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    Is A Passport Really Necessary?


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    Is A Passport Really Necessary? Empty Is A Passport Really Necessary?

    Post by Fraag 3rd June 2022, 4:02 pm

    With a good number of the nations of Ishgar going to war, and all countries on the continent shoring up on their defenses as well as being more judicious in the patrolling of their borders (whether they had somehow managed to end up joining in the present hostilities or not), travel, even to nations that were a part of the Luminous Covenant, was quite difficult. Well, that was only as far as politics were concerned. For someone like Nita, traveling to another country was about as difficult as walking from one room to another, and with just a little magical energy expended to do so. And she had taken it for granted, because it was only when she was watching the news at night, and had heard a story about fellows who were arrested trying to cross the border into Fiore from Seven without a passport that she realized that she had been to a number of countries, and she had never bothered to get herself a passport. That would not do at all. As a law-abiding citizen of... well, she couldn't say Fiore, but she was a resident, so she had to abide by its rules. And that was why she found herself on a hot, sweaty afternoon, in a long queue in Hargeon, waiting for this most important government-issued means of identification.

    For some reason today, the Pergrandian was not in any mood for much discussion; she realized the reason was because she was trying to get a passport in a country that was presently at war with her home country. And then she realized in alarm that she would probably be asked if she was a Fiorean national. Her heart began racing as she wondered what she would say when asked if she was Fiorean. Maybe it was safer to just get out of the line, go home, and continue entering countries illegally. But then again, Nita had the suspicion that her luck would probably run out one of these days, and she would wish she had gotten the passport. Besides, she was already almost at the head of the line. She would cross that bridge when she came to it. Thinking about it, she was not sure she had reason to be frightened. So far, she had been an asset to Fiore, and was already making a name for herself in the country, a good name at that. If anyone wanted to be antagonistic because of her birth country, her works would speak for her.

    "Next!" called the guy at the passport issuance desk. There was no one else before her. Trembling inwardly, but putting on a confident front, Nita approached the counter, giving her name when asked for it. The man at the counter raised an eyebrow. "Your accent sounds... familiar." Nita sighed. She couldn't even try to hide. "I'm Pergrandian," she replied gently. "Thought so!" said the man. "I did a bit of diplomatic work with the Magic Council, which acquainted me with the warmth of Pergrande." Nita knew he was being sarcastic. Fortunately for her, he wasn't speaking loud enough for people to hear their discussion. "So, why does a national of a country we're at war with want a Fiorean passport?" Nita did not reply. She simply held up her hand, and three black cards materialized above it, hanging in the air. "Oh," said the man, a touch of pity softening his features. "Yeah, you can use magic. That's a death sentence for you there, right? Sorry if I was insensitive."

    "It's fine," Nita replied with a soft smile. "And thank you for understanding. I chose to come to Fiore when I realized I could use magic, because Fiore is known worldwide for its accommodating nature. Thank you for accepting me." There was a dull thud as the stamp landed squarely on her brand new passport. "You're welcome. Hope life treats you good here."

    "You as well. Good day!"

    Well, that wasn't so bad.

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