress, everythign was still different after the stampede she had had to go through. Humans were like animals, honestly. Where had the good behaviour gone? Even Janna, who was a dark mage, avoided to behave incorrectly in public. Perhaps Bellum was supperior to Fiore, after all, even in trivial matters such as behaviour. For once, the blonde had let her hair down; flowing like a waterfall of light, her strawberry blonde hair was not caught in a pair of pig tails, which was the childish hairstyle Janna used to wear her hair in. She had a minimal amount of make-up on her already perfect face; and her dress, so dark, mysterious, yet elegant, was perfection. In other words, Janna was perfect, regardless of the angle. She was flawless; at least physically.

    Mentally, not so much.

    Then, she saw him. There, waiting for her on top of the stair case. Gil was handsome as always, with his rebellious blonde hair and the arrogant look in his eyes, which matched the one in Janna's. Taking a deep breath, the petite girl headed towards him, the sound of her heels impacting against the floor beneath her lost among the endless chatter surrounding the couple. She could catch fragments of conversations, as she walked, where women would criticize her, and show openly their desire to have Gil. What a shame. He was hers.

    Good evening, sweetheart~ Janna's voice was sweet and almost childish, with an unhidden tone of arrogance in it though. She was psychotic; charming at first sight, with her weird mania of calling people "muffin/sweetheart", yet insane at a second sight, as within a matter of seconds she would try to separate your head from your neck. It has been a while, hasn't it?

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    A Royal Night Out [Event/Janneline] 3lpUorN

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