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    Deliver My Letter!


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    Completed Deliver My Letter!

    Post by Cassiopeia 8th July 2019, 1:31 pm

    Cassiopeia's latest Job was a laughably simple endeavor, hardly worth the time but well worth the Jewels. There was a man in Magnolia town who wished to deliver a letter to a childhood sweetheart. Normally, that sort of thing simply went through the post offices. However, in this case he wanted it delivered in person, and that childhood friend was the most popular performer in the city... and endlessly surrounded by an entourage of fans and staff. Not that the Kaijin minded, no task was too difficult, especially one that paid so handsomely for such easy work.

    With letter in hand, Cassiopeia made her way to the theater, which was admittedly packed to the brim in attendance. Security stood around the doors collecting tickets, as the Kaijin watched from afar. She had no mind for stealth, it was more or less an impossibility when she was taller than anyone else present and boasted a massive reptilian tail. Making her way around to the backside of the building though, as luck would have it a large touring pile of equipment was being offloaded from the back of a magic truck. Sound equipment, instruments, that sort of thing. Cassiopeia grinned to herself, quickly devising a plan to get inside.

    The Kaijin watched and waited until the burly stage workers had made their way inside with their latest load of equipment. She then quickly walked up to their truck, looking rather purposeful as she did to avoid suspicion. Slinging a large box over each arm, and a third smaller one coiled in her tail, Cassiopeia pushed open the door and simply headed inside. She didn't make it far down the hallway before she was stopped by a man. "Hey you." He said simply, and Cassiopeia silently cursed that she'd been caught. "I ain't seen you around? You new here? You know where you're going with that stuff right?"

    "Yeah... this is my first gig." Cassiopeia lied calmly to the man. "I was told it's all going backstage. They change everything around at the last minute though. That still the game plan?" She asked in a mildly annoyed tone, shifting the weight of the boxes in her arms to be more comfortable. When the man didn't respond immediately she feigned further irritation. "Well? We don't have all night to unload, show's on a strict deadline."

    The man recoiled slightly. "Yeah, good point. You got a lot of initiative for a rookie, and that freaky tail of yours looks mighty strong. But yeah the stuffs all going backstage." Cassiopeia nodded in agreement, shuffling past the man with her load of supplies. She made her way down the halls, silently looking for the dressing room of her employer's love interest. She found it, marked with a gold star. Setting down one of her boxes, she pushed open the door with a free hand.

    "Sorry to bother you Ma'am. Got a letter for you. Boss said to drop it off on my way down, dunno who it's from." Cassiopeia said, acting dumb and holding out the letter in hand. The performer just let out a sight, rising from her seat and snatching the letter from the Kaijin's hand. Her eyes went wide as she opened it though, and Cassiopeia gave her a knowing look before shutting the door. Now she only had to drop off these heavy boxes, sneak out, then go collect her reward. Easy as cake.

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