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    A letter Delivered by Braile (Deliver My Letter!| Solo Job)


    A letter Delivered by Braile (Deliver My Letter!| Solo Job) Empty A letter Delivered by Braile (Deliver My Letter!| Solo Job)

    Post by Guest 2nd May 2015, 2:46 pm

    The soft feeling of paper rested within the sleeve of the Black Rose fox. Her face cleared of hair so that she may see everyone better. Braile walked through Magnolia wearing her usual garments which included her robe and underclothing. She was assigned the task of delivering a letter to a well known celebrity from this country, though from being out of the country her entire life until a month ago, she had never heard of this celebrity.

    She pulled the envelope out of her sleeve and looked at the name the letter was addressed to, which read as 'Romero Capague'. A strange name for people in this country, though they probably say the same to her about Bosco. She flipped to the other side of the letter to read the name it was read as [I]'Julius Montelette.'[/color] Again another strange name from this foreign country. The instructions from Julius were simple enough though, get to the stage where Romero would be performing and give him this letter without getting caught by security. That was probably most likely a case where they would confiscate the letter and never turn it into its rightful owner.

    After hours of walking she finally arrived at Magnolia Town. The town was a site for sure, a beautiful place. One that was certain to hold many celebrities for sure. If she were still part of her old syndicate, Braile would probably go on a looting spree here and see how much jewels she could make in a single day. But that was not the point of being here and the fact that she was trying to turn a new leaf in this country made her shake the idea out of her head. She stepped off of the hill and followed the path into the city.

    Their were crowds of people flooding the street, apparently Romero was a talented singer in this country and people from far and wide have come to this town to see him. That's probably why Julius had to get a guild member in order to deliver a letter, especially if it were because they were old friends if not more. She did her best to weave through the rush of fans towards the backstage, that would prove difficult.

    By the time she had reached the backstage entrance the sound of Romero singing filled the air, though muffled by the screams of thousands of fan boys and girls alike. At the entrance were two guards standing by, pretty large ones at that. They were probably as tall as Braile, but much more muscular. She walked up to them with a plan already in motion in her head. "Hello, a man over there stole my purse! Can you please retrieve it for me? Im too afraid to do it myself." She pointed to a random man in the crowd and one of the bouncers went to go talk to him.

    She smiled as that got rid of one, but that left the other one and she was home free to hand him the letter after the show. She went up to him and whispered "I will give you a sack of jewels if you let me back stage." He held out his hand with a straight face as Braile handed him a heavy sack about the size of his palm. He let her through and she left the letter on Romero's dressing room table, hoping he would get it. On her way out she passed by the guard again and she gave him a wink and held up the sack that she had given him earlier. He felt around his waist for it, but to no avail. He tried to give chase as well but by the time he realized she had taken the pouch back she had already faded into the crowd.

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