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    Suriel Empty Suriel

    Post by Azurius Tade 5th March 2016, 11:14 pm

    Suriel KeYeA0z

    Suriel Tro057y
    Suriel is essentially Azurius's servant while he is conducting his work in Earthland. However, she is not obligated to remain at his side. She had received word that he was going to leave heaven for what may be eternity, but was not being banished. Out of curiosity, Suriel had obtained permission to leave for a brief period of time in order to assist in examining the humans. While her leave of absence was for humans, Suriel had decided to examine Azurius and ensure he truly wasn't a fallen angel. Upon learning that he truly wasn't fallen, and that his heart remained that of a holy angel, she had decided to make herself known to him.

    Suriel is known as an Overseer Angel, or an angel who watches over her people and safe guards them while within heaven. Her powers are extensive, as is her knowledge of all things human. She was one of the first angels to ask for free will, and like all those who came before and after her with the exception of Azurius, she was declined. Due to not having entirely free will, Suriel was never able to harbor and anger towards her creator and was subject to following its orders. Though, while spending time with Azurius, Suriel finds herself developing a personality even though she was given no such permissions. Suriel is an extremely crafty individual, a true master of deception when she's required to be. She's patient with almost everyone, but there are a select few (Azurius) who manages to get on her every last nerve in record time. She holds her duties to the highest degree, but at times finds Azurius "forcing" her to relax and shirk her duties. She's extremely caring, to the point where she'd show sympathy to anyone regardless of their affiliation if she saw them get injured. However, she would watch happily as Azurius got injured, and sometimes even be the one to smack him around a bit. Though, if asked while Azurius wasn't around, she would express that she feels envious towards him. While she wouldn't know the word for that emotion, she would describe it. She considers it unfair that she's vastly older than Azurius, and has proven herself a million times over to the creator, but is still denied the right to free will. For that, she feels less horrible when she sees Azurius getting a bit injured, but not harmed to the point where she herself can vicariously feel the pain.

    As Suriel does possess wings, she's able to fly just as Azurius does. Her wings have no special features such as increased speed, or separate durability. Hitting her wings deals damage to Suriel as they're part of her being. Suriel is able to change the color of each individual feather at will, and even cause the wings to dissipate entirely, making her look human. She constantly carries around a book that contains the Holy Archive, which is a grand collection of knowledge of all things. The exception to this archive is that she cannot know anything about other PC's that Azurius didn't receive OOC permission to know. Suriel also is able to speak all languages regardless of their origin with the exception of those PC's have asked (OOC) not to know (as a courtesy). Suriel can lift over 300,000Kg (no effect on damage in PvP) and can smack with an effective force of 500,000 newtons, also has no effect on damage in PvP. She can also communicate telepathically with Azurius, as well as directly transfer information between her and others through osculation. The kiss produces a minor aphrodesiac that makes those on the receiving end not want to pull away, but doesn't make them get too frisky. Naturally this is a plot thing and not an actual PvP use thing, so whether or not it works on players is up to the receiving end if it is a player, which the kiss would have to be pre-planned in the first place. She also can read 10,000 college text books in 1 hour.

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    Suriel Empty Re: Suriel

    Post by Akeya 8th March 2016, 4:48 am

    Suriel Approv10


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