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    U N I O N (Private/Mura/Mythica)


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    U N I O N (Private/Mura/Mythica) Empty U N I O N (Private/Mura/Mythica)

    Post by Ahote 20th December 2018, 5:21 pm

    The early morning air was crisp and morning dew could still be seen in the glimmer of the sunshine on verdant patches of grass and woods of oak. It was the ordinary morning for the townspeople of Magnolia, but to the messy-haired Giovanni, it was a sight like no other. The sunrise was brighter and uplifting than the ones in Lavanitir Port Town, and every time he'd behold it he'd feel an abrupt sense of tranquility rivaled by no other town. At the moment the sunshine embraced the town, the bone-breaking of dials being twisted on released waves of balmy heat from kitchen ovens from building to building down a homey avenue in Magnolia Town. Bread was baked, chickens were butchered, fish came back to shops in buckets and small crates full of ice. But none garnered more than a glance from the hazelnut eyes of Giovanni Tesoro, who was in town with the much feistier Mythica.

    Even with such variety in cuisine, as some people managed to call it, nothing seemed more appetizing to the famished Giovanni than a light and fluffy omelet, with brightly colored bell peppers, dices of ham, and fresh Romanian tomatoes sprinkled on top of it all. In fact, he was so infatuated with this desire that he became visibly invigorated with finding one. His gaze would dart right to left, restaurant to cafe, but only energetic early birds and older women obstructed his view. He shrugged with delightfully sighed, "Are you hungry at all, Mythica?"


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