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    Veterans, War & Frozen Rocks [EVENT | Mura & Mythica]

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

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    The Ghost Slayer

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    Veterans, War & Frozen Rocks [EVENT | Mura & Mythica] - Page 2 Empty Re: Veterans, War & Frozen Rocks [EVENT | Mura & Mythica]

    Post by Mura Kensho 3rd September 2021, 1:17 pm

    It… it killed all of the guards around them, like a violent beast mauling down its prey. That couldn’t be her… s-she’d- no, she was possessed! How come he hadn’t noticed, then?!? Surely, it would’ve been clear as day to sense the presence of that thing inside of her all this time?! Mythica… w-what was that? Did she know of it? How come he didn’t know? Maybe, it was some kind of curse? But what on earth could’ve caused it, and for what purpose other than the dread and destruction it laid out?

    Oh shit, it was focusing on him now. All the Pergrandean guards, the swordsmen and psychics, they were brutally torn apart. And his words… they… they didn’t reach her…

    He couldn’t hear her. She wasn’t responding to him… and the giant hound was charging an orb of mana in its maw. He had to get away from it-!


    … He was too late. The expansion of black mana had raptured through his skin and flesh, but somehow, he was still standing. His arms had been crossed, and the Battle Control armor was used as a shield to little effect. His gi and garments were in flakes. This… t-terrible energy was breaking his will down. He had to weaken the beast, or it would end up killing him in its disastrous march.

    It was uncalled for, unpredictable and full of power, but it was huge and easy to spot. Aiming his blade forward, he thrusted it wildly and caused a vacuum wave of greedy mana to grab at any adjacent mana that made the beast’s form and ripped it off on its track.

    But he quickly dropped down his mana-infused blade… Mura was crying. What if she was still in there? What if she was feeling pain now? His Magic was long-lasting against his opponents and their mental states, the close knots between flesh and spirit, and he couldn’t make himself do any more to her. The beast would have to run out of mana another way…

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    Veterans, War & Frozen Rocks [EVENT | Mura & Mythica] - Page 2 Empty Re: Veterans, War & Frozen Rocks [EVENT | Mura & Mythica]

    Post by Mythica 17th December 2021, 6:29 pm

    Through crimson shadow Mura desperately tried to stay in the fight, though it was no secret the enormous negative energy coming from the hellhound was taking its toll on the shaman. Not to mention the intense emotions that must have been running through his body at the same time, turning this battle into an intense struggle. Though the wave of darkness obliterated nearly everything else, Mura was able to resist the black mana. Something the blood wolf had not expected. Seeing him still standing only served fo enrage the beast more, letting out a blood curdling howl of frustration. Through gnashing teeth the monster prepared to charge the swordsmen directly, stomping wildly as its enormous tail waved above its body, red lightning appearing through the darkened clouds. Soon enough it did, sprinting towards Mura with only hate and pain in its eyes.

    The black stone was kicked up in a flurry of dark dust, while Mura’s spell seemed to cause the great beast to lose its footing! The mana vacuum from his blade was sudden, giving the monster little time to react before it felt the mana from its body getting sucked away. It rolled on the ground before attempting to regain its footing, growling in pain as it struggled to fight off the unorthodox magic. It seemed almost paralyzed, though the blood wolf was strong enough to get back on its feet, the spell prevented it from moving forwards! All it could do was stare Mura down while it slowly struggled to reach him. At the same time shadows moved in the darkness around them…

    When Mura’s emotions took over, he could no longer keep his grip and the spell was released! In some cruel twist of fate, the love Mythica felt for her husband was masked by this monster’s unending rage. Whatever it was, it could not match the tears he wept for her. All it wanted was death. However in a stroke of luck it seemed as though the spell had temporarily weakened the beast. When Mura dropped his sword the wolf mirrored it and slumped to the ground breathing heavily as the dark magic in the air around them swirled to the hound, attempting to replenish the mana Mura had taken. Though while Mythica’s shadow was currently out, Mura would soon sense malevolent forces behind. First came the screeching as black and red corrupted beings rushed at the swordsman! They took on all sorts of forms, many of which looked to be corrupted imperial soldiers, while many others appeared to be twisted versions of animals. It would obvious this was the work of the evil magic the monster released, and something that would have happened to Mura had he not been strong enough to resist the initial wave…

    The corrupted beings seemed feral, making no use out of magic aside from that of which transformed them. They attacked with purely melee strikes, though their numbers seemed to make up for their lack of range or individual power. However many of the corruptions seemed to run at Mura from the direction of the downed hellhound. The dark cloud of magic was obviously healing the creature but it was clear that it wasn’t a quick process. Something the corruptions seemed to be aware of, and would make every effort they could to block the shaman from his wife…


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