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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony

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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony Empty Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony

    Post by Mura Kensho 17th March 2021, 12:28 pm

    Hehe, so this was kind of funny.

    It had been roughly over 2 years since Mura and Mythica exchanged vows… okay, it was heavily one-sided back then given it having been a true shotgun wedding, but the ring was put on way back then. And now, 2 years later, they actually behaved and treated each other like a true couple. Mura had grown affectionate, offering his body and soul to his spouse through all means. Life looked less grim with a loving partner by your side, and Mura’s eyes began to sparkle more and more with each and every day that went by, knowing that Mythica was just as eager to rejoin back at home as he was.

    So imagine the speechless look on his face when he read the mail sent to his residence at the outskirts of Magnolia Town…

    A new rule persisted that civilians of Fiore were officially registered as married, which - obviously - wasn’t the case for the two M’s. Hell, Mura hadn’t even let his guildmates know of it due to how confusing his marriage was at first. He read the mail in his hands thoroughly, sweated at first, then looked relieved, and at last rejoiced and excited.

    If they had to be officially registered, then that meant that they had to get wed by an official priest. To sum it up, they had to hold a second wedding – this would solve a lot of personal issues with his guildmates as some of them held deep grudges against Mura for not having been to his first, albeit short, wedding.

    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony Lg8vz1x

    With Mythica’s help, the necessary requirements and preparations were met – they were to hold the wedding in the rebuilt Kardia Cathedral, a walk away from the guild hall. Mura checked the indoors out, finding himself in awe at the size, room and elegance of the furniture, curtains and stage. A few steps up a wide, open staircase led to the pulpit where the two would exchange vows once more. White and black flowers decorated the puts and pillars on each side of the long, red carpets leading up to the stage, and Mura could barely spare half an hour describing all of the decorations.

    Mura had gone to great lengths inviting his family in Midi – his father Miki and his cousins, Tsurara, Suzaku, Yuurin, Naga, Shiro- and Kurobina were handed the necessary finances and means of transport to travel to Fiore, to which he planned the wedding day to occur the day after they arrived in Magnolia Town. However, his most honored of guests also included his other family…

    Fairy Tail was especially invited to this fancy wedding, along those among the Ten Wizard Saints who were able to show up – and from among them, he had chosen both his Best Man and Maid of Honor. Everyone else – from the newer Bronze Fairies Thost, Saffron and Alby to the veteran Gold Fairies and his delightful Aces as well as a few members returning from long travels and journeys around Earthland – had been sent an invitation via a mail to each one’s iLac. Mura even went the extra mile to write a physical paper for those without the electronic device. The main letter consisted of this invitation:

    By the grace and blessings of our peers and family, we

    Mura Kensho & Mythica

    request the honor of your presence as we join hands in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony… (again).

    on Thursday 18th X892 at 3:00 pm
    at Kardia Cathedral here in the heart of Magnolia Town

    Dinner Reception will follow at the back garden of our newly built Guild Hall of Fairy Tail

    Special Sub-Letter To Leonard Dragonbane:

    Special Sub-Letter To Nessa Cordelia Lux:

    … … … … … …

    The main door was opened on this calm day. The sky was dotted with small, white clouds, and the sun was leaning on the western hemisphere. The chairs were prepared for the guests, and the red carpets were laid out.

    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony 8iiHzxq

    Mura donned a completely white suit, unorthodox to traditional color themes. His hair was left to hang along his skull, giving him a much more relaxed look in exchange for his classic duck-tail style.

    His father, Miki, had already found a seat up front along with the little, brownette girl Yuurin and the black-haired speed-devil Kurobina next to him. While Miki wore his wooden mask as always, he and the rest of Mura’s family donned traditional, Midijin yukatas of white colors for today’s special occasion. Miki, though… it was apparent to any who saw him that tears poured out through the eye sockets of his bird mask.

    The hired priest stood ready up on the altar along with the shaman and Guildmaster. Now, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man were to walk up, concluding with the entrance of his to-be official spouse Mythica. He was tipping on his leather shoes in slight anxiety, embracing the weight of this event and what it meant to him and all of his friends and family.

    Hopefully, they’d forget his little oopsie with the whole first wedding thing.

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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony Empty Re: Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony

    Post by MoRueran 1st April 2021, 10:25 pm

    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony UzJ9o8b
    It was a joyous day indeed for some people, for others it was a time of reflection. For others more, this was a moment that, in its brevity, would carry an almost unidentifiable source of off-ness that will linger for only a minute while until it is inevitably forgotten. Walking into Kardia Cathedral was a young man clad in red who received an invitation to attend the wedding that would bring about the union between the visitor's guild master and a mysterious woman whose very existence was, in some ways, responsible for his being here. "Hello my name is [unidentified] I came here because the guild master decided to tie the knot with someone..." As per procedure, his invitation was checked for its legitimacy, and-- as proof that he was part of the guild-- he would show where on his person did he receive his guild mark. The insignia of Fairy Tail was emblazoned clearly upon the back of his neck in a vibrant shade of red.

    One wedding-goer noticed the newcomer and came over to greet him, only to stop for a moment as they furrowed their eyebrows in confusion. "Hm... something isn't quite right... aren't you an apprentice baker...?" The alternate fighter noticed the inquiry and tilted his head in equal puzzlement, "Excuse me but I think you might be confusing me for someone else..."

    A certain apprentice baker found himself in a place that was both foreign to him and yet, at the same time... familiar. MoRueran was slowly waking up from a nap and noticed that he was sleeping on a bed much different than what he usually slept on. The interior was that of a homely cabin of wood and stone and, after opening a door and exiting from the bedroom, he saw two strangers much older than him who were each keeping themselves preoccupied. The man was mending clothing and was also weaving fibrous plants into a form of rope. The woman was repairing a shovel while examining what appeared to be a gemstone. The two notice the young boy and the non-mage brawler noticed them. A sharp surge of familiarity arose from the wayward wanderer as Mo's near-closed eyes welled up with tears. He was happy.


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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony Empty Re: Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 3rd April 2021, 9:22 pm

    -The outskirts of Magnolia Town-

    Dressed in a simple white dress that she had purchased at The Elegant Dress in Capital Crocus on short notice and at great expense since it had to be made to fit her proportions, Leona hopped off of the back of Winged Lion and dispelled him but kept the Harpy Sisters out, then straightened out her new dress. The dress was long enough to cover everything but Leona's arms, which were bare. The Wizard Saint of Courage had made certain that her chest was covered and the dress was not too long so that she did not trample the hem with her white high heels when she walked. She also made sure that it was not too elegant so that she did not upstage the bride, a young woman named Mythica.

    Leona could not believe that she was going to a wedding so soon after fighting in the border conflict between Bellum and Pergrande, but here she was. She had come to Magnolia Town at the invitation of Mura Kensho, a fellow Wizard Saint she had not seen in quite some time. Speaking of the wedding, Leona remembered that she had the paper invitation Mura had sent to Silver Wolf Guild Hall and retrieved it from Sylvia.

    "Hey girl, I can't believe that you're going to a wedding!" Sylvia said to Leona as she handed the invitation to the Wizard Saint. Leona received it and straightened it out.

    "Yeah, me neither! We know it's not for her, so it must be for someone else!" Daphne chimed in. Leona glared at the black-haired harpy sister and ignored the snide remark. Daphne was lucky her mistress was here to attend a wedding and did not have time to argue with the summon.

    "Uh, Daphne, you might wanna be careful right now. Leona's clearly not in the mood for that kinda thing." Sandy tried to warn her sister. Leona looked over her dress and was satisfied with it. It was well-made and it covered both her chest and her backside without clinging to either.

    "Yeah, you're right, Sandy. Even though the wedding's not for her, Leona still looks cute in that dress. I've never seen her in a dress like that before!" Daphne commented. Leona blushed a little.

    "Well, it's not every day that she gets to go to a wedding." Sandy replied in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. Sandy was right... it was not every day that Leona got to go to a wedding. Leona was usually out of the guild hall on a job or busy doing paperwork and did not have very much time for much else. Today was the first time in awhile that she had the free time to go do something other than paperwork or a job.

    "Well, I'd better get going, guys. I'll see you later." Leona said to the three Harpy Sisters before dispelling them. They waved goodbye to Leona as they faded away. Leona then turned and opened up the invitation, then read the address she was to go to.

    She was supposed to go to Kardia Cathedral in the heart of Magnolia Town.

    That should be easy to find.

    Leona began to walk into Magnolia Town to start her search for Kardia Cathedral.

    -Magnolia Town, outside Kardia Cathedral-

    After getting directions from a kind local, Leona finally arrived outside of Kardia Cathedral, which was an impressive piece of architecture. Leona had never seen anything like it before and took a moment to look at it before walking up to the open doors and passing into the cathedral. It seemed like she had made it with plenty of time to spare, which was good because the Wizard Saint had scrambled to Capital Crocus to get her dress custom-made and worried that she was late to the wedding.

    -Inside Kardia Cathedral-

    Leona had just taken five steps into the cathedral when she was greeted by someone who politely requested both her invitation and proof of guild membership. Leona faced them and the person recoiled a bit, probably because they were probably not expecting a Wizard Saint so soon in the day. Leona stopped and calmly showed them both the invitation and the blue Silver Wolf guild tattoo on her right arm just below the shoulder. Once the individual was satisfied that they were really speaking to the Wizard Saint of Courage they let her pass with no further delay.

    Leona hung back and did her best to not stick out in the crowd, but between what she was wearing and her reputation, some eyes inevitably began to drift towards her. The blonde kept a straight face and pretended that she was not bothered by the attention. On the inside she was deeply anxious and dreaded this test of her weak social skills. Leona did not want to embarrass Mura and Mythica by doing something dumb in front of an audience, so she would just have to stay calm, act normal, and not say anything stupid.

    Leona quietly took a breath to try and relax.

    Mura and Mythica were the focus of today, not her.

    Once the wedding got started people would forget that Leona was even here.

    At least that was what she was hoping would happen.

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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony KjmbioC

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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony Empty Re: Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 1st May 2021, 5:32 pm

    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony BxMZv86

    I have died everyday waiting for you, Darling don't be afraid
    I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

    The day had come, it had finally happened!

    After all the time spent at Fairy Tail, building friendship, getting to know people, putting herself out there. Nessa could, without a doubt, state that she had friends. Genuinely good people that she was lucky to surround herself with. And one those friends, in fact one of the first people she had gotten to know, Mura Kensho, was getting married. And she was blessed enough not only to attend such an event, but even to be the Maid of Honor.

    She had not expected so lucky, but it would be lie to say that she was not over the moon with the offer. She had never been lucky enough to go to a wedding, not since she was too young to really remember them. Cousins in the Lux family, and others in the Blossom line, family but no one especially close to her. Mura was the first person she would really considered herself to be close to and be getting married.

    Making sure to be extra prepared for her role and such a special occasion, Nessa had gotten up at the crack of dawn. Prepped herself for the wedding, it felt so good. Putting on a little make up, styling her hair, getting to dawn a beautiful dress. It had been far too long since Nessa had last gone to a party, let alone gotten dolled up for it. It was nice to feel a little normal for once, with such a chaotic way of life, to do something as wonderfully normal as attending a wedding. It just lifted Nessa's mood in every way she so desperately needed to be lifted.

    Once ready, she had taken a taxi-carriage to the wedding venue, wanting to see if there was anything she could help do to set up. She hadn't seen Leo yet, but from what she gathered she would be walking down the aisle with him as he was the Best Man. Not that she minded, she liked Leonard very much, he was kind of a like a father figure in their guild. The time during preparation passed quickly for her, keeping herself so busy that before she knew it the wedding was about to start. After some last minutes adjustments to her dress and make up, she moved to the waiting area, looking for Leo and preparing to walk down the aisle with him once everyone was ready to go.

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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony 60582_s

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    Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony Empty Re: Mura Kensho's & Mythica's Marriage Ceremony

    Post by Sir Leonard 13th May 2021, 11:46 am

    Kardia Cathedral, despite its huge size and imposing presence, was adorned with numerous decorations, in a dazzling display of festivities that is to be Mura’s wedding. Just a few blocks in front of the magnificent structure was a humble tailoring shop that had been renting out a store ever since the days of old. Racks on racks displayed many dashing and debonair suits that the tailor had made. Near the corner was a tall full body mirror where Leo had been standing as he was getting his fit for the wedding as best man. The tailor had been trying different fabrics and color shades on the old man as the family butler, Angelo, stood nearby with Lina who had already gotten her adorable little dress. Emotions clashed within Leo as he looked out through the window that had a view of the huge cathedral.

    “A wedding, huh? I don’t even know who he’s getting married to. Where did she come from? What does she do? I heard she has done some terrible things before.” There were more thoughts where they came from, but Angelo simply placed a hand on his shoulder which stopped his musings. Leo sighed right after and just decided out loud that he would just be on his best behavior.the groom, Mura was still something of a son to him, and being best man was an honor nonetheless. Which ironically made him resume his musing but only keeping such thoughts to himself as continued to look through the window. Despite being away for so long, and surely there being better candidates that Mura must’ve met all those years which made a small smile creep upon the old man’s face.

    Finally, the old tailor had finished making a suit for Leo and he had subsequently put it on the swordsman. The tailor’s age may have slowed him down a few, but the skills of his eyes and hands are still able to create wonderful masterpieces. Though they weren’t late yet, being on time isn’t exactly the next best thing to not being late. He would have preferred to be early, perhaps see if there was anything he could help on as he was Best Man after all. Walking up to the steps, he turned a lot of heads as he walked by. The trio appeared very much like a powerful and wealthy family - which they were, but their reputation was evil and long forgotten so they don’t really talk about it.The people haven’t really seen Leo’s face clearly, and this was their first time to witness it. The old man had shaved and had a very sleek haircut for the occasion, and a rather dirty white shaded suit, which was intentional so as to not overpower the bright white of the groom’s attire, really brought out his eyes and hair.

    Everything however was prepared, he had come on time which made Leo feel embarrassed but thankfully there was Lina to console him and Angelo to assure him that everything  would be just fine. And with the only thing left to do was to head to the waiting area, and he did so in a hurry, as he dared not be late at a crucial part such as that. And though the beautiful Nessa had gotten there first, who obviously had been selected as the Maid of Honor. A sigh of relief was released from Leo’s lips. As it was custom that the woman would select such, perhaps this Mythica woman does have a reputation. But just to be sure, he sent Angelo an iLac message to ask the souls if they know of a Mythica. Walking up respectfully to the maiden, he addressed her “I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long, my dear.”

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