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    Yona's Passport


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    Yona's Passport Empty Yona's Passport

    Post by Zincarla 23rd February 2018, 9:13 am

    Yona Hisamori knew that she had to keep a lofty air about her to get things done timely today. She had come in by boat to Hargeon's Docks. The array of ships, sailboats, ferries and rowboats demonstrated was much as she recalled it to be. It had been some time since she had been in the area around here, having spent most of the last month on Divide Island with her guild. That was one of the reasons why she wore all white today, the other being that she wanted to give off an air of superiority. Usually, as a vagabond at heart, Yona wore whatever was comfortable and to her own liking. But she knew that appearance could be everything, and on her beautiful and alluring form, Yona would be able to get her passport quick and easy.

    The green haired woman had her hair done half up, with a jeweled sakara hair piece holding it back. She looked regal in a high necked coat with fitted arms and a length to her knees. She wore her clean stark white boots and and pale blue pants. She stood out among the crowd of people shoving their way off the ferries and into the line. The line was at least twelve people across and three dozen long. Lifting up her chin, her lids painted with black ink, her lips painted in a pink shade that brought color to her tanned skin. As she walked, she smiled and strode on forward with confidence, as if she was meant to be here.

    "Pardon me," Yona said sweetly, candied voice and honeyed eyes. Like a shark through a school of minnows, she walked through the crowd and it parted for her easily. That's not to say some stragglers didn't try to stand firm as she cut through the line. Yona waded through the crowd unperturbed until a large man blocked her way. "Hey lady, no cuts, I have been waiting here for three hours! You stand in line like the rest of us!" Yona arched a single brow, working her feminine charm on him.

    "I don't think you would stand in the way of me, sir. You're a gentleman aren't you?" She looked around at the spectators who were curiously tempted to pick her side or his side in endeavors to get closer to the door but not actually put her in a poor position. The man's face reddened a bit and he swallowed hard. "I really need my passport lady, I got a family counting on me. Come on, be a good woman and just settle down here in line. Nobody's going to mind if you got this far." Yona refused to wait any longer and sighed.

    "There is a reason I am dressed in all white. I am part of an established and powerful guild and you ought not get in the way of guild business. Now, move or face the consequences of acting against the magic council," She spoke sternly, fierce, and her green eyes were narrowed. Not a single person thought to question her and see if she was lying or telling the truth. The man blocking her way even looked ashamed and stepped aside. From that point on, the whispers of who she could be or what she might be up to, had cleared a pathway forward. Nearly jaunty in her walk, Yona made her way up to the door in about ten minutes time. As she reached the door, the willow haired female turned to give a slight head bow to those in line, "Thank you for your cooperation."

    And then the lying female entered the building. She found a table coated with stacks of paperwork, approaching it with ease and grace. Nobody inside was likely to believe her lies, but she found no reason to speak anyway. Yona bent her head and filled out the papers with as much information as she knew, being honest in writing at the least. She headed with her packet of forms to a smaller line of just five people in front of a row of uniformed men and women. Yona watched them stamping the papers, handing out small navy and gold booklets, and snapping photos. A few people were taken aside to backrooms and as nosy as she was, Yona didn't dare follow or ask about that.

    When to came to her turn, she had her picture taken, answered some small questions, and showed her guild mark on the back of her neck. Yona took the stamped booklet, her new passport and listened as the uniformed woman before her droned on about the rules and regulations of using a passport and participating in travel or illegal activities. By the end of it, Yona had exited the building just a half hour after she had entered, her head not lifted as high. There was no reason to fake or pretend now that she had what she wanted in the first place.

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