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    A new passport

    Takumi Yoshino
    Takumi Yoshino

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    A new passport Empty A new passport

    Post by Takumi Yoshino 9th April 2021, 6:02 pm

    It had been a very long time since Takumi had had to obtain a passport. Thrice now, he’d done this. The first time was years ago, after formally joining Fairy Tail. The second time was much later. And now, here he was again to obtain a new one after his old one had suffered an accident at the hands of his toddlers. They weren’t allowed in his office anymore,he decided. If all of their important documents were to suffer fates like this, he’d rather not chance it.

    As always, there seemed to be a massive lineup to obtain passports. Takumi sighed, had they still not managed to fix their outdated system for a faster, more efficient one? This was going to be one long afternoon if that was the case. And unfortunately for it him it was indeed the case. Balancing one toddler on his hip and holding the hand of the other, Takumi gratefully stepped forwards a few places in the line when a woman saw him with the two toddlers and offered to switch spots. He was still far from the front, but at least he was no longer the last in a surprisingly long line. He counted at least 20 people waiting in line ahead of him. Seriously, what was the deal with this registry and their slow service?

    At the very least, Castiel and Inori were behaving this far. He hadn’t even heard a single complaint of boredom yet, another fact which he was grateful for. Cas was always good, and quiet, but Inori usually fussed having to stay still for too long. He took care to make sure both were comfortable. Cas had tucked himself into his father’s side, fascinatedly playing with Takumi’s braid. Inori was swinging her little hand back in forth, the other held tightly by Takumi to prevent the little girl from running off. So far, things were mercifully quiet.

    They wouldn’t stay that way for long, however. A woman he could only describe as a Karen was Vee lining for the front of the line, a few places ahead of Takumi. He could hear her screeches of demanding she get her passport straight away, which made him roll his eyes. People really had nothing better to do than act like entitled assholes, huh? He couldn’t help the snort of amusement when she was immediately turned away, which he hastily turned into a cough when she looked at him. And then, it was his turn. Presenting his ID, and his children’s cards, his appointment seemed to go surprisingly quickly considering how slow the line had been earlier.

    It took a while, almost 15 minutes, but soon enough they were striding out of the building with three passports in hand, and a promise by Takumi to buy the little ones some sweets while they were out. Both cheered eagerly at that, prompting Takumi to grin wide. His kids really were the cutest little things he’d ever seen, and he’d seen some pretty cute children in his life. But then again, he was also pretty biased, as their father. Ah well, it wasn’t the time to muse. He owed his children a treat for behaving so well in the line.

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