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    Celestial Angel

    Azurius Tade
    Azurius Tade

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    Celestial Angel Empty Celestial Angel

    Post by Azurius Tade 2nd March 2016, 3:34 pm

    Celestial Angel
    Secondary Magic: Direct Link
    Holder Type Magic
    In life, Azurius Tade used very simple magic. He imbued his weapons with magic power in order to strengthen his attacks. However, in death, he found his magical capabilities to be considerably greater. Upon becoming an Angel, Azurius was granted the ability to contract with Aries, the Celestial Spirit. This was the stepping stone to Azurius becoming a Celestial Wizard. In the hundreds of thousands of years thereafter, Azurius found himself coming across multitudes of other spirits. Some of these spirits asked for Azurius to contract with them, others thanks Azurius for his assistance and went their ways.

    For those Celestial Spirits who remained at his side, they became great friends with Azurius and some had trained with him. Those that trained with him all inherited the Holy/Purifying properties of the angel, and those who trained in length with Azurius grew stronger along side him. As a result of this training, the spells of each summon are imbued with Holy/Purifying properties and can only be consumed by Holy element Slayers. Holy element, and Light element are different, so the slayer must be specifically Holy element (primary element) in order to consume it. Likewise, on a Holy Celestial hybrid slayer can consume the Celestial Spirits as they too are partly Holy. When a Celestial Spirit is consumed, it isn't actually killed but rather the magic binding that spirit to the current plane of existence is consumed which in turn forces the spirit to return to the Celestial Spirit World. Since Azurius is an angel, he has a pair of feathered wings that he may call on and materialize at any moment he needs. These wings cannot be destroyed, but any damage dealt to them is in turn dealt to Azurius as they are part of his being. Azurius may also change the color of each individual one of his feathers at will if he so chooses.

    Holy element prevents the abilities of summons from being consumed by every slayer.
    Use of multiple spirits allows for greater versatility.
    Use of multiple spirits allows Azurius to have a team, even while technically running a solo mission.

    Holy element prevents any spell from being Unholy, as the two properties conflict each other. Use of an 'Unholy' element would create a Neutral element otherwise known as 'Non-Element' or it would create a Chaos Element with slightly reduced stats.
    Use of multiple spirits places strain on the body. Use of too many spirits would cause potentially horrific effects, and possibly death if done for prolonged periods of time.
    Use of summoning hinders the mage slightly, as they have less spell slots for spells that they personally can cast. It also places the summoner in the position where they must rely on their summons, instead of being self sufficient.
    Having multiple summons places the summoner, and the summons themselves, in a position where they must constantly coordinate with each other to avoid tripping each other up. If just one of them misses a beat, it's likely the entire group would have to pay for it.

    Custom Lineage

    Blessings of The Chosen
    In a time when darkness ruled the world, Azurius Tade was one of the few members of a special set of humans able to control the energy of the world. He was one of even fewer who had learned to master this control, and even fewer still who used it to take up arms against the forces of darkness. While others in his classification had chosen to aid the darkness, Azurius took up a shotgun and a pistol, and poured all his power into them. During a terrible battle, Azurius was killed by the forces of darkness, and his weapons destroyed entirely, scattering their energy across time and space. Azurius’s soul was taken, molded into that of an Angel, one of heaven’s greatest and most terrible weapons, and as such he was forced to release his former memories. In exchange for the memories and the power in his weapon, Azurius gained power beyond that of the average angel, he gained free will… the one power his god had never once presented his emissaries. Azurius was also granted a multitude of blessings upon creation, and upon being sent to Earthland to assist in the battle against evil, he was given a promise that over time he would be blessed further, with a maximum of 5 blessings.

    Before gaining power, Azurius was a great and powerful Maj. In Fiore's tongue, it means Wielder of Magic, or a Mage. He was capable of consuming his own element, and all magic imbued with it. He was able to store great deals of magic in his body, and regenerated it at rapid speeds while around allies, resting, or in certain areas. In his current life, that of a Seraph, Azurius is able to consume Holy or Purifying magic, store up to 150 more magic power, and regenerates MP at a rate of 3% per post. The storing of MP does not mean he starts at his maximum, but rather, he starts with the standard amount and must build it up over time. He gains +1% MP regeneration per ally he has (summons do not count), which caps at 5%, but while performing jobs inside Holy Grounds, Kyoka, or Hargeon Town this is increased to 10%. The ability for the MP regen to increase beyond 3%, as well as the ability to store more than the normal amount of MP is limited only to non-PvP occasions.

    D Rank: Blessings of Fortune (Passive)
       • Azurius was blessed with the ability to find immense valuables, currency, and even have an occasional spat of amazing dumb luck (plot purpose, no PvP implications). During jobs, he is able to either gain +100% jewel reward, find an Armour/Magic Item/Weapon with the grade depending on the rank of the job, or he may have all players gain +50% jewel reward and he would gain +25%. The desired reward for the job must be listed at the beginning of the job. Items obtained CANNOT be traded between players (even alt/main), but they CAN be traded to The Armoury or any official shop to gain 50% of the item(s)'s value.
                   • Armour/Weapon/Item Grades:
                      D Rank Jobs - Nothing, but can find 5k Jewel
                      C Rank Jobs - 1x Strong Rank
                      B Rank Jobs - 1x Strong(+) Rank
                      A Rank Jobs - 1x Legendary Rank
                      S/SS Rank Jobs - 1x Legendary(+) Rank
                      10Y Jobs - 1x Legendary(+) OR 75,000 Jewel
                      100Y Jobs - 1x Artifact OR 200,000 Jewel

    C Rank: Blessings of Power (Passive)
       • Azurius was provided the ability to utilize a bonus attack, specific to his Holy magic that would enable him to be more effective in his mission. Azurius is able to register 1x Holy Element signature spell that is equal to his rank, max at S Rank. HOWEVER, all NPC's that would die at his hands are instead left incapacitated, and are protected from being killed by him. Players cannot be targeted by this signature spell, and are thus blessed with immunity. (Signature Spell must be registered with primary magic)

    B Rank: Blessings of Talent (Passive)
       • Azurius is able to summon +1x entity to the field but will suffer a -50% speed debuff while it is out. Additionally, the extra summon will enter the field with half its HP (for PvP).
    A Rank: Blessings of Gale (Passive/Active)
      • Azurius has his base speed increased by +50% while flying. He is able to flap his wings (once per 3 posts) to send a 10 foot long crescent shaped Wind attack at 1 opponent that deals damage equal to Azurius's rank (max S Rank). The active part of this ability may be used a maximum of 5 times, and costs 50% damage rank MP per use. If the effect of "Blessings of Talent" are in use (Azurius has 1 more than the normal amount of summons out) then the fight buff is reduced to +25% which essentially cuts the effect of the 'Blessing' in half instead of canceling it out entirely. The wind attack has a maximum range of 100 meters.

    S Rank: Blessings of Wrath (Active)
       • Azurius is granted a secondary state of being where he is able to access 1 spell of each rank (including H), HOWEVER he is unable to use his other spells in this state. He is unable to use any of his Unique Abilities, and cannot use his normal Primary OR Secondary spells. These spells must be included with either Azurius's Primary or Secondary magic application(s). The state of being, known as "Archangel Form" can last no longer than 10 posts, and be accessed once per thread. While in that form, Azurius deals 2x Damage to "Unholy" beings, fallen angels, and dark entities (not guild mages), but deals 25% less damage to Holy beings, normal angels, and light entities.

    A set of highly powerful abilities that are unlocked at each rank.

    Unique Abilities

    Celestial Master - Azurius is able to consume Celestial Spirits, and all Celestial element spells. In the case of Celestial Spirits, as stated in the description, what is actually being consumed is the connection between that Spirit and the current realm the mage(s) are in. This forces the spirit to return to the Celestial Spirit World. The only Celestial Spirits that can be consumed are those Summoned during the thread. Azurius cannot use this against Player Character Celestials, but can use them on Celestial Spirits they summon.
    Creation Master - Azurius is able to create any object he desires. As the heavens are home to all elements, Azurius is able to create nearly perfect replicas of objects. However, if a Weapon/Armour is created (or re-created) it will have NO abilities, but will be equal in durability and damage to a requip of his rank. Weapons/Armour can only be created once per 4 posts during PvP using this ability, but have no limit on how many times in the thread this can be done.

    Creation Master - Azurius is able to create any Creature he desires. As the heavens are home to all elements that could possibly know what's inside a creation, Azurius has no limits. However, Azurius must know the components, and the exact quantities of them in order to create the creature. Additionally, these creatures he creates have HP equal to half of a Normal summon of Azurius's rank. These creatures do not have any active or passive abilities. During PvP, only one creature may be summoned per 4 posts but there is no limit to how many times it may occur for the entire thread. All creatures created take up a Summoning Slot during PvP.

    Holy Archive - Azurius is able to manifest a type of console in front him that has information on all that he wishes to know. However, information regarding PC's is limited to what Azurius has seen first hand, or been told about directly from the individual. As an exploit to this exception, an individual could give Azurius false information and the archive would store it automatically, leaving Azurius to decipher fact from fiction.

    Angelic Touch - Those touched by Azurius, friend or foe, will have all health troubles aside from those they've earned themselves healed. Broken bones, heart complications, sickness, plague, failing organs, stroke, and even birth defects are all healed by Azurius placing hands on a target. Azurius may even undo death 1 time per thread, resurrecting the target with 25% of their max HP and 20% of their max MP. However, the target will find him/herself with all of their spells and Unique Active Abilities placed on cooldown even if they were never cast. Spells that were already on cooldown will have the cooldown restarted. If Azurius dies, and this ability was not used previously in the thread, it will automatically be used for him.

    Celestial Angel Cioqezw
    Golden Zodiac Key
    Ranks Up With Azurius
    10 Post Duration
    11 Post Cooldown
    The first sign of the Celestial Zodiac, as well as the on who
    guards the gate of the Celestial Words. Aries, while she may
    not look it, is a somewhat shy individual who prefers to stay
    passively in the battle than to actively engage enemies. She
    boasts the most base health of any summoning class, even
    greater than an immaculate summon, as well as more melee
    damage capability. While under contract with Azurius, Aries
    remains as far back as Azurius wants, and only enters full on
    melee combat when Azurius is in trouble himself. As the first
    Celestial Spirit Azurius was contracted with, they share the
    strongest attraction to each other; so much so that they can
    be confused as lovers on some occasions, even though they
    both claim they're merely good friends, family at best. Aries
    has a natural ability to enter Azurius's realm for an unlimited
    period of time while he's not in combat, but once it starts she
    immediately leaves until properly called on. She also boasts
    a pair of feathered wings that yield no bonuses. While not in
    combat, Aries doesn't have the traditional ram horns you'd
    expect to see. When combat initiates, her horns materialize
    whether she wants them to or not.

    Active Ability - Sign of The End
    Duration - 10 Posts
    Usage - Once Per Summon
    Aries calls out "Close! Gate of Existence!" causing all mages including Azurius, to be unable to cast spells for 10 posts. If a summon is on the field, it's Active Ability will be disabled, as well as the active ability of all weapons, pets, armour, and even Lineages and Unique Abilities. Naturally, this also includes Azurius's active abilities. Spells 1 rank above this spell cost 2x
    the MP to cast, but can still be cast. Spells 2 ranks above this spell cost 25% more MP to cast. Spells 3 ranks above this are not effected in the least by this spell. Additionally, the passive
    effects of: Summons, Armour, Weapons, Unique Abilities, and Lineages are not effected at all. While this effect is in place, all MP regen is shut off, including Azurius's MP Regen. This has an effective range of 40 meters, and can be extended by 5 meters by having Azurius pour +1% MP per 5 meters into the spell.

    Passive Ability - Sign of the Firearm

    Aries is able to materialize any ranged weapon she or Azurius can think of. Naturally, Azurius must know the inner workings of the weapon in order for her to materialize it. Aries is the only one who may wield the weapons she creates, if anyone, even Azurius takes the weapon it will instantly vanish.

    Active Ability - Sign of the Ram
    Duration - Instant
    Usage - 5 times per Summon
    Aries glows bright golden and launches at an opponent that's within 50 meters of her at 200mph, ramming her skull into the target to deal Summon Rank Magic damage. Opponents equal to or below the rank of Aries are knocked back ten feet, as they
    just got rammed.

    'Active Ability - Sign of the End' is basically the end of all magical capabilities, turning the fight into a battle of attrition.
    'Passive Ability - Sign of the Firearm' allows Aries to be extremely versatile in combat.

    'Active Ability - Sign of the End' doesn't exempt Aries from its effect. Nor does it exclude Azurius, or any ally from its effect.
    'Active Ability - Sign of the End' cannot be shut off, once it's in use, that's it; so the ability must be used tactically.
    'Passive Ability - Sign of the Firearm' is limited to only Ranged weapons (bows, guns, cannons etc...) BUT is also limited further by what Azurius Tade knows how to make.

    Signature Spells
    Blessings of Life:

    Azurius's Spells

    D Rank Spells
    Vince, the Guy:
    Celestial Gate:
    Sybil, the Seer:
    Pyro, the Living Flame:

    C Rank Spells
    Sign of Amnesty:
    Nature's Blessing:

    B Rank Spells
    Sepharian, the Life Guardian:
    Sterba, the Death Guardian:
    Teranius, the Nature Guardian:

    Proof of Spell Slots:
    +1x C Rank Slot - Direct Link
    +1x B Rank Slot - Direct Link

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