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    Deliver My Letter!

    Azurius Tade
    Azurius Tade

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    Deliver My Letter! Empty Deliver My Letter!

    Post by Azurius Tade 7th January 2016, 10:41 pm


    ateri took was passing through town on her way out from Hargeon to Rose Garden, needing to grab some supplies that otherwise couldn't be obtained in the wonderful port town of Hargeon. The reason she needed to get to Rose Garden so badly was because she'd found this weird book in the restricted section of Lamia Scale Guild Hall's Grand Library. It was black mostly, with some gold accents around it. The book had a leather casing, and everywhere the name of the book or its author was supposed to be written someone had gone and scratched it off. She'd also gone through some troubles in that damned restricted section to get the book out. It was an ingenious plan really, all she had to do was take the book and toss it out the door and then jump out the same door before it could close and the two Restricted Section golem, guardian thingies could laser shot her to hell and back. Though her supposed to be short journey through Magnolia had been extended a full day by some kid who had bully problems, Kateri hadn't been stressing about it since she still had her book. Even after taking yet another break from it all, having been asked to help some guy with his photo shoot, Kateri wasn't minding the distractions too much. She found them to be a very welcomed thing during her travels, often using them to keep her mind off her worries for the guild which was decreasing in number every other week. These little side things also helped to keep her wallet filled, which let her keep her supplies up for her next job.

    After leaving the east forest, Kateri found herself looking at a rather melancholy looking fellah who was looking at a flyer. She walked over, leaning over his shoulder to the point where her hair drooped into his peripherals and startled him. "Whacha lookin' at?" she said with a bit of joy in her voice. The man felt uneasy looking at someone who was so young, and unafraid to just randomly approach people. Even with that feeling, the man passed her the flyer. Kateri spun around and leaned on the back rest of the bench. "So... who's this chick?" she asked nonchalantly. "A long time friend... who I'm unable to see." he said sadly, not knowing why he was talking to her. "Why not?" she asked. "She's famous. I have a letter for her, but her managers read all her letters and filter mine out. Her security won't let any non-famous people get through either." he said with a defeated voice. "So what if someone were to sneak back stage and get it in for you?" Kateri said with a smile. The man lit up like Rose Garden on Christmas. Just like that, Kateri ended up spending an entire night in Magnolia yet again. She folded the letter into a paper plane and used her ice magic to send some cold wind to make the letter land directly in the woman's hands. The man paid her, and she went to go find a nice tree to sleep in.

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