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    What is a Mura? Who is a Mura? Why is a Mura? (Magnus B rank Exam)

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    What is a Mura? Who is a Mura? Why is a Mura? (Magnus B rank Exam) Empty What is a Mura? Who is a Mura? Why is a Mura? (Magnus B rank Exam)

    Post by Supreme One Magnus 12th April 2020, 3:53 am



    Word Count: Post: 1,240 / Required: 1,000
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    Job Information: Magnus B Rank Exam
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    Well that had been awkward.

    It had been a normal start to the day for Magnus; wake up, train, have breakfast, have second breakfast, train and then look for a job to crack on with. The last part wasn't to be today though. Fairy Tail's Guildmaster, the one Magnus affectionately called 'Manboy' due to his height and childish features - and not at all because he couldn't remember the name of the man - had approached him. After a short time talking Magnus had let slip that he in fact didn't actually know the name of his own Guildmaster. The fact that the name 'Manboy' was clearly beginning to upset Mura certainly didn't help matters and it was at this point that Magnus knew today was going to be a little bit different. "Find out my name by the end of the day." was the demand given to him. It seemed the other guild members were in on it too as, no matter who he asked, he wouldn't get a response. So instead Magnus had to hatch a new plan to find out; he was going to find Mura's house and find out his name from there. He'd done something similar on a job fairly recently, so it made sense that it should work for this too.

    Finding out where the Guildmaster lived hadn't been particularly difficult either. It turns out a lot of people knew where the man lived and that was information that they were actually willing to share; Magnus had to travel to the far East side of the town to find it. This was a considerably shorter distance than he'd had to travel for jobs recently so the wild man actually appreciated the change of pace. With his destination set the Chaos mage set off to the edge of town.


    As expected it didn't take long at all to reach the residential district on the East side of town, especially for a man whose strides were twice that of a standard human being. The issue now was finding the right house. To Magnus it was like finding a needle in a haystack, especially as he didn't really know his Guildmaster well and thus wouldn't know what to expect the house to look like. As his eyes wondered along the street they fell upon a lone figure further down; a small, purple-haired girl dressed in a contrasting yellow robe of some sort, flinging a frisbee across the pathway, running to pick it up and then flinging it back the other way. While she was a child, Magnus figured she might well know where the Guildmaster lived. He approached with a smile but never got a word out of his mouth before the child had seen him and run up to him.

    "Ooooh you're part of Fairy Tail!" she said excitedly, her eyes looking intently at the guildmark on his arm before looking up at his face - shielding her eyes from the sun that was directly behind him. "Yes, I am. Do you kn-" The big man began but was cut off by the energetic child. "Play frisbee with me!" she cheered, more a statement than a question as the flimsy disk flew from her hand, hitting Magnus in the forehead with a 'DONK!'. He blinked and looked down. How did one play frisbee? Seeing the clear confusion on the man's face, the girl giggled. "Just throw the frisbee to me and I try to catch it. Then I throw it back and you try to catch it. It's easy!" Magnus nodded and lifted the disc up in his hand. It was incredibly light. It would probably fly through the air very well. He could get some serious distance with it if he put his mind to it, but somehow he didn't think the girl would catch it if he did that. So instead he threw the frisbee as gently as he could. He was right too; it glided majestically across the air, curving slightly in the gentle breeze before being snatched in mid-flight by the kimono-cloaked child. "Just like that! Now your turn to catch!" The girl then threw the frisbee back, considerably more aggressive with her motions than Magnus had been, but achieving very much the same result.

    This back-and-forth continued for some time. Magnus didn't really pay attention to passing of time as he was actually having what could be described as 'fun'. He hadn't played games like this before. His childhood had been spent constantly training and fighting - that was his idea of fun after all. But something like this? It was a different kind of fun. Finally, after what was probably a few hours judging by the sinking sun behind him, the girl came to a stop. "That was fun!" Then she gasped. "OH NO! I forgot to ask for your name!"

    Magnus chuckled, trying to reassure the child that it was fine. "I didn't ask for yours. It's okay. We start again. Hello, I am Magnus of Fairy Tail." The girl curtsied in response. "I'm Mai." she replied proudly. Magnus chuckled again and bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you Mai." he began, before remembering why it was that he'd come here. "Do you know where the Guildmaster lives at all?" he asked, hoping she'd have the answer. As fate would have it, she would, and all other answers he would need. "Of course! Uncle Mura lives just over there! I'll show you!" she replied excitedly, grabbing the big man's hand and pulling on it to get him moving. Naturally she couldn't have actually pulled him if she'd tried, but Magnus wasn't going to fight it. He'd also just learned the guildmaster's first name. But he guessed that wouldn't be enough. They walked a little further down the street and came to a stop and Mai proudly yelled "Ta-dah!"

    Before his eyes was a house very unlike the others around it. Whilst the houses around it had flat-tiled roofs, this house had a somewhat curved one that seemed to extend much further out than the others. The archway in front of the house was equally different from those around it. Magnus couldn't put his finger on where he'd seen these kinds of houses before, but he knew for certain that they weren't usually seen around here. In front of the house was a mailbox and the wild man could see lettering upon the side of it. Was he really going to have to do this? Was he going to have to ask a child to read something for him? He was. But thankfully there was no-one around to witness it. "Mai...what does that Mailbox say?" he asked innocently. Thankfully she didn't bat an eyelid as she gave her reply. "It says 'Mr and Mrs Kensho!" Perfect. The Guildmaster's name was Mura Kensho. But wait...Mr AND Mrs? Magnus couldn't hide the shock on his face as his jaw dropped. "HE'S MARRIED?!"

    Mai jumped slightly but then laughed at the wild man's expression. "Yeah! Uncle Mura is married to Mythica! Aunt Mythica is sooooo pretty..."

    Magnus didn't hear the rest of what Mai had to say. He was too busy wrapping his head around the concept of the Manboy being married. How did someone who looked half of Magnus' age get married? Needless to say there was going to be a very long conversation with the guildmaster when Magnus got back.



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